Swedes eating more eggs than ever in the summer


Swedes are eating more and more eggs over the summer. According to a press release from the Swedish Egg Board, the statistics show a 20-percent increase in a few years.

The average Swede is said to eat 38 eggs over the ten weeks after midsummer solstice. Which leads to the obvious question:

How many eggs will you have this summer?


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  1. Micke
    Abt. 60-70. Min. 2 per day.
  2. Boundless
    We have chickens. We give away some of the production. My estimate is that over any 10-week period, I would consume about 190 eggs in one form or another, just under 3 per day.

    I ate almost none before going LCHF.

  3. Mariska Lemmer
    140 eggs in ten weeks. 2 a day for breakfast. :)
  4. cndnrose
    At least 4 for breakfast most mornings, plus sometimes a couple hard-boiled for lunch. So, about 24 per week, 240 for the summer. My husband often has more.
  5. Mitch
    About 20 a week - say 200+ over 10 weeks.
  6. Chris
    June 20 to Sept. 20, at least 180.
  7. tz
    Eggs are one of my snacks. I regained some weight from cheating, so had to go back to the basics. Fill the refrigerator at work (next to the vending machine) with egg salad I prefer to sugar or starchy things. Also lunch meat and cottage cheese. LCHF snacks. And my appetite goes away after much less food.

    But the key is to have LCHF, or just LC things you prefer nearby tempting carbs so you can pass up the carbs.

    I need to add I'd usually have hard boiled eggs, but they were bland so didn't kill cravings. Chopping them up and creating a simple (add mayo, red wine vinegar, salt, spices) egg salad shifted the balance.

  8. Murray
    Why is the period after solstice particularly relevant concerning egg consumption? Is this because the chickens produce more eggs and the chickens have access to fresh grass and bugs to make more nutritious and flavourful eggs?
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  9. Misko
    About 4 eggs a day = 28 a week = 280 for ten weeks.

    I used to eat about eight eggs a day before switching to LCHF. My appetite for protein has gone down quite a bit with the LCHF diet and my muscle mass and strength are still increasing with my strength training. This diet seems to be protein sparing as I had read and heard before.

  10. Daci
    On average,two a day,but they will sometimes be in something else, like a spinach soufflé.
  11. Daniel FErreira
    I ate 20 eggs a day for 2 and a half years, best decision I ever made, Now its about 10
  12. Melissa
    I found it a little interesting too. It's either that they produce more eggs, or the Swedish egg board needed to define a specific period of time to conduct a scientific study. It's easier to compare the same 10 weeks during summer every year in a scientific study, whereas selecting a random ten week period every year may yield results with confounding factors (for example, maybe Swedes eat less eggs in winter because they're ill with the flu or something similar, and comparing it to a random summer 10 week period wouldn't be as accurate).

    Edit: just wanted to add, being a poor university student, I eat loads of eggs! Usually about 3 a day with breakfast. So, 210 eggs over a 10 week period. I love my eggs.

  13. Ann
    I love my eggs. I eat 3 eggs/day plus I do mayo twice a week. So I consume 270 eggs per 10 weegs.

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