Surge in Number of UK Adults with Diabetes

The number of UK adults with diabetes has risen by more than 65% in a single decade, to 3.5 million people – a clear sign that something is completely wrong.

The Guardian: Surge in number of UK adults with diabetes

The British Heart Foundation is pouring another £3m into research on the link between diabetes and heart disease, as well as new treatments for the condition. They seem to be totally focused on the usual thing: more new drugs to reduce the damage of the disease.

Fortunately people do not have to wait for even more drugs to be available, as reversing type 2 diabetes is already possible.

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  1. Bob Niland
    This is about T2D, but the reader has to follow the link to the The Guardian to discover that.

    Please always be specific in headlines and summaries, as those invested in diabetes promotion and maintenance love to confound T1D, T2D, GD, LADA (and soon "T3D" {AD}) so that they can misleadingly state "diabetes is incurable".

    The dominant, elevated, rising, accelerating "diabetes" problem is T2D. It is no more a "disease" than ALD (Alcoholic Liver Disease). Both are optional ailments; merely largely predictable biologic responses to chronic metabolic insults. In the case of T2D, it's the full-time moderate to high glycemic diet advocated by governments everywhere and thoughtlessly parroted by negligent medical societies.

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  2. Pierre
    You can control your T2D but you can not cure the disease.

    For example, when you have a nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, because you loaded yourself with ton of sugar, your liver is fucked and you need a transplant.

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  3. Apicius
    Surely there are people on the extreme side of the bell curve distribution that have progressed with an illness so far into it that to bring them back to normal health is no longer a viable option. You describe such scenario. On the other hand, there are others on that same bell curve who's illness is still early onset, and thus can be reversed and cured. I believe for these people, TD2 can indeed be cured.

    Here's a definition of the word cure:

  4. Bob Niland
    re: You can control your T2D but you can not cure the disease.

    In the interest of space, I left off my usual addendum that T2D is trivially avoidable with diet, and usually reversible if caught early (metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetic stages), and reversible thereafter to the extent that any complications are themselves reversible. Even after that, it can be managed with minimum meds via diet.

    That's "reversible" as in: the recovered T2D victim needs no meds for it, and doesn't need to do anything different than anyone else choosing, for any number of reasons, to live on the same LCHF diet. Are they still "diabetic"? Does it matter?

    I avoid the word "cure" when discussing any form of diabetes. Diabetes promoters, on the other hand, love to use it, saying in effect: "Diabetes is incurable. We dare you to say otherwise. Send money anyway, to help search for the cure, ya know."

  5. Tor H
    Periodic fasting like 16:8 reverses insulin resistance and once low enough, the patient is cured and can tolerate carbs like everyone else.
    But the resistance will come back as the problem is the carbs, and many of us can't tolerate "normal" carb-loaded foods for long.

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