“Why I supported high carb”

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Professor Tim Noakes has made a huge impact in South Africa, helping tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives – losing weight effortlessly and reversing diabetes – on LCHF diets (or Banting, as it’s often called in South Africa).

But Professor Noakes was not always a low-carb supporter. For decades he used to be a major international proponent of high-carb diets, especially for athletes. Then he changed his mind, famously ripping a segment out of his own textbook on the subject.

So why did he support high carb earlier? And why did he change his mind completely? He told it all in his presentation at the LCHF Convention in Cape Town.

Watch a segment above (transcript). The full, longer video is available on our member site:

Why I Supported High carb – Full presentation

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