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What should humans eat to be healthy? Probably not what we’ve been living off during the last decades while the epidemics of lifestyle-related diseases exploded.

Here’s a new movie project which sorts out the issue, featuring experts like Professor Tim Noakes, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz and many more. Watch the trailer above.

If you want to support the crowdfunding of it and perhaps pre-order it, check out the link below:

Indiegogo: Food Lies film

Low-carb movies


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  2. Nancy Wosyk
    Immediately went to the site to make a donation. I came of "dieting age" during the high carb/low fat BS and have paid a steep price for it! I'm not diabetic (yet) but the addictive nature of the food I ate in search of weight loss has left me 80 pounds heavier than I was when I was a young adult and started seriously dieting. I'm making a lifestyle/food change at 60 years of age, and hoping it's not too late!!
  3. Barbara
    Is the site still open for donations? Seems not?

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