Klara enjoying the beach

I apologize for the shortage of updates here lately. I’ve been taking some time off with my family. Summer in Sweden is short you know, so we have to enjoy what we get!

However, don’t worry, there’s a lot of cool stuff coming up soon. There’s been some interesting news and I’m editing several recent video interviews with experts on low carb diets.

How are you spending your vacation this summer?


  1. Daniel FE
    going to cali, Muscle beach to work out and do otherthings, i will get out of my low carb for a week, but will get on keto 26g a day when i get back.
  2. Donna E
    Such a cutie pie, that Klara! Enjoy your fun, sun and real food!
  3. Carina
    Med målmedveten blick, precis som pappa !! Trevlig fortsättning på ledigheten =))
  4. Laura
    Ehi cannot miss the opportunity to share husband and I found this super cool Paleo Boot Camp here in the south of England and this is where we are going in early August for 5 days. Everyday the day starts @ 8:00 am with a two hour treck before paleo breakfast followed by two hours exercise as kick boxng or similar and then two more hours of yoga in teh evening all this in teh Suffolk countriside...We cannot wait to get away from the concrete of London, the crowds of the Olympics and go primaeval!!
    Hope to be in full ketosis by then so pushing hard jsut now and eating nothing but fat.....yummie though>

    Your daughter is really cute byt he way and your photos are really amazing..I see some genuine talent there!

  5. Spent last 2 weeks on vacation doing serious yard work. Dug up a weeping tile system around the cottage, re-graveled the drive way and mowed the lawn. Survived all the work thanks to massive quantities of charred beef. 80)
  6. Andreas,

    Can you give us a preview and let us know who you will be interviewing?


  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sure. Among others dr William "Wheat Belly" Davis and dr John "The Diet Trap" Briffa.
  8. Fantastic, looking forward to it!
  9. Brad Hoopingarner
    Hey Doc, Love the pic! We are vacationing in Mid-Michigan teaching our 3 boys how to fish! Also, how to prepare the fish. Ha! The weather is nice and we are having fun. Looking forward to the interviews. Keep up the great up work. Brad.
  10. Um - what summer? When avoiding the torrential rain I have been holed up in my office completing writing least I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. At least there has been plenty of time to catch up on my favourite blog posts.
  11. Matto
    I will be somewhere strange and exotic, where I'm never sure exactly what is going to happen next, although the locals are friendly and well-meaning and there is plenty of good food to be had.

    That's right, I'm staying in Gothenburg.

  12. Estey
    I'm building a chicken coop with my neighbors so we can eat those super-eggs that Andreas posted about! Klara is adorable.
  13. Julian Skinner
    Winter on this side of the planet. All hard at work. What a great photo.
  14. Diana
    I'm spending my vacation at AHS 2012!

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