“Sugar is poison. My heart attack has finally opened my eyes to the truth”


Giles Fraser’s heart attack was an eye opener – he realized that he’d been lied to:

Globally, diabetes has almost quadrupled in 35 years and yet the multibillion-dollar sugar industry is happy to keep us in the dark about why…

As I write, my son returns from the shops, perfectly on cue, laden with a chocolate bar, a full-fat Coke and a packet of lollipops. I want to tell him that Willy Wonka is a death-dealing drug dealer. But I bite my lip for now. He will think me a crank. Everything he likes has sugar in it. That’s my fault – he got hooked on sugary breakfast cereals as a child.

…After my operation, I cut out sugar and carbohydrates as best I could. I have lost 10 kilograms in the five weeks since. And I plan to lose a lot more. It’s not a diet – I hate diets. It’s a form of protest. The scales have fallen from my eyes. Beware the candy man.

The Guardian: Sugar is poison. My heart attack has finally opened my eyes to the truth


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