Sorry Doc, but in Spain 2 packages of sugar is normal for milk, tea and coffee
    Im not sure if you know our tradition of eating 12 grapes on the last night of the year, later I´ll send you a picture with the version for children this year.
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  2. JOEY B
    A friend of mine adds sugar to his fruit loops claiming they are not sweet enough ;)
  3. sten
    I thought milk was bad already with 5% lactose. About half the sugar of standard soda?
    Now it can often be real cream in my coffee instead. Cream is often less than 1% sugar.
    And "lite milk" or skim m ilk was and is still used to fatten pigs, through that sugar.
  4. Stacy in USA
    I've never seen or heard of adding sugar to milk and my grandparents and several uncles are dairy farmers. It's just ...weird.
  5. greensleeves
    Common Spanish habit. Spaniards have quite a sweet tooth.
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  6. Jan
    Well adding sugar to milk - definitely a no go for me. I wouldn't add it to my tea or coffee either.

    There's far too much sugar added to our foods as it is - best avoided or at least cut down.

    All the best Jan

  7. As
    People show shock at the idea of adding sugar, but are happy to add Milo or Ovaltine or Quick etc. It's still sugary carbs.
  8. Daci
    That's just gross...Does sugar have to be in everything?
  9. Thang
    Greensleeves, indeed they do have a sweet tooth.

    My wife and I were in Santa Cruz in Tenerife a few years back and popped into a very comfy looking "coffee cave" for a pick me up... there was a coffee on the menu called a "Triestino" which looked interesting.

    Turned out to be a double espresso in a smallish clear glass coffee cup, sandwiched between an inch thick layer of super-sweetened condensed milk at the bottom, and a layer of sweetened cream at the top. I got through it, but felt pretty ill after that LOL! Stuck to plain double espresso's after that!

    I am so "off" sugar now that ordinary full cream milk tastes quite sweet to me on the rare occasions when I do have it!

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  10. Mark
    The amount of lactose in milk can vary quite a bit. Though there will always be more in skimmed milk. Since (like other sugars) it disolves better in water than fat.
  11. Murray
    Thang, I too find heavy cream sweet. I even find uncultured butter to be sweet. My grandparents used to call uncultured cream and butter "sweet" cream and "sweet" butter. I don't hear that anymore, so I guess adding sugar to everything these days has distorted people's sense of taste.
  12. Molly
    When you quit eating all forms of sugar for 5 months, like I have, you really taste just how sweet milk REALLY is!
  13. Miquel
    Spaniard here. Ordering milk in a bar (even for kids) it's pretty unusual in Spain, so maybe the barista did as with a "café con leche" and included the two sugars.

    Anyway, I agree with the sweet tooth of Spaniards. You don't even need sugar if you are adding milk to the coffee but you will get two packages and asked if you want more.

  14. Johnny D.
    Isn't there lactose in milk away?
  15. Demóstenes
    Another spaniard there!

    I have to say that the most probable is that in the case this was ordered in some bar in a touristic place, what they do is to have prepared lots of small plates with a spoon and the two sugar bags in order to just put the coffee or infusion. I don’t think is that common to put sugar in the milk... but is not common to drink bare milk either (normally we’d put coffee or cocoa).

  16. James Dang
    Ever heard of chocolate milk you out of the world person?!?, chocolate made from sugar and put into milk which stir into chocolate milk and its tasty, kids loves them, in school they always have them where i live. Its normal and Capital A OKAY to add sugar to milk to sweetened the taste but is not recommend for people with diabetes or high blood sugar such sorts.
  17. Apicius
    I completely disagree with you, James Dang. Feeding sugar to children is completely unnecessary in products such as milk that requires no sugar at all for it to be palatable. When you add sugar to food, the children get used to high degree of sweetness, and they don't develop proper taste capacity for normal foods. It damages their metabolism, their brain development and their teeth. There's no difference between giving children candy or adding sugar to milk. Candy should be very rare treats reserved for only special occasions.
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  19. Ogochukwu
    Well I've always sweetened my milk with a little sugar. Most people in Nigeria do. I'm 30 and healthy as a horse. My. Dad is 65 and still uses sugar and milk in his tea.
  20. Katherine
    Whenever I drink milk, I always add sugar in it. I'm kind of lactose intolerant. I do drink milk but if its included with other products like yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, etc... I just can't drink plain milk. Whenever I drink plain milk I always get a bad stomach ache and end up with diarrhea, so this is why I drink milk with sugar
  21. LAURIE
    if you get a craving for ice cream,try goat's milk with sugar or organic cow's milk with sugar-delicious!

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