Successfully putting first patient with type 1 diabetes on low carb


As a low-carb doctor, you don’t have to wait long before your patients come back with astounding results.

The graph above is taken from a tweet from a proud MD, whose type-1-diabetic patient has achieved a vast improvement to his long-term blood sugar levels on low carb – in only 33 days.



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  1. gbl
    But what about fat raising insulin response, which it can do. Certainly what happened in this person is beneficial to overall health, but isn't the other aspect a potential for problems in some people?

    I'm not diabetic by any measure, and have for years eaten very little carb for other health reasons, but I get pronounced insulin response from fat. I've also read comments about this conundrum on other low-carb sites.

  2. Norma B
    What is the source of the fat that is giving you a pronounced insulin response. If it is dairy then that may explain the rise in insulin. Dairy can stimulate insulin similar to white bread.
  3. gbl
    Just fat dear. Your body doesn't separate it into categories.
  4. gbl
    Here's one website discussing this. There are others:

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  5. Rick
    That article is about butter, and butter is not just fat.
  6. Tim
    The conclusion of the article is 'much ado about nothing'. Not surprising since the test subjects (only 14) also ate bread and pasta along with the butter.
  7. gbl
    Diet Doctor is part of the discussion. Have you told him of your findings?

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