“The stupendous splendiferous ButterUp”


Here’s a fun idea: A butter knife that makes it easier to spread fridge-cold butter.

The idea was put up on Kickstarter last month to get funding. Their goal was $38,000 Australian dollars from people who wanted to pre-order a knife. Now that the fundraising is about to end, they’ve received almost ten times more. Popular butter knives!

Kickstarter: The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp

The question is what you do with such a butter knife if you don’t eat bread?


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  1. Max
    Butter can be curled of the butterblock and put into a frying pan to fry some eggs, a tomato and some pieces of sausage. Cureld butter melts quicker than a solid piece of the same food item.
  2. Henk
    Butter from grassfed cows is soft enough even right out of the fridge. I don't eat bread but it tastes great on a nice slice of bread made of walnuts and almonds ;). Don't need a butterup knife at all.
  3. Rick
    Kerrygold Irish butter in UK is grass fed and is nice and soft. I would recommend.
  4. murray
    Very clever design.

    The spread-ability of butter depends on the percentage water in the butter, the percentage of unsaturated fat in the butter and the average length of the saturated fatty acids. The butter I get from a local dairywoman is about 92-4% fat from grass-fed cows. It spreads fine out of the fridge. However, I don't have much occasion to spread butter. This tool might be good for recipes that call for soft butter in a mixture to be baked. Generally I just slice the butter into thin strips and they soften quickly, but this is an alternative.

  5. Kat
    I want one.
  6. Sarah
    Take the butter using the butter knife. Mix it well with some cocoa. Put in some blueberries and almonds and theres ur LCHF dessert :)
  7. Robbin
    If your 92% or 85% dark chocolate (you know, for that special treat after a good work out or whatever ) is a little too bitter on the palate, try it with the same thickness of butter on. It is sooo creamy and delish. Works well with mascarpone too.
  8. Brenda
    I like that knife, great invention. Good know know about butter from grass fed cows, didnt know that. I will have to see if I can find that type of butter here. Normally I shop at Aldi and I don't think they carry that, need to do some research......MN- USA

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