Studies: Soluble fiber can help you lose weight

Assortment of cabbages

Could eating more fiber help you to lose excess weight? A new meta-analysis shows that soluble fiber was beneficial for obese and overweight participants’ weight and health.

Although they used supplements in the study, you can likely get the same benefits from simply eating more greens, low-carb vegetables, that contain soluble fiber. Check out the recipes below for inspiration.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Effects of isolated soluble fiber supplementation on body weight, glycemia, and insulinemia in adults with overweight and obesity: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials


Soluble fiber

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Health, weight and gut flora


  1. bill
    Fiber and fasting both lack supporting evidence.
    Reply: #2
  2. Peter Phelps
    There is plenty of evidence if you care to look !

    Whilst I would prefer proof positive, in its absence I will always accept observational, anecdotal and testimonial evidence that presents a convincing case.

    Waiting for Proof of something is often an excuse to do nothing.

    Reply: #3
  3. bill
    Who asked for proof?
  4. Shirley
    Bill, there is sourced proof in the article. If you would care to read
  5. bill
    Their conclusion:

    "Isolated soluble fiber supplementation improves anthropometric and metabolic outcomes in overweight and obese adults, thereby indicating that supplementation may improve fiber intake and health in these individuals. However, the interpretation of these findings warrants caution because of the considerable between-study heterogeneity."

    is evidence of nothing. Their first sentence in their abstract is an assumption
    that fiber is good. And then their conclusion is that supplementation helps
    give overweight people more fiber. Circular argument if ever there was one.
    I thought LCHF was all about eating real food, not supplementation.

    Thanks for your efforts though.

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