Students for diabetes awareness donut eating contest


More silliness (source).

Is the word “Awareness” right for the title of this organization? Perhaps they should shorten their name by one word.


  1. Mordecai
    If they just do a blood glucose test before and after for each contestant it would all make sense again.
  2. John J. Collins
    One way to become 'aware' of Diabetes is by actually developing it! So, I guess that makes sense. lol
  3. Diane Bottum
    This reminds me of an American Diabetes Assoc magazine cover I once saw with cookies and a cookie jar for its December issue. What sort of legitimate organization for diabetes would do such a thing? There are no safe refined carbohydrates for diabetics!
  4. JAUS
    What's next? A drinking contest for liver disease?
  5. Roar
    This is a bit unfair. It clearly states that they are students FOR diabetes, a a fact they want us to be aware of.
  6. Troy Wynn
    Pretty funny. Kind of like "cigarette smoking contest at a lung cancer awareness"
  7. Jo tB
    Students want to do something to raise awareness of diabetes by holding a donuts eating contest!! Seems a bit incongruent to me. Indeed the best solution would be to test glucose levels before and after eating the donuts. Seeing for yourself how eating that sugary stuff will raise your sugar levels will bring home the message much better than a donut eating competition.
  8. Dina
    Just hoping they're not medical students ...
  9. martinus
    so... are you a redditor? you might want to have a look at reddit's keto subreddit. It currently has over 80,000 members:

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