Strategic planning days for Diet Doctor


Last week we had two planning days for those working on and its Swedish version.

At the meeting were my brother Johan, who takes care of IT development, my spouse Kristin, who manages everything and everyone, Inger Swanberg and Marina Yudanov, who, among other things, translate some of the information for, Leopold Roos, who moderates the Swedish discussion forum and Bjarte Bakke, who helps as a strategic consultant. A page with a more detailed presentation of everyone will be coming.

After two days of focused planning for the future my brain did hurt a little. But with such a team and so many great ideas we’ll go far.

The goal is set high: Inspiring millions of people to revolutionize their health.


  1. Raz
    good luck guys :)
  2. DonnaE
    Your team looks so young and vital! It's so great to see a younger generation working to correct my generation's errors and help get others on track too. Keep up the great work!
  3. Sheryah
    Thanks so much for all your hard work and inspiration. I've learned so much from you. I also received Prof Tim Noakes new book yesterday. ( The book "THE REAL MEAL REVOLUTION" has a lot of information about LCHF together with recipes. I hear it will be availble as a e-book within 3 weeks. Hopefully South-Africa will become the next Sweden.
  4. Jan
    That's a great goal, and with the ever growing number who share this goal .... we will get there.

    Keep positive and keep spreading the word.

    All the best Jan

  5. Honora
    I don't see any doughnuts on the table!? ;-)
  6. Margaret
    I really love your website Andreas but I desperately miss your video interviews!!
  7. Eric Anderson
    Thanks for all f your efforts.

    Bad science on diet continues to be reported.
    An example is from Michigan Stateuniversity:

    Yong Zhao, Ying Siow Tan, Mark D Aupperlee, Ingeborg M Langohr, Erin L Kirk, Melissa A Troester, Richard C Schwartz, Sandra Z Haslam. Pubertal high fat diet: effects on mammary cancer development. Breast Cancer Research, 2013; 15 (5): R100 DOI: 10.1186/bcr3561

    What is a high fa diett?
    What is the fat sources? Canola oil, Corn oil?
    What is the roole of Sugar? Grain?
    What are the changes? Can we atribue them to sugar or corn oil or canola oil or grain?

    What are the quintiles of fat consumption? Sugar? Grain?

    Bad Bad stuff pawned off as science?


  8. Michelle
    Thanks for all your efforts. I really love your interviews and blog updates. :)
  9. Stephen
    Ditto to Margaret. Please consider doing more video interviews or even video blogs. These have the most impact upon the most people. In our contemporary non-reading culture, a video has the possibility of reaching millions of people. In fact, it was a video by David Diamond that got me interested in LCHF. Then I watched your speech on YouTube "The Food Revolution" and I was well on my way. When I finished "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" by Phinney and Volek, I was persuaded. But the videos did get me started. That was 2 years ago. LCHF is here to stay.
  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    More video is indeed coming up. ;)
  11. Ann
    I love this website and thank you and all your team for the hard work and brilliant source of information. When I tell people about LCHF I always tell them to read Gary Taubes and to look at!
  12. Glen0
    I find I can't not mention and your video interviews whenever I am explaining my ketogenic diet to anyone. I try to avoid using the words paleo or atkins because people rightly or wrongly have a preconceived idea that these are high protein low carb diets. Glad to see you have a dedicated team around you, I think that you will achieve your goals at helping millions and wish you all the best.
  13. Marijke
    I understand the wish for more video. But please consider understanding the spoken word is difficult if English is not your mother tongue (Swedish even more so). Personally I much prefer written text because in addition to this my hearing is not so good any more.

    So I usually skip video's.

    Reply: #14
  14. FrankG
    I wonder if it is possible to provide transcripts along with the videos?

    It is heartening to be reminded that this is a World-wide phenomena and not just limited to Sweden :-)

  15. Nan
    I read many paleo, keto, low carb websites, but I think this is The best of all the low carb high fat websites! You are doing great good!

  16. jackie
    thanx a lot doc for all the info on the website. Glad u reaching all ends of the world like here in zimbabwe!
  17. Joe
    Revisting your strategic planning after roughly 6 months, how do you feel you have gone?

    From my perspective, as someone who discovered your site in mid December, you have turned my health around - my allergies have gone, I can breathe normally (GERD causing severe breathing difficulties) and I have lost 20kg - working towards 25kg.

    Thanks very much.


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