How Stephanie lost 100 pounds without counting calories

100 pounds gone without calorie counting
Can eating an LCHF diet effortlessly make you lose 100 pounds and change your life?

That was definitely the case for Stephanie Dodier. She shares her story about overcoming obesity and anxiety in this 21-minute long interview. She was in a corporate career, working very hard, but not feeling good and struggling with her weight and anxiety.

Then one day she met a natural health practitioner who helped her turn her life around completely. And it all started with changing her food.

100 Pounds Gone Without Calorie Counting

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How to do it

Low Carb for Beginners

How to Lose Weight

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  1. Debbie crammond
    I've been doing LCHF for 3 weeks now. I'm having issues. I'm still hungry, still crave sweets and not moving my bowels much
    Any suggestions!
  2. Daina
    Eat good fat: butter, bacon, bacon grease on veggies, coconut oil, olive oil. 1-2 tablespoon each time you eat, either cooked on or poured on. Oil kills appetite, increases fat intake.

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