Statins Leave Fit Pensioner Barely Able to Walk


Cholesterol-lowering medications come with side effects, and muscle pain is a common one. Here’s another story about the side effects that pharmaceutical companies attempt to downplay:

Express UK: Statins Leave Fit Pensioner Barely Able to Walk


“Stop Buying Into the Great Statin Con”

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  1. Pierre
  2. Tor H
    "How statin drugs really lowers cholesterol and kill you one cell at a time"

    Why would anyone bother taking them. . . or worse yet, why would any knowledgeable doctor prescribe them?

    (It might help (a little) if you got breast cancer, but wouldn't a ketogeninc diet help even more without the stupid side effects? )

  3. Mike
    They’ll keep telling lies like the breast cancer one, and can rely on the press to publish them. I doubt the numbers would really stand up under scrutiny—something few if any media outlets will have done before publishing. The media really needs to clean its house.

    Besides IIRC breast cancer, like much else, is very much lower among those who take the sleep we’re supposed to have, and certainly lower among those who get an ancestral level of vitamin D. Eating a proper diet would help, too. Cancers of all sorts were almost never seen by 19th century medical missionaries like Schweitzer. This was not because primitive people were taking statins. There is no “statin deficiency” in the population.

    Besides, even if there were a tiny correlation, suggesting some small effect, you’d have to be mad to take them. We already know that *all-cause* mortality is higher among those with LOWER cholesterol.

    The point is not to stave off early death by breast cancer but not to die early. If a woman’s instead taken out by something else because of the cholesterol-lowering effect of the statins (or because of any other effect of the statins), what’s she gained? Nothing.

  4. Tor H
    If you have a functioning immunesystem you don't have cancer and if you have cancer you don't have a functioning immunesystem.
    Statins kills cells slowly, and that might help if that also apply to cancer cells, but it's still treating the symptom, not the disease.

    Best bet is a strikt ketogenic diet, or even fasting to bring the insulin levels down and let the cancer cells starve while the immune system does what's it is supposed to do.

  5. Rosie
    I'm glad I don't take statin any more and my cholesterol in fine. I'm still on blood pressure meds which I would like to stop but my BP still gets high. I am trying some herbs. But if anyone knows some alternative I would like to try.

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