Spiralisers? So 2015: It’s Pre-Shredded Veg Now


Here’s another sign that low-carb diets are growing in popularity. What do you replace the pasta and rice with? One suggestion is spiralized veggies, and gadgets for that were apparently a huge hit last year (including at our place).

So what comes next? Pre-shredded veggies, of course:

The Guardian: Spiralisers? So 2015: It’s Pre-Shredded Veg Now

Below are other great low-carb side dishes.

More Low-Carb Side Dishes


  1. Dirk Van Giel
    Love all those recipies, however with the LCHF-mayonaise maybe it would be a great idea to mention 1 egg yolk instead of just 1 egg. If one uses the entire egg, the mayonaise will not work.
    Is it possible to suggest a new recipe and document it with pictures ? The one I always cook is not only very delicious but it also happens to fit the LCHF-requirements...
  2. Belinda
    Hi Dirk, funny you should mention the recipe for LCHF mayonnaise tonight because I felt the same - that it's a yolk only affair- but I followed the instructions and it made the most lucious and delicious mayonnaise..! Now I don't know why they threw out the egg white in every other Mayo recipe I've ever read....so, go ahead and chuck the whole egg in??
  3. dom
    I think it is a temperature thing when may works or fails. My last attempts at mayo went belly up, it is better when it just works, sometimes you can fix it, it's still edible though even if not.

    I'm assuming we'd not use things like carrots or beetroots as per article? They are mentioned.

  4. Angela
    Hi, I always thought you just used the yolk too but I've followed the recipe including the white and it makes the mayonnaise really fluffy and light! I'm going to try it adding a few things to flavour it too. A little chilli maybe.
  5. BobM
    I think the stick blender/immersion blender technique is better: http://www.everydaymaven.com/2014/how-to-make-mayonnaise/

    My wife makes excellent mayo with this technique. Last week, she made sriracha mayo and Chipotle pepper mayo, both of which were great.

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