South Park runs a gluten-free LCHF episode!

Several people have alerted me to the latest episode of the popular American comedy series South Park. This is a satire of the strong gluten free trend in the US and it ends in pure LCHF. Fun to watch!

You can watch the episode for free above – but be advised that it contains some “coarse language” etc.


  1. James
    It means that the truth slowly but surely penetrates the public.

    Its time that the agriculture and sugar business stop funding/bribing the food industry and reveal the truth.
    Big money will be lost for these corrupt industries, but even bigger money will be saved in the health care department.

    We need a revolution here.

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  2. Vicente
    In real life The Unites States Department of Junk Food is not worried about people getting sick because of their dietary recommendations.
  3. Murray

    If you look closely at the chart shown at the town hall meeting, the writers actually did their biochemistry homework. Take notice of the widespread need for and popularity of Viagra and the whole episode takes on more than a grain of truth. As is often the case, good humour states the truth in the form of supposed satire. That is, the supposed satire of grain phobia disguises a subliminal protest. Shakespeare used this technique a lot, notably with "Touchstone" the fool in As You Like It. The fool can present messages to the Duke with double meaning so that only someone otherwise ready to hear the genuine message will hear it and the message escapes censure by those who take it as the comedy of a fool. That way the fool can communicate to the Duke (if the Duke is ready to accept criticism) in a way that does not expose either the fool or the Duke within the court.

  4. paleozeta
    no, ice cream is good for you!. lol
  5. Goz
    This was excellent! Turn the pyramid upside down! Yesssss.
  6. Stephen
    "well I've been gluten free for a day now and I feel sooooo amazing!"
  7. Justin
    Did anyone else notice the "GF" symbols next to the creators' names at the end? I think this may be why it seemed so well-researched.
  8. Thrand Godfrey
    Thanks for the Post, you Rule Diet Doctor! Heil from your shield Brother Thrand !!! Ja!!!
  9. Lisa
    Hilarious!! Thanks for posting! :)

    Ditto on the "You Rule Diet Doctor"!!

  10. Maureen
    Sadly the programme has been removed. [South park].
    But I can guess the characters attitude! My son used to watch this programme in UK before he married.
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  11. Robert
  12. Gunnar Parment
    Just go to Youtube and search. I found that episode several times, but posting a link that probably will expire might not be a good idea. Just do a search for yourself. :-) Some disappear, some new get up.

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