Some with diabetes resort to black market for affordable insulin

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Drug companies are raising insulin prices as rates of type 2 diabetes continue to escalate. Some patients with diabetes and their families are struggling to pay out-of-pocket cost of the insulin prescribed by doctors. Parent Doreen Rudolph explains:

So many people are dying because they just can’t afford their insulin. When my daughter, Nicole, was first diagnosed, a vial of insulin cost about $21. Then it went up to 31, 45, 200, and then $400 a vial. Even with insurance, Nicole now pays $1,300 every three months out of pocket. You pay or you die.

CBS New York: Illegal insulin: Desperate diabetes patients turn to black market for affordable drugs

People who can’t afford insulin are now turning to the black market to source the drug at lower costs, which has obvious risks including unnecessary fatalities.

For patients with type 2 diabetes, reducing insulin doses through dietary changes is a well-researched option. Virta Health has shown 94% of participants with type 2 diabetes reduced insulin, and over 60% completely reversed diabetes with no drugs other than (oral and relatively inexpensive) metformin.

At Diet Doctor, we strive to help people manage diabetes without insulin or with less insulin. Check out our guides and videos below if you’re interested in trying to achieve control of your diabetes with food and rely less on expensive drugs.


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