Soldiers need liposuction to pass fat test

Here’s another example of the mess caused by too much sugar and processed carbs:

The number of army soldiers failing the “tape test” for being overweight is exploding. It’s up more than tenfold since 2008. Failing the test even once can halt promotions for years.

The solution for more and more soldiers? Liposuction.

RCD: Bulky Troops Turn to Liposuction to Pass Fat Test

These guys don’t need liposuction. They need better advice. And better food.


This story was emailed to me by Dan F, who also told me this:

BTW, I’m now 175lbs down with 100 to go since going totally LCHF Aug. 1 2012.  Thanks again for all YOUR inspiration!


  1. Jana
    I joined the military back in 1995. I never made weight but I always made tape. I had a lot of natural muscle for my frame. I ate like crap most of the time, but there weren't many other options that I would eat. I was allergic to eggs, so I didn't eat the powdered eggs that were an option. They still sound gross. Organic is all I can handle now, otherwise I get a sour stomach and I burp sulfur all day long, but the military won't/can't offer organic. Sausage and Bacon were something I always hated growing up, I have no idea why but I still don't like them. If you don't eat those three things the only other thing offered was cereal, like fruit loops and Lucky Charms. Lunch consisted of things like fried bean burritos and sandwiches. It wasn't until dinner that you were offered any sort of plain meat and vegetables or pasta. If you look at their field food, MREs, it's all grains.

    With my current food sensitivities, grain intolerance, I would likely never be able to get in the military.

  2. Galina L.
    Oop! I worry for young guys as a mother. Where would their next portion of accumulated fat go? To faces ? As time goes by, even normal weight people start to have stubborn areas which, probably, could be spot treated on a small scale, but young people should try eating right first. Even Michael Jackson had scars consistent with lipo, according to the post-mortem report (if it was not some yellow press trick )
  3. Kicki
    Perhaps that is the reason why the US military rather send up all those drones to kill innocent people in poor countries around the world than send out obese soldiers barely command respect.
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  4. Daniel Ferreira
    Implying that USA only kills "inocent" people. yeah, im sure head of taliban shot down by a drone a couple of months ago was an upstanding citizen!

    ps. I am was not born in the USA. im from Brazil.

  5. Marcy
    Galina, you are correct. My daughter had radiation to her chest area for kidney cancer back in 1982 when she was just 5. This caused her fat cells to die in that area and the fat to accumulate in other places. She did have liposuction and just as you said the fat just went to the places she still had fat cells, like her arms. Liposuction is not a good option. I hate the BMI all the doctor's use, it is a false marker of obesity. They should use other markers than size as indicators of good health. Before LCHF I was always in the obese or overweight range but never had any health problems and when I retired I was at the top allowed of my sick hours, 960 hours, because I never had to take a day off.
  6. eddy
    They would do far better with a Mediterranean diet in my opinion.

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  7. Zepp
    I think they should eat less and run more! ;)

    Or they have to make the whole world eating the same crap diet.. others they got a tactical disatvantage!

    Oh.. they alredy have make the global population eating a crap diet.. well then.. its a military advantage then!

    One can always treathen them.. if you go up against us, you aint get any more coke!

  8. Galina L.
    I am so sorry for your doter! Life is often totally not fare. At least she managed to survive that cancer and such horrible treatment.
    BMI is not a good indicator of one's health, for example, in my family overweight people live longer, however no one was/is obese or diabetic.
    I met a woman after a massive liposuction from under her breasts till knees, and she complained that every oz of gained weigh was noticeable if happened because it went to face and upper arms.
  9. Galina L.
    Many often say - "Who cares about that stupid Food Pyramid? People choose food without looking at the diagrams created by the government ", but there are many people in US who have to eat according to the such standards, first of all in army and poor children at schools who are on a free lunch program.
    I hope dealing with the army part of an obesity problem may inspire US government to find a better diet.

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