Soda sales at deepest valley since 1985


US soda sales are at the lowest since 1985. And they’re not likely to pick up soon, as reports about the potentially brain-damaging properties of sugary drinks are spreading.

Great news for people’s enlightenment and health, but not-so-great news for Big Soda:


Leaked Emails: Coke-Funded Research Deflects Blame for Obesity Away from Sugar

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Attempts to Hide Ties to Big Soda

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  1. Chris Divito
    Before I get into this, let me say I was over 420lbs at 20 years old due to trying every low-fat diet and cardio program known to man from the age of ten. A little over 25 years later I am at 220lbs, with about 30 more to go by following a variety of Atkins/Paleo/LCHF/Ketogenic and more recently introducing elements of a Primal diet with intermediate and longer term fasting. So I only eat pasture raised animals, non-soy pasture eggs, grass fed butter, grass fed cheeses, grass fed whipping cream (we cannot get raw milk products in Canada - unless we go to the US and bring them back), grass fed buffalo/cow ghee and organic coconut oil.

    I do not advocate anyone drink soda or eat at restaurants (all restaurants, other than the rare one who only serves ethically farmed animals and produce, are serving the same food quality as any fast-food establishment - I have been a chef, in the industry, for over twenty years and owned two restaurants during that time). Just so it is clear I am not in any way trying to promote these companies or say they are not guilty of damaging anyone's health, but......

    Everyone is always so quick to place blame on a soda company or fast-food restaurant, when in truth these companies have no concern for our health, but are solely concerned with profit. Which is fine, they are companies and that is what they are started and built to do. Slapping their hands, like a disobedient child, by a negative news story or tax is merely putting a band-aid on a flowing dam and allowing us to be distracted from the true root causes of the health problems we face. A soda company would rather sell you water than a soda; less inputs = more profit. In my last restaurant, or I would suspect in most, I would rather sell you a salad than a burger for the same reason. The soda company just wants to sell you a drink, any drink and a restaurant just wants to sell you a meal, any meal - neither has any concern about what they are selling as long as they are selling.

    The true blame lies with the government policies in regards to agriculture and dietary guidelines. A soda or fast-food tax is a complete waste of time. We need to make our governments subsidize organic fruit and vegetable production, grass fed-pasture raised animals and have them change the guidelines dietitians and healthcare professionals promote and advocate. Beyond that, a complete ban of RoundUp - in Canada we are not allowed to spray it on our lawns, but somehow it is ok for truckloads of it to be sprayed on crops for human and factory farmed animal consumption? Also, how about a reintroduction in the prairie provinces and states of grasslands and buffalo herds? Next, our government as part of the food guides needs to clearly state we only need to eat one to three times per day, no snacking required and the occasional fast wouldn't hurt either. The fasting was what Ancel Keys missed when he looked at Crete. It was not just that he showed up there during Lent, but that people following Greek Orthodoxy at that time and those strictly adhering to it today fast up to 200 days per year. And last, the money needed to support ethical farming practices can come from two sources: First, pull the current subsides from all of the unethical farmers and companies, making us sick, diseased and killing us prematurely in the pursuit of profits over people. Second, if you want to tax something; tax all food products with more than one ingredient.

    At that point and only at that point, after these fundamental changes have been made, will soft drink companies, food manufactures and restaurants have no choice but to change their ways; a soda or fast-food tax will not do anything but take more money out of consumers pockets, and will do little to change how these companies operate or do anything to stop the climbing metabolic disease, heart disease, cancer rates and premature deaths.

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