Soda drinkers get fatter on the inside

Soda drinkers get fatter on the inside, according to a new study. It found that people drinking sugar-sweetened beverages daily, like soda, add more “visceral fat” inside their abdomen, compared to people not drinking soda.

The study measured body fat using computed tomography and followed up people over six years. Unfortunately it’s just observational evidence, i.e. statistics, so this study by itself does not prove that the soda causes the effect.

The study only tells us that people drinking soda every day tend to get fatter on the inside. For some reason. Like, perhaps, all the sugar they consume.

Are you surprised?


  1. Valerie
    I looked at the abstract, and it says that non-drinkers (of SSBs) gained 658 cm3 of visceral fat over 6 years. It's even more fore SSB drinkers. Aren't those numbers huge? Is there a mistake? That just doesn't seem realistic to me.

    Can anyone with expertise in the field give their opinion about it?

  2. Ian
    This is a good question. After reading just the abstract, it seems the average person gains 658 cm3 in 6 years!? If so, this would be the most amazing result!?
  3. Murray
    They call it "middle" age in the US with good reason, sadly. The mean age of participants was 45, so the mean age went from 45 to 51 in the six-year study.

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