1. Jacqueline
    A move in the right direction, but such a shame that at the end of the broadcast, the DHB representative advocates more fruit and whole grains and less fat.
  2. Devlin
    The video shows their shelves stocked with large bottles of apple and orange juice... "sugar by any other name doth taste as sweet".
  3. robert
    It is a first step. Banning juice must follow.

    A very educational next step would be a hands-on-session with a T1 diabetic, a person uniquely qualified to show these people the non-existent difference between soda and juice in terms of adverse blood-sugar excursions.

    That would be a nice short documentary for TV. Let a T1 take a small sip of coke and show the CGM plot, maybe the struggle to compensate with insulin, any lows that might occur. Then repeat the same with juice.

    If that doesn't wake up people, nothing will.

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  4. chris c
    Great idea! A diabetic in hospital in the UK recently described the diet as "carb sandwiches on toast washed down with orange juice" and the nurse's job seemed to be using a Sliding Scale to keep her BG over 8 at all times. Many doctors are unconcerned by postprandial glucose spikes as long as A1c is around 7%, they panic about hypos with lower A1c. Conversely it would be interesting to see a public display of the kind of flat BG response from a lowcarbing diabetic.

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