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Here’s a nice new video called “Slim is Simple” on how to get thin and stay thin. Not surprisingly it’s about the quality of what we eat, and the hormonal effects of it. No specific hormone is mentioned in the video but as always: It’s the insulin, stupid.

The video is produced by Jonathan Bailor and a new non-profit ancestral nutrition education organization that’s also called Slim is Simple. SIS will “provide compelling multimedia resources — free of charge — that the educational and health communities can leverage to share the simple, fun, and proven ancestral nutrition science necessary to stem the obesity, diabetes, and heart disease epidemics.” Good luck to them!


  1. Yeah, great video... too bad it's about Paleo and not specifically LCHF.
  2. Sandra Slater
    Because of the strong mind-set of 'low-fat is good' that is still out there, those people will not realize that 'healthy proteins' also means the fat on the grass-fed beef or pork is healthy too. It's a good video BUT does not clarify enough that saturated fats are healthy.
  3. frou
    It's a well-produced video, but it seems scared to endorse consumption of FAT, since that will alarm people, and instead piggybacks it on protein constantly.

    I think introductory material should be very explicit in giving natural fat the thumbs up because that's the thing laypersons are most confused about. Fortunately, a certain Dr Eenfeldt has a very good introductory video (albeit a bit longer) available on YouTube (The Food Revolution).

  4. Ed
    If you check out and the sources/references they list, one is able to deduce they would no doubt and whole-heartedly endorse LCHF or Paleo.

    I believe they chose not to highlight natural fats due to them trying to broaden out the Eat Real Foods message to gain mass acceptance. A layman would immediately discount the message and turn it off once they hear "high-fat". The public will stumble onto fats naturally as part of that message once they begin to look into it.

    This is just to get them in the door so to speak and is a very big step in the right direction.

  5. Brittany N
    I always sigh a little when saturated fat isn't emphasized enough, but it is likely to scare away the average person as being too "out there".

    I appreciated the look at calorie counting and what an odd phenomenon it is. Really helped make more connections for me personally.

  6. Ondrej
    It's insulin, stupid? It¨s multifactorial, stupid, and trying to identify one particular hormone is stupid, stupid:-)
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  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sure. And lung cancer is multifactorial too. Let's not start looking for ONE reason to explain 90% of lung cancer, because we know it's multifactorial.

    Only, ooops, one single reason does explain 90% of all lung cancer.

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