1. Mike
    "we are going to look like sexy beasts"

    He obviously never saw the Ray Winstone film! Winstone is carrying quite some gut in "Sexy Beast".


  2. But the fact is that people do follow the example of their role models.
    When we see Murrray and Djokovic performing on low carb
    Grand slam diet: How to supercharge your body

    and another example here of elite athlete explaining the benefits of low carb for optimal performance.

    Kobe Bryant's Diet Helps Maintain Elite Level Of Play

  3. Justin B
    I only really know him as "that guy from The Wall", but its good to see a political activist NOT go vegan.
  4. Hahaha that's way to funny!
  5. David
    I remember bob ticking off a journalist for telling him that butter was not an appropriate thing to send a starving Ethiopian . He had his riposte in saying that staving people were in ketosis and as such butter was ideal for starving people as a food.

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