What is the single most important reason why you visit Diet Doctor?

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What is the single most important reason why you visit our site? We asked our members and received more than 3,300 replies.

Here are the most common answers:

  • Recipes
  • Weight loss
  • Meal plans

So why are these features useful? This is why:

1. Recipes

I think our recipe library is an amazing place for anyone who wants to absorb plenty of keto and low-carb inspiration. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the major reasons why people visit Diet Doctor.

However, if you’ve never been to our site previously, here are our most popular keto recipes:


Looking for something else? Check out one of these links for other keto low-carb recipes:


2. Weight loss

Do you want to lose weight? Then here’s our best weight-loss advice (free for all):

How to lose weight

If you’re still hungry for more, we have an excellent bank of weight-loss videos as part of the membership. Here are the most popular ones at the moment:


3. Meal plans

Planning what to eat can be a true hassle – especially when you’re just embarking on a new way of eating or getting back on track with low carb or keto. Thankfully, our delicious meal plans are here to make it simple for you:

What is the single most important reason why you visit Diet Doctor?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Landa J Malmberg
    Inspiration and motivation.
  2. Kathy
    Love physician and other science backed education, up to the minute info. I like not having to rely on misinformation , only facts from professionals who research and work with low carb diets.
  3. susan
    Information about the biology of diet as so far understood and updates of latest research and comment on this. Info on what is a good diet and why considered a good diet - and info on what some of the unknowns are. And I love the huge range of recipes and hearing of people's experiences. Most important of all I believe diet doctor to be truthful and trustworthy.
  4. Susan
    I find the access to experts and info the most important thing. Noone else i know does this. And even though they all ask me how on earth I lost 50 pounds last year, when I tell them I'm treated as if I'm doing a fad diet. Watching the interview, presentations, movies and the constantly updated responses to media articles helps me to reassure myself that I'm doing the right thing. I have learnt so much from this site and enjoyed doing it so much. So thank you! I am looking forward to the new vidoes coming from this weekend!
  5. Bernadette
    I enjoy all the up to date scientific information, the recipes are easy and delicious and the weight loss stories keep me motivated.
  6. Terri
    Like the recipes. Wish they gave total calories as well as carbs. For some of us still need to be careful of total calorie intake as well as carbs. Makes recipes a bit meaningless and the reason I am no longer a member
    Reply: #8
  7. Kayle Rice
    All of the above!
  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks! We’ll add that very soon.
  9. Jimmy
    I am a 66 y/o RN and have been an Adkins dieter for 17 years. I follow your site to stay up to date on all the latest info I possibly can. I do not wish to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease and feel LCHF, intermittent fasting and quarterly 7-10 day fasting provides my best chance to stay as healthy as possible. I read and re-read all the books written by the authors and diet gurus from your site. Just don’t trust other sites or the idiot information they provide.
  10. Leesa
    I am a 59 yr old Registered Dental Hygienist. I love all the science and evidenced based information that is provided at this site. I have recommended it to everyone who wants to be informed with up to date credible diet advice. Thank you!
  11. Cassieoz
    I'm with susan, Kathy, Susan and Bernadette. I come here for the learn-ed discussion first of all. The recipes are great but the science based information has been instrumental in explaininf to my doctor, my friends and (frankly) anyone who'll listen ?
  12. Katja*
    First (one week ago) I searched info about weight loss, meal plans and so on. Now most important is to learn how to take care of me and my family better to avoid diabetes 2 and influence on blood sugar levels. Mine change a lot and I tend to have hypoglycemic symptoms since ages. That has made everyday life difficult. I find the content of pages reliable and backed up with data. Could not find so far could sources of information in my own country (in Europe). Thank you!
  13. Ewa
    motivation and I love videos!!!!
  14. Astrid
    I love to cook and to test new recipes, so the recipes are an important feature for me. But most important for me are the science news.
    I will get 60 this year so I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy my retirement.

    Thank you so much for your invaluable work.

  15. Pam
  16. Sue
    To try and keep myself on track with this eating plan as sugar derails me a lot and I need to lose weight. I like reading the latest articles on the subject.
  17. Tim Heineman
    I have been going to Diet Doctor every single week day for years now and my reason is news. I don't look at recipes, I lost all the weight I needed to lose before even finding Diet Doctor. But Diet Doctor's round up of news around the LCHF/Keto world is why I'm there every night.

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