Silicon Valley wants to cash in on fasting


The interest in intermittent fasting has risen sharply in recent years, and Silicon Valley has definitely not missed its opportunity to catch on the trend. Many businesses are now capitalizing on the ancient weight-loss method.

The idea may sound troubling depending on your relationship with food, but paid-for fasting regimens are finding a new audience in the Valley, partly because they’re framed in terms of productivity, not only weight loss. (Fasting falls under the techy-sounding buzzword “biohacking,” like taking so-called smart pills or giving your brain tiny shocks.)

Bloomberg: Silicon Valley wants to cash in on fasting

Of course, there’s no need to pay for the privilege of not eating. Check out our free guide by Dr. Jason Fung below, as well as his video course on the topic (first two episodes are free, the rest is free if you sign up for a trial membership).

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