Sign a petition to change the dietary guidelines in America!

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To get America healthy again the U.S dietary guidelines need to change. The guidelines should be based on sound scientific evidence.

This new petition from outline 11 smart and evidence-based reforms that could help improve people’s health:

  1. Undertake a communications campaign to let Americans know that the low-fat diet is no longer officially recommended
  2. Ease or lift caps on saturated fats.
  3. Offer low-carb diets as a viable option for fighting chronic disease.
  4. Offer a meaningful diversity of diets.
  5. Make the DGA diets nutritionally sufficient, with nutrients coming from whole foods, not artificially fortified refined grains.
  6. Stop telling Americans to do aerobic exercise for weight loss.
  7. Stop recommending “lower is better” on salt.
  8. Stop telling the public that reaching and maintaining a healthy weight requires little more than choosing “An appropriate calorie level”.
  9. Stop recommending vegetable oils for health.
  10. Recommend regular meat and milk rather than the low-fat/lean versions.
  11. Don’t issue guidelines based on weak, observational data.

This petition will be sent to the secretaries of the US Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Agriculture (USDA), which are jointly responsible for the dietary guidelines. With 100,000 signatures, we can also send the petition to the White House – and are entitled to a response.

This change is highly needed, so we recommend signing the petition:

Petition to change the dietary guidelines

Dietary guidelines


  1. RT
    I’m with Tom Naughton on this issue. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to get the US government to change their so-called nutrition guidelines, let’s all just ignore the guidelines; they are stupid, ill-conceived, asinine, and potentially dangerous. We don’t need governments to tell us how to eat.
  2. HDS
    I believe schools and other govt institutions follow these guidelines for their lunch programs and recommendations. Changing the guidelines would go a long way towards changing the attitudes and beliefs. Big food and big Ag might make an effort to block it should it really actually be considered.
  3. RT
    Yes, despite my eagerness to simply ignore the guidelines, I would also agree that in the case of school lunch programs it’s not as simple as that; ditto for the military, nursing homes, and prison populations. Tom Naughton over at Fat Head has cited Nina Teicholz’s point that as long as the guidelines are going to exist anyway, it’s better to get them right.
  4. BobM
    Only low-fat or non-fat milk and milk products are served at the schools my daughters attend, but if you want highly sugared and highly processed foods (but low in fat), those are abundant.

    I agree the guidelines should be abolished (and I completely ignore them in my own life and my family's), but I signed the petition.

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  5. russell
    Amen, brother! As much as we ignore the guidelines at home, and as hard as I try to keep my kids eating the right stuff (full-fat milk and dairy for them!), it never will hand out "healthy" snacks like sugar-laden granola bars or lowfat yogurt or "whole grain" cereal, "fruity gummies" (a.k.a. sugar disguised as "fruit"), and even otter pops (because they're supposedly made with "100% fruit juice"). As a parent, it's an uphill battle, and it would help tremendously if the guidelines were changed.
  6. Gretha
    I have had many people tell me, you mustn't eat fat, oils, too much meat. HA! I'm 84, ostensibly
    a diabetic but have nice low blood sugar on my keto smart diet, losing weight, walking every day -
    I'm a new girl. Gretha

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