Shopping for food on Swedish TV

Sorry about the Swedish video, but I thought I’d share this anyway. Today I’m on the biggest health TV show in Sweden, called “Ask the Doctor”. I discuss the LCHF diet and go shopping for food in the supermarket.

Usually they are pretty scared of fat on this mainstream show (think “dr Oz”) so it’s pretty nice they allowed me on it.


  1. Good job, Andreas!
    I could actually understand a lot of the video and I don't speak a word of Swedish. It was funny to me seeing how you towered over all the other shoppers, especially those ladies by the egg case.

    I'm excited to share the low carb high fat message since I've been home. Keep up the good work, my friend.


  2. Funderaren
    I dont think anyone can play this clip outside of sweden?
  3. Dan
    Sigh, look at all that delicious sausage. It must be the German in me. Johnsonville Brats are good, but the variety of sausage in the the US sucks.
  4. Funderaren
    Dan, if you have a little german in you. You would love the Moose sausage Doc picked.
  5. Funderaren: I can play it and I am in the UK. It's still in Swedish, though :)
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks! Good luck to you as well!
  7. WOW, this is awesome Andreas! I saw this in South Carolina in America, so it definitely works.
  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks Jimmy!
  9. How nice it would be IF Danish television would use 7 minutes on LCHF - but no instead they use lots of energy on cholesterol and sat. fat scare programs :(
  10. wow, thats nice ! :) Tell us how its been
  11. Tia
    I must be too late..... there no video to be seen! Only empty space....
  12. Funderaren
  13. Carol
    Can someone translate it? I've seen some foreign language videos with subtitles, not sure how it's done.

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