Share your success story with us in San Diego on Wednesday, July 25th!

Low Carb USA

Do you live in San Diego? Perhaps you will be in San Diego on July 25th – 28th, attending the Low Carb USA conference like Team Diet Doctor? Do you have an inspiring success story to share with us and our community? And do you want to share your success story on camera?

We are looking for people for two types of videos:

1. A short documentary where we spend a full day with you (Wednesday the 25th, or possibly Friday the 27th) trying to capture what a typical day in your life looks like, visiting your home in San Diego and discuss your low-carb lifestyle in detail.

Here’s a preview for an earlier short documentary: Living low carb – Chris Hannaway

2. A short interview where you talk about your health journey: what your life was like before, what happened that changed things, what your life is like now, what your biggest challenge was and how you approached it, and what do you wish you had known when you started.

If you would like to participate and inspire thousands of other people, please send a brief description of yourself (less than 500 words) and possibly a before/after photo to as soon as possible. Please specify if you want to do the short interview July 28) or the short documentary (July 25).

Feel free to check out our success story videos to get an idea of the video we could make of your story!

Earlier mini documentaries

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  1. Helen
    Helen Clarke is want to help me lose weight but my health life has been good I would like low carb

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