Should this be served at a diabetes conference?

Sugar, carbs and... sugar

Sugar, carbs and… sugar

These pictures were taken by a reader who attended the ‘Diabetes Epidemic in California – What Can Cities Do?‘ conference.

For a start, they might consider not serving and promoting high-carb foods that send people’s and blood sugar levels on a roller coaster…

Unfortunately, these conference organizers are far from alone in being clueless about the main cause of the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Check the links below for other hilarious or sad examples.


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Coffee Break at the European Obesity Summit

Lunch at Obesity Society Conference

The Difference in Food Says it All

Videos about diabetes

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  1. Mark Bousquet
    Check out the event sponsors:

    Novo Nordisk & Boehringer Angelheim are both for-profit pharmaceutical companies that produce insulin for T1D and T2D.

    AltaMed & Kaiser Permanente: For-profit health insurance plans.

    What it's all about: Keep people sick and maximize profits = $$$$$$$$$$

    Are the organizers really that clueless? Discuss.

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