What not to serve at an obesity conference


What should you not serve at an obesity conference? A large basket of bread.

Here’s what the bread basket at our table looked like when lunch was finished. It looked about the same at the other tables. Too bad if that trailer load of bread was just thrown away afterwards…


Many tables


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  1. Laurie
    They should just make the bread "on request" at these events. I bet they wouldn't get many requests and there would be less waste. Hope you had fun!
  2. Johnny D.
    Hey Laurie that's a really good idea. I wonder if they could do the same thing with crackers?
  3. Boundless
    And it looks like your choices of sweeteners were limited to sucrose (in the majority white packets), and whatever is in the two blue packets (which may or may not be aspartame-based).
  4. Murray
    "Too bad if that trailer load of bread was just thrown away afterwards...."

    Oh, don't throw it out. Bread can be fermented to make alcohol.

  5. Janknitz
    I see two positives here:

    1. Seems to me that last year you showed a table laden with pastries at the same conference. Maybe the organizers are getting the message?

    2. I think it's remarkable the bread went untouched--your message about low carb must be getting out. In the past, wouldn't the bread have been consumed but the butter would not? Now the bariatric professionals in attendance are finally GETTING it.

    Sorry to see the waste, but better in the waste than on the waist!

  6. Nan
    That bread was probably not throw out, but likely reused (restaurants often do even though they ate nit supposed to) or sent to a shelter, or possibly recycled for croutons. I know these are all possible.



  7. mezzo
    I do eat the occasional slice of white bread - but I wouldn't have touched these bread baskets with a barge pole. the bread looks like it comes out of a factory and is probably completely tasteless.

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