Secondhand sugars: “Sugar isn’t that different to smoking for pregnant women”

Waiting for a miracle

Can you really compare smoking cigarettes to eating sugar during pregnancy? Apparently. New research suggests that excessive simple sugars have the power to harm children’s development and health – just like smoking:

We are finding that sugar exposure can begin to affect a child even before birth. The sugars that a mother consumes while pregnant or nursing can be passed to her baby, disrupt healthy growth and development and pose risk for obesity.

Secondhand sugars? Considering how that concept played out with smoking, Big Sugar can not be happy about hearing those words…


Transcribed Conversation with Dr. David Ludwig and Gary Taubes

“I Used to Blame Fat People. Now I Blame Obesity on Sugar Industry Propaganda”

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  1. bill
    Regarding the soda tax: Watch out for
    the 'law of unintended consequences'.
  2. Gentiann
    At least, just talking about a sugar tax attracts the attention of the media and people in general on the danger of sugar.....which is a good thing!!!

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