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  1. Roger
    Med en halv miljon LCHF-are skulle det bli för dyrt. :)
  2. Patrik
    Doc, länken funkar så där.
    Svar: #4
  3. Hanne
    Everyone knows that bacon comes from the happy tears of God, and should be consumed whenever possible

    Är detta ett känt amerikanskt uttryck? Har aldrig tänkt på bacon som happy tears of God, men visst är det gott!

  4. Erik E.
    Annars kan de ju prova lite strandvolleystuk på dräkterna... *duckar och springer*
  5. LMA
    Inte helt rätt att göra sig lustig över Doc !!!

    Bacon Fest is not only a fun event, it is helping one of Kansas City’s most unique non-profit organizations – The Rehabilitation Institute (RIKC).

    Founded in 1947, the Rehabilitation Institute (RIKC) provides medical rehabilitation and employment placement services for children and adults who have experienced a catastrophic injury or illness or injury resulting in a significant disability. RIKC's array of services address the most basic activities of daily living including mobility, communication and self care to more complex issues related to driving, living independently, attending school or working. For more information visit http://www.rehabkc.org

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