1. Matt
    First response!

    Great article. Thanks for always having interesting stuff on this site!

  2. London Lady
    It is a great article, but it was written by someone committing the sin of having a book to sell hence the derogatory onslaught within the comments section which follows it. Nonetheless the message is getting through and this article in a respected newspaper is a further sign of that.
  3. Matt
    I have been doing LCHF since the year 2007, before any of this was known publicly. I can't even count how many people used to criticize my way of eating, that now don't anymore once they got more educated.

    Give it another 15 years, and most people will understand LCHF to be very healthy.

  4. erdoke
    Actually, the book is a bit more limited with respect to promoting any diet. It is kind of a history of dietary fats in the 20th century. As such, I found it well researched. No wonder, since Nina Teicholz spent some 8 years on collecting information from all players. Of course she is also a human being, has a family, etc. and after being in the research for 2 years she moved all her family low(ish) carb.
    I'm wondering how many of the rude commenters have a degree in biology and 8+ years of research into the topic...
  5. Boundless
    > Actually, the book is a bit more limited with respect to promoting any diet.

    Same is true for Minger's "Death by Food Pyramid".
    The key contribution of both of them is to solidly answer the question:
    "How could the official diets have become so toxic?"

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  6. FrankG
    You see writing and selling a book to try and pay you and your family's way, is somehow a questionable activity which automatically opens you up to criticism and doubt as to your true agenda and trustworthiness...

    Compare that to a scientific researcher: who is clearly just doing it for the altruistic aim of humankind's betterment and has no desire for fame, fortune, fully-funded research, tenure at a University, honoraria for speaking engagements, invitations to be part of prestigious/influential committees, which will feed back into yet more research funding, honoraria etc... etc... etc... :-P

  7. erdoke
    Unfortunately I have not been able to finish Denise Minger's book yet. It seems that nowadays I have much more time for listening to audiobooks than for reading. :( This way it turned out to be an important difference that The Big Fat Surprise was available as an audiobook shortly after the print/ebook version.
    Based on the first few chapters though, I have an impression that dealing with a more general take on nutrition is far more difficult and subsequently a shaky ground. Especially considering that in real life there is less and less need for a general "healthy diet", but for one that can fix hundreds of millions of healths deterred by several serious mistakes (fats, food pyramid, industry push, etc.) during the last 4 decades. For fixing LCHF seems to be extremely competent for the big majority of sufferers.
  8. Martin
    It's true the author has a book to sell, but fortunately, LCHF cannot be packaged into a pill by pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, some food producers are attempting to jump on the band wagon by selling certain processed food as low carb.

    Is there any literature on the consequences to food production and prices if a substantial number of people swapped to LCHF? Some people may only be able to afford processed food. I'm interested in the politics of LCHF.

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  9. Murray
    Martin, processed food manufacturers will adapt quickly. They have brilliant chemical engineers who find ways to implement the prescient demands of food marketing experts. Profit opportunity is the mother of invention.

    As to food production, I would dearly like to see millions of acres of mono crop agriculture converted to well managed pastureland. Bring back the bison. More advocates are arguing for restoration of managed grazing grassland as an importance means of restoration ecological robustness.

  10. Paul the rat
    J Lipid Res. 2014 Aug 28. pii: jlr.M046755. [Epub ahead of print]

    Ketogenic Diet Sensitizes Glucose Control of Hippocampal Excitability.

    Kawamura M Jr1, Ruskin DN2, Geiger JD3, Boison D4, Masino SA5.
    Author information

    A high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet is an effective treatment for refractory epilepsy, yet myriad metabolic effects in vivo have not been reconciled clearly with neuronal effects. A ketogenic diet limits blood glucose, and produces ketone bodies from β-oxidation of lipids. Studies have explored changes in ketone bodies and/or glucose in the effects of the ketogenic diet, and glucose is increasingly implicated in neurological conditions. To examine the interaction between altered glucose and the neural effects of a ketogenic diet, we fed rats and mice a ketogenic diet and restricted glucose in vitro while examining the seizure-prone CA3 region of acute hippocampal slices. Slices from ketogenic diet-fed animals were sensitive to small physiological changes in glucose, and showed reduced excitability and seizure propensity. Similar to clinical observations, reduced excitability depended on maintaining reduced glucose. Enhanced glucose sensitivity and reduced excitability were absent in slices obtained from ketogenic diet-fed mice lacking adenosine A1 receptors, and, in slices from normal animals, and effects of the ketogenic diet could be reversed with blockers of pannexin-1 channels, adenosine A1 receptors or KATP channels. Overall, these studies reveal that a ketogenic diet sensitizes glucose-based regulation of excitability via purinergic mechanisms in the hippocampus and thus link key metabolic and direct neural effects of the ketogenic diet.

  11. Anthony
    Thanks Doctor Andreas, you seem to be ramping up your website in giving new news and updates. Very inspiring !
  12. Tyrone
    Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Nina Teicholz about fats...
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORpc2h4NEAg (25 minute version)
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  13. erdoke
    Thanks. Dr. Mercola does not seem to struggle with extra weight for political or whatever reasons. :)
  14. Nan
    Keys would have had less impact in the world of academe, but he was protected by the dumb bulldogs in the US government, and had his ideas promulgated by the ADA, AMA, among others,and saddest of all, the mainstream press.


  15. Deba
    Gee, that looks like a yummy meal!
  16. Arthur H Hazldine
    For those who don't know any better:
    There once was a time when the so called "experts" thought the world was flat, doctors bled George Washington to death. I don't blame them, they knew no better.
    Diet doctor helped me cure my type two diabetes and regain my health from a triple heart bypass. I believe that if I had learned this information sooner, I would not have had the problem to begin with.
    Thank you Andreas, you are a marvel.
  17. not convinced
    I'm not convinced on any of this. There are studies showing that saturated fats (without the double carbon bond) doesn't block leptin but unsaturated fatty acids do.

    For you complex ridden Adkin fools, my cholesterol dropped 55 points recently. Yes there was niacin and beet juice. Then later garlic, Vitamin B12, RIBOFLAVIN WITH ATP (yes, I said it. DEXTROSE-PURE GLUCOSE), iodine, tyrosine, etc....antioxidants, ZINC, CALCIUM, Vitamin C and CLEAN EATING. So what's the scoop on that?

    LOWER YOUR INSULIN. LOW THYROID = HIGH INSULIN. The thymus has both insulin and leptin receptors. Look at metallothioneins (MT). They block MEST. I think MEST is leptin resistance, when it's not blocked by MT, it's very easy to gain weight on a high fat diet.

    When Calcium is removed from the bone during times of stress, magnesium and zinc and phosphates are also released. That Zinc binds to metallothioneins and becomes Zn-MT and goes to the liver and exposes the MEST so it's very easy to gain weight. Vitamin C clears that out by the way-this is why antioxidants are so important. Selenium (think garlic) clears out the cysteine and amplifies the effects of Vitamin C.

    The "high sugar" foods often contain high fructose corn syrup in them.
    Dairy (like KRAFT dairy) has milk from cows who were given the rbgh shots... the cows who got the anti-rbgh shots cleared up their PCOS. The doctors won't even do that much for women who pay much more than good money so the PAs can take kickbacks and push pills like glucophage and contraceptives on us.

    Cardio drops glucose levels.

    Nobody spoke about how ATP is transferred to glycation stores vs. fat stores in the body (Glut 4).

    Thyroid activity is essential to prevent obesity, inflammation and high cholesterol.
    And that will get the body to properly absorb Riboflavin to make these enzymes to break down cysteine adhesive unsaturated fatty acid that causes the body to overshoot insulin. This is the body's natural way of balancing everything out.

    Proteins will cause high insulin.

    In my experience, taurine and leucine caused my LDL to spike in the first place. High insulin.

    I don't believe the fish oil sales people.

    Oh by the way, in a science mag- a researcher was looking at snake enzymes to use for human digestion to fix heart disease. Its' incredibly fascinating.

    American food is dangerous. There's too many hormones and bad chemicals that make people sick.

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  18. Boundless

    The Washington Post is carrying the same story.

    The Reason article also links indirectly to:
    "Evidence from randomised controlled trials did not support the introduction of dietary fat guidelines in 1977 and 1983: a systematic review and meta-analysis"

    And two other journal articles that would be no surprise to readers of this blog also hit this week on diabetes and statins.

    Consensus Medicine™ is circling the wagons (as we say here out on the prairie) and asking their oracles to summon the ghost of Ancel Keys to deal with the attacking rogue bands.

  19. Brownies
    You thought about PCOS, what is the best diet or treatment? Please help!!!

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