Romantic dinner while traveling


It’s not too hard to get good LCHF-food while traveling. I flew to Helsinki for a lecture at a conference for pharmacists today. Here is my delicious tapas plate at the hotel yesterday evening.

We had a romantic dinner, just me and my MacBook Air.


  1. MacBook Air, not Mc. It's not a fast food laptop.

    I've been known to wine and dine my MacBook Pro. 17" of loveliness. That meal looks lovely.

  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Ah yes, you're right. I'll apologize to her immediately.
  3. Funderaren
    I guess its a happy meal.

    Doc, you must be the biggest mac fan I have meet, if I dont count my brother. ;)

  4. Doc, Do we have any RCT evidence thar MacBooks really do well on a high fat diet? :-)
  5. Lynda NZ
    Very nice :) I too am sitting with my MacBook Air but I do think mine is male - he is a lovely little computer and I am a total Mac computer convert!!
  6. Peter
    Hej, Andreas.

    Du är ju i min hometown. Du borde ha mejlat mig och berättat det här i förhand. Jag skulle ha ordnat sightseeing :)

  7. Johnny

    A date with a computer because only a computer will put up with a stinky meat eater.

    May seem romantic for a little bit until the farts start and the protein putrefaction and slimy fat based stools make a mess out of the bathroom. Hope your bathroom isn't connected to your bedroom, unless you consider the horrendous odors of your high fat meat eating stools and body odor to be an aphrodisiac!


  8. Maggan A
    haha Carbsanity talks a lot. Men when it comes to real business she is a looser (obviosly not in weight thou).

    Here is a young girl hwo is a winner. You just have to look att the photos before and after to get the message ;-)

    When Carbsanity can show the same results maybe she will be worth listening to.

  9. I've been on the road since mid-September with my wife ( and of all the places we've been, Bordeaux France gave us the hardest time. Combine a strong opinion about what time of day you should eat with an obsession with bread, and call it an LCHF nightmare. At least in most hotels we can find tomato, cucumber, meat, and cheese for breakfast.

    We enjoyed Helsinki, and the Grill Plate at the Radisson Blu Royal hotel worked great for us.

  10. doctor,
    I'm very interested in LCHF since watched your speech on youtube. But I got a question:
    if the Asians eat rice and not get fat, why can not we do the same.
    Many thanks
  11. moreporkplease
    "if the Asians eat rice and not get fat, why can not we do the same"

    Who says they can? I certainly have pile of studies and reports showing an amazing increase - an explosion even - of obesity in a wide variety of Asian countries, even the impoverished, such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Basically you can eat a tennis-ball-sized portion of rice a day - but once you add white sugar, fructose-laden soft drinks, and wheat into your diet as well - it's all over. You get fat within a few years, and diabetic after that.

    Search Google, you'll find the problem's universal.

  12. Carl
    Since when is sugar and soft drinks rice?
  13. Jean
    I'm currently living in Korea, and often eat in traditional restaurants that don't cater to tourists. You would be surprised at how little rice is eaten. It's not even offered unless you ask for it. The rest of the meal is non-starchy vegetables and meat. I'm tired of hearing that Asians eat nothing but rice.
  14. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Nowadays a lot of Asians, like mostly vegetarian Indians, are overweight and diabetics.

    You can certainly eat plenty of brown rice without problems if you are slim and healthy, work hard in the fields all day and do not eat/drink any refined sugar/starch.

    It's not black and white, there is a lot of grey in between. ;)

  15. Lynda NZ
    @ Johnny above.

    I don't know what sort of diet you eat Johnny but seriously? I eat meat - not in big quantities but on an almost daily basis. Since cutting carbs and especially wheat my digestive system is better than ever. No unwanted side effects as you described. In fact - it seems it was wheat that was making my have the problems you described by eating meat!

  16. Margaretrc
    Doc is correct. Many Asians who do eat a lot of rice and other carbs, such as the those in south India and mostly vegetarian, have a huge problem with diabetes and heart disease. They do not have the rates of obesity that we do, perhaps, but have screamingly high rates of diabetes and heart disease. It is not just about obesity--or getting fat. Check out or read Dr. Su's book: "Carbohydrates Can Kill" for an Asian doctor's viewpoint on eating lots of rice. I play tennis with an athletic, slim and trim Asian guy whose doctor recently told him he should cut way down on the rice, noodles, and other carbohydrates because he is pre-diabetic. It really doesn't matter what your ethnicity is, you cannot eat primarily starches without paying the price sooner or later. Genetically, we are all way more similar that we are different. Those Asians that do eat rice and other starches and do not get fat, diabetic, etc., don't eat a lot of rice in comparison to all the other things they eat--meat, fat, coconut, and so on, and most especially don't eat a lot of sugar.
  17. Margaretrc
    @J. B. Rainsberger, I'm thinking that in parts of France where they haven't fallen prey to the American way of thinking about food--processed foods, fast food, low fat, and all that, where they still hold on to the traditional ideas about food, you are going to meet resistance to an LCHF WOE. However, I really doubt think they are obsessed with bread so much as they just think it should be a part of the meal--a wonderful vehicle for butter and olive oil--and have a difficult time understanding why anyone would want to do without. Meals are also social gatherings, hence the strong opinions on when to eat. Don't hold it against them--their way works for them. They do not have obesity, diabetes, or heart disease at the rates we do, despite the fact that they smoke. But you can just skip the bread and eat all the other good stuff, no? Traditional French food is not low fat, if I'm not mistaken.
  18. moreporkplease
    Hi Margaretrc,

    French people are eating much less bread now than ever before. Bread consumption has been in decline for the last 100 years, actually - falling from 620 grams per person a day in the 1900s to merely 150 grams in the early 1990s. Since that time it has continued to fall, to an estimated 100 grams by the mid-2000s.

    This is a long-term trend, obviously - it was even studied as far back as 1977, when it was concluded that French people were just watching their weight in recognition of modern lifestyles (

    It's easy to do LCHF in France now - you can order steak and salad in any of the remaining bistrot, and it's possible to get soft-boiled eggs for breakfast without too much trouble.

  19. Julian
    I love taking my dinner while traveling with the one I love. It's so sweet to see.
  20. Jaime
    It might be time to start a dating website for LCHF singles.

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