How to reverse type 2 diabetes – the video course!

Here’s a real treat, something we’re very proud of. The first part in the series How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2, our new video course with Dr. Jason Fung.

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed? Sure – it’s a completely reversible disease. But amazingly it’s usually treated as if it is a chronic disease that should get worse with time – with insulin and other drugs for life.

The result? Short term complications (like further weight gain) and long term complications (like amputations and dialysis). Misery.

There is a better way. The disease can be reversed with a proper dietary change. There’s already lots of free information at Diet Doctor on how to do it. But in this video guide we make it as simple as possible – even entertaining – to quickly learn everything you need.

Watch the first part above. The rest of the course, and much else, is available for members (free trial one month). Watch it here:

How to reverse type 2 diabetes – the video course

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The course continued

The Essential Problem with Type 2 Diabetes - Dr. Jason Fung
How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Dr. Jason Fung
How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Dr. Jason Fung

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How to reverse type 2 diabetes (older free guide)

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  1. Tammy Schrader
    I'm a 49 year old menopausal women who is overweight. My insulin levels are at 17 and Yes I have insulin resistance but I'm not on medication. I've dropped my A1C down from 6.7 to 6.4 since last year. I'm due for a new test soon. I've dropped 10 pounds but I'm still at 309 pounds. I get frustrated because I've tried changing my diet and my husband is the one losing weight. I do not understand the Keto Diet much less intermittent fasting. I've tried to fast but wonder if I'm doing it right.
    Reply: #3
  2. Nitin joshi
    Dear Doctor,
    I am from India.After going through your blogs and information on your portal I had started intermittent fasting.I had been type 2 diabetic since last 8 years.My question is after starting fasting I had dropped wight from 68 KGs to 62 kgs.However I find that my sugar level keeps on fluctuating.And I do not see that much fat reduction around waist.Could explain me this ?My email address is ""
    Best regards.
    Nitin Joshi.
  3. Phil McCrevis

    Search Google for "Valter Longo" and his "Fasting Mimicking Diet." I'd also suggest searching for his interview with Ari Whitten and listen/read about the Fasting Mimicking Diet and their views on "Nutritional Ketosis" diets.

    Good luck.


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