How to reverse obesity and diabetes all over the world

Therapeutic fasting
We all know that the common advice to “eat less, exercise more” is useless, yet that’s the advice which doctors keep giving their patients.

What if there was a more effective alternative, that is both simple and free? Something that’s available to everyone, today, and that can completely reverse obesity and type 2 diabetes?

That’s what Dr. Jason Fung talks about in this new presentation from the recent Low Carb USA conference. This talk ended with one of the biggest standing ovations of the conference.

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Therapeutic Fasting – Dr. Jason Fung

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation (apart from giving it a 5.0/5 rating so far):


Fabulous advice. Thank you for your lectures. Much appreciated.
– Marianne

I am doing quite well with fasting and I love your advice/lectures. Sleepless nights are a concern for me. At some point in the future, would you please address sleepless nights on a low carb life style and what can be done to improve sleep? Thank you!!!
– Sabrina

Thanks. Just don’t eat is easy to explain eat and do not eat to my wife’s relatives in mainland. How much is time restricted eating and how much low carb? I do both but eating 8 hours of whatever is better than 15 plus of the same. Do you have long distance program for overseas? Do you have Mandarin speaker or English only?
– Eric

Therapeutic Fasting – Dr. Jason Fung

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