Research: a keto diet can make migraines disappear

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Can a keto diet have a positive effect on people suffering from migraines? Who better to ask than a researcher who studies just this!

Here’s an article with researcher Cherubino Di Lorenzo who is specializing in keto and migraines. His experience is that keto works very well for improving the condition.

We are not sure that the reason why the ketogenic diet works so well in our patients is only due to the ketone body production. In fact, we have observed that in a majority of cases, our patients also show abnormal results in oral glucose tolerance tests both in the way their blood sugar and their insulin levels responds to sugar intake. Since carbs are a form of sugar, a low-carb diet could mitigate these responses. Our hypothesis is that the combination of ketone bodies and changed glucose response could lead to the outstanding therapeutic effect we have observed in our patients.

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