The petition to reinstate Teicholz on food policy panel – now close to 3,000 signatures

Author Nina Teicholz was recently disinvited from a food policy panel, due to inconvenient opinions. She’s not in favor of the old high-carb message from the other participants (CSPI and USDA).

This is where the nutritional debate is – inconvenient opinions are silenced, so there is no new thinking, so we are still stuck in failed dogma.

A petition to reinstate Nina Teicholz was started a few days ago, and it’s getting close to 3,000 signatures. I’ve signed it, of course. We need to be able to talk about the disastrous mistakes behind the obesity epidemic.

iPetitions: Reinstate Teicholz on Food Policy Panel


Who Can’t Handle the Truth?

WSJ: The Food Pyramid Scheme

“Why Mainstream Researchers Think the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Lack Scientific Rigor”


  1. Karen
    Nina Teicholz's book The Big Fat Surprise made me angry and very sad. The TRUTH needs no 'safe place' ~ the word needs to get out we've been made into fat little piggy banks for Corp Greed and Big Pharma. Nina's work accomplishes this in spades.
  2. Paul
    Thanks for the petition link! It was well worth the 45 seconds it took to voice support for Teicholz.
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  3. Apicius
    Paul, you are correct. It took me longer to write this response to you than signing the petition. Well worth the 15 seconds investment!!!!
  4. Lucie
    Can you sign this petition if you are not a citizen or resident of the USA?
  5. Alan
    Lucie, it worked for me (UK).

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