Refreshments at the International Diabetes Federation Congress


This is what was served one day as refreshments at the recent International Diabetes Federation Congress.

X-PERT Health on Twitter: Refreshments at the International Diabetes Federation Congress

Is it any wonder that we have a global epidemic of diabetes and obesity, when even the experts in charge are this clueless?


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  1. Victor
    Food manufacturers have noting else to offer.
    And health organizations obviously need to reach out to healthier supporters.
  2. jane
    Well, the conference is probably largely attended by non-diabetic doctors and researchers, right?
  3. tz
    Meanwhile Pepsi is introducing "Hello Goodness" vending machines full of carbs

  4. Apicius
    The black table cloth and coffin-like boxes serving the death juice is very fitting for the venue.
  5. robert
    The cake is cheap and has a very long shelf life. In addition it is addictive. Probably all of the "food" will be eaten. Overall risk for the caterer is low.

    Had they served non-sweet foods, say hard-boiled eggs, sausages, cheese, ham-rolls... there's always the risk of some items not being eaten. These must most likely be thrown away at the end of the day. A great loss of money and overall more expensive.

    Offering packaged plain full-fat yogurt would've been quite safe in terms of food-waste (can be re-used elsewhere) and healthy as well, but most people won't eat it as their taste-buds have been screwed-up by years of sugar-laced "fruit yogurts".

    The fact that they apparently didn't even offer water to drink is beyond me.

  6. bill
    Has anyone seen this study?


    The percentage ratios carbs:fat:protein show
    it's not really a low carb high fat way of
    eating. Proves nothing. More of the same
    waste of effort by researchers. I'm wondering:
    What did they expect?

  7. chris c
    Just a thought, but how many International Diabetes Conferences were there in the days prior to low fat diets?
  8. Stephanie H
    It is not a surprise when the goal is to keep people on diabetes medication.
  9. KetogenicGurl
    Whomever MANAGED this meeting must be a poor communicator if they did NOT review the refreshments to be offered.....every meeting group PAYS for the selection, and you all should have some clout by NOW to insist on healthy foods served. Every hotel offers standard SAD is up to LC professionals to INSIST on trays of the RIGHT LC foods..or simply tell the hotel planner NOT to deliver it for break time. (sometimes the food is part of the room rental fee..just refuse it)

    I am tired of this "See how bad it is" excuse..make something happen for the positive instead of complaining every single time! LC has been around for long enough that MOST meeting places will have a clue, and be willing to change the offerings.

  10. Anna
    I've been to conferences that offered amazing, healthy (LCHF) options. A spread of salads, meats, cheeses, etc. There is no excuse for not checking the food and drink on offer at a diabetes conference! They should be setting an example, regardless of whether attendees are diabetics or not! Our Diabetes associations need to take a long hard look at what nutritional science they are promoting!

    It is disappointing and frustrating that even they cannot get this right! What hope do our poor diabetics have?

  11. Pero
    Well, lots of attendees are not yet diabetic, so this helps them to become diabetic...
  12. Lindsey Buswell Cleary
    My son’s elementary school had a bake sale to raise funds for juvenile diabetes. No joke.

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