Reebok bans soda – here’s why

Sugar is the new tobacco.

Here’s another sign of the troubles of Big Soda. While Coca-Cola and other soda brands are desperately trying to associate themselves to “active, balanced” lifestyles, decent lifestyle brands want nothing to do with them.

Here’s a great example: Reebok is banning soda from their headquarters, and they even made a promotional video about it.

As of this week, Reebok has completely removed all soda, sugary beverages, large candy bars, fried foods, white breads and pasta from its headquarters in Canton, MA. The brand shared that this decision was unanimously supported across the company.

AOL: Reebok bans all soda and sugary drinks from its headquarters


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  1. Paul
    Too bad an authoritarian streek pervades the thinking of so many people. Bans are for tyrants, not bosses. You cannot FORCE people to eat well. Accurate information and persuasion are far more effective.
  2. Julio Rodrigues
    Paul, I guess people would still be able to buy their own soda if they want to. I'd like to know about that.
  3. Fredrik in Sweden
    Absolutely marvelous by Reebok!?
  4. tony
    i work in law enforcement and my boss, in order to protect the image of the department, has implemented a 24/7 ban on employees visiting bars and casinos, consuming alcohol in public establishments (i.e. restaurants), private parties and being seen buying alcoholic beverages at grocery and liquor stores. The ban has worked wonders for my health.

    We are the health promoting vanguard of the world. We should encourage Reebok to implement an identical 24/7 soda ban.

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