The keto bread

The keto bread

Smear with butter, and you will think you are eating the real thing! Maria Emmerich's keto bread sports a pleasing crispy crust with a soft, moist center. It’s bread — you know what to do. Savor it warm, straight out of the oven, or freeze, defrost, and toast to perfection…

The keto bread

Smear with butter, and you will think you are eating the real thing! Maria Emmerich's keto bread sports a pleasing crispy crust with a soft, moist center. It’s bread — you know what to do. Savor it warm, straight out of the oven, or freeze, defrost, and toast to perfection…
6 servingservings


  • 5 tbsp 5 tbsp (40 g) ground psyllium husk powder
  • 1¼ cups 300 ml (150 g) almond flour
  • 2 tsp 2 tsp (10 g) baking powder
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup 225 ml water
  • 2 tsp 2 tsp cider vinegar
  • 3 3 egg whiteegg whites
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp (20 g) sesame seeds (optional)


Instructions are for 6 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
  2. Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Bring the water to a boil.
  3. Add vinegar and egg whites to the dry ingredients, and combine well. Add boiling water, while beating with a hand mixer for about 30 seconds. Don't over mix the dough, the consistency should resemble Play-Doh.
  4. Moisten hands with a little olive oil and shape dough into 6 separate rolls. Place on a greased baking sheet. Top with optional sesame seeds.
  5. Bake on lower rack in the oven for 50–60 minutes, depending on the size of your bread rolls. They're done when you hear a hollow sound when tapping the bottom of the bun.
  6. Serve with butter and toppings of your choice.

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How much carbs does the keto bread contain?

The keto bread contains 2 net carbs per bun (a similar bun of regular bread may contain about 20 grams of carbs). This makes it a decent option on a ketogenic diet. Expand the nutrition tab above for the full nutrition facts.

Can I substitute ingredients?

In all baking, and especially in low-carb baking, the ingredients and amounts used are important. The eggs and ground psyllium husk are hard to replace in this recipe.

If you don't like almond flour or if you have an allergy, you can make this recipe with coconut flour instead. Substitute the amount of almond flour for a third as much of coconut flour and double the number of egg whites.

For a different look and some crunch, sprinkle seeds on the buns before you pop them into the oven – poppy seeds, sesame seeds or why not some salt flakes and herbs?

Flavor your bread with your favorite seasoning to make them perfect for what ever you're serving them with. You can use garlic powder, crushed caraway seeds or your homemade bread seasoning.


Do your buns end up with a slightly purple color? That can happen with some brands of psyllium husk. Try with another brand, like this one.1 For more information, check out our low-carb baking guide.

Is it gluten free?

The keto bread is 100% gluten free, just like all of our low-carb and keto recipes.


This recipe is adapted from a bread recipe by Maria Emmerich. She has been experimenting for over a year to develop the best keto bread recipe, and this is the result of her efforts.


This recipe is so versatile and can be used in a number of ways. You can easily turn it into hot dog buns, hamburger buns or garlic bread.

What do you do with the three leftover egg yolks? Béarnaise sauce, of course! Check out our recipes for Béarnaise sauce and chili-flavored Béarnaise sauce.


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  1. 1 comment removed
  2. Vanita
    Can i use coconut flour instead of almond flour? And substitute eggs for flax seed powder?
  3. Araceli
    You can get the psyllium in Vitamin Shoppe.
  4. dianne
    I choose to make a 6 serving recipe out of the bread., that way I knew I was getting just 2 carbs. I was more than pleased, it is fantastic with real butter melted all over it!! Any of the "compare to metamucil" anti-constipation Fiber Powders are 100% Psyllium Husk Fiber, found in the pharmacy section of all department markets.
    Reply: #437
  5. Liz
    Can you explain how you come up with 2 grams of carbs? Even assuming net carbs (subtracting the fiber from total carbs) I don't get anything less than 5. Is complete nutritional info available only to subscribers?
    Reply: #444
  6. Ro
    I don't know... It's a strange, eggy-webby texture inside while also hollow. The smell is not pleasant. It smelled like mushrooms throughout baking (which is fine for mushrooms), and when I opened the finished bun, with the odd webby-booger-like inside, I smelled ammonia. I read that egg and psyllium husk mix can result in an ammonia odor, or perhaps the baking soda. Oh, shoot!!!! I just realized this very moment. I used baking soda instead of baking powder (I was doing two things at once and grabbed the wrong container). Could this be the result? Yikes. Darn, what a waste. I think I'll cook longer and try it then. :D :D
    Reply: #452
  7. Klaire
    Is there a way of working out the grams or calories for the fat and protein macros of each recipe?
    I understand that 4% of the recipe is carbs which equals to 2 grams of carbs.
    Does this mean that the 17% protein part of the recipe has 8.5 grams of protein?
    Both carbs and protein have the rule:
    1g = 4 calories
    However, fat is a little trickier with:
    1g = 9 calories
    Therefore I am having trouble calculating how many fat and protein macros are in the recipe.

    Is someone please able to help me?

    Reply: #441
  8. Margaret
    Thank you for this recipe!!!!

    It is wonderful with butter smeared on :)

  9. Kathy S.
    Like most others, I made recipe into 8 buns and they were baked at least 1 hr, 15 min. The last 15 of those minutes, the buns were cut open - was trying to cook the "wet" middle. Also did not like the "odd taste" - ? from the ACV? I will try making once more - will use some of the suggestions from other people and cut down on the water, add nutritional yeast and make them into Bread Sticks instead of a roll. As an aside - I'm not sure about using almond flour - tried making a banana bread and it was "raw" in the middle after extended baking time. Wondering if that is an inherent flaw that comes with almond flour?
  10. Robert Aragon
    I don't know what I did wrong, but all I got was a mixture that was like pancake batter. I added more and more flour, but it just didn't work. I put in an entire POUND of flour into it, (all the flour I have right now), and it only turned into thick oatmeal.

    I followed the recipe fine; I'm not sure if you meant to put 1 1/4 cup of water there, because that doesn't seem to be right at all.

  11. Mayella
    How many calories for each serving?
  12. Rachel
    I get 5 net carbs?
  13. Mrs Ryan
    Thank you for this great recipe. I made it for the first time and could not get over how amazing it is. I did end up cooking it for an extra 30 minutes. This will be a regular in our house. Thanks once again!
  14. Pauline
    Great recipe for a really bouncy bread like bun. I split the mixture into 6 to get balls sized like the picture, 8 would be tiny. I calculated it to be 4.62g Net carb when this recipe is split into 6 {187 Kcal / 11.72 g Fat / 6.8 g Protein / 18.38 Total Carb / 13.75 Fibre} . Frankly a little high in net carb for something so small which is a bit of a bummer but tastes very good.
  15. noni
    Why did I get a pancake like batter?? I put in in a bread pan and it didn't rise, and tasted strongly of baking powder..After baking one hour it "solidified" but was still wet and heavy.
  16. noni
    Hi Jean..

    is everything else in your recipe the same?? the same amount of baking powder??



  17. Dusti
    I made this last night for cheeseburgers, slider size but very filling. Going to make a loaf today.
  18. monique
    I just wanted to confirm that you use egg whites that haven't been whisked to peaks. Other breads I've made with these ingredients say to whisk the egg whites first and I din;t want to mess this up and waste ingredients.



    Reply: #420
  19. Jennifer
    I split mine into 7 portions, weighing out the entire dough first. They came out perfect. This is my second time making them. They were 150 calories, 10.7g fat , 9.4g carb, 7.1g fiber and 5.8g protein.
  20. Jennifer
    I beat the eggs in with the ACV, but not into stiff peaks. Just so they are mixed.
  21. Cynthia
    These are actually quite good. I like them better that oopsies; they’re closer to regular bread. I made 8 — each about the size of a typical dinner roll — using the ingredients for 6 servings. I had to cook them for about an hour and 5 minutes until browned. My husband really misses bread on LCHF, so I made these to scratch that itch. I think it came pretty close. We liked them with butter. I’m going to warm them and serve with garlic butter at dinner.
  22. Jane
    just made these, recipe made about 5 rolls, really nice taste and texture. Had to cook them a little longer to ‘dry’ them and with butter they taste really good. Definitely recommend the recipe and will be making them again.
  23. Debbie
    This was the best recipe for low carb bread that I’ve ever made!
  24. MaryKate
    These were absolutely amazing! I wish I could upload pics! The only thing I changed was adding 2T of nutritional yeast. YUM. I’m going to have to be careful not eating too many of these!!!
    Reply: #427
  25. Rose
    Indeed with the brand of husk i used the bread became purple... it also didn't rise at all.
  26. Gigi
    I've tried to make these buns many many times, from the original recipe to this one, measured, weighed, bought all types of Psyllium powders... Always turns out a mess. Don't waste your time and pricey ingredients on this recipe. There are other bread recipes that yield perfect results consistently.
    Reply: #959
  27. John
    What does adding 2T nutrional yeast do? Thanks
  28. Sheryl
    I thought the texture was weird almost hallow and wet. Did not care for it hot as much as I liked it the following day. Ibwill be keeping this on hand. Lovely with almond butter. You fulfilled my desire for bread. I thank you.
  29. John
    This version taste slightly better than Maria's. If i double recipe for a loaf will it be ok?
    I tried twice and yet the bread doesn't have any bubble. After cook, inside still very much compact. Not sure why but I am going to try again.
  31. teresa
    Is there something else I can use in place of the psyillum husks? Oat bran? Rice bran? Flax seed? Other? I'm new to the whole gluten free and low carb diet cooking. Just wondering. Thanks
  32. Rachel
    Really great recipe, thanks - turned out really well. I occasionally miss having bread and this is a perfect substitute!
  33. Michelle
    I did not like these. Trying hard to find a bread
  34. Millie
    My husband loved these! I let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes so the psyllium could absorb the liquid. Also I had to bake longer than the 60 minutes, more like 1 hour and a half. Well worth the time and effort!
  35. Tiffanee
    Can anybody report on whether this bread is good for drying, ie: stuffing cubes for the holiday?
  36. gonnie van eeuwijk
    Hoeveel gram is 1 1/4 kopje amandelmeel??.
  37. PJiggy
    Hope this helps anyone having issues..
    I added an extra teaspoon of baking powder, let rest in bulk for 30 minutes prior to shaping, weighed out 6 3 oz. balls, flattened a bit, then brushed with a glaze of egg white and 2 teaspoons water before sprinkling on sesame seeds. I baked at 350 for 25 mins, turned, then checked after another 20 mins. Left in another 5 mins. Took temp with probe thermometer - 200 degrees is a good way to ensure along with the “tap the bottom and see if it sounds hollow” test. When I removed from oven, I lightly brushed with grape seed oil and sprinkled with a little kosher salt. I also used Kosher salt in the mix instead of sea salt cuz i was too lazy to grind my course pink sea salt ?
    I baked on an airbake pan with parchment paper instead of greasing pan ?

    TIPS: I added the vinegar to the water after it boiled, then added to the dry ingredients with hand mixer on low, then added the egg whites as the mixture just started to come together and blended for 30 seconds before I patted down with a spatula and covered with a towel and let rest for half an hour. I think this helps with the final texture result somehow...I dampened my hands to form the balls. They raise nicely, and I believe 8 rolls will yield a nice serving, which will lower the overall ratios depending on how they are used ?

  38. ANASto
    I feel I have wasted some more expensive almond flour and eggs here! I can't imagine anyone liking these buns. The inside is gooey even after prolonged cooking (way over 60 min and my oven is usually hot) and in your mouth the "bread" is slippery. The one tsp of sea salt left the buns tasting very salty. I usually prefer the crust on any bread but I think these are going into the trash! No bread at all is better than this "bread".
  39. Maggie
    I love this bread. Comes out great every time! I tried using 2 whole eggs instead of the whites and it come out just as well. I was so missing sandwiches and now I can have them again!
  40. Tara
    This is delicious! It's still a little gooey in the middle but I think this will dry out. It filled the whole house with the smell of fresh, warm bread and was divine with butter and cheese.

    Sidenote- I used whole psyllium husks because I hadn't read the recipe properly and I mixed by hand because I didn't have an electric mixer. The dough came together but was very sticky (hence the wet hands to form the dough balls), but they held in place on the baking tray. I wouldn't describe the consistency as being like play dough, it was wetter than that.

  41. Olga K
    Just import the recipe into MyFitnessPal, checking the ingredients the app offers for accuracy. Lots of things in it unfortunately are entered incorrectly by other users. Look for your specific brands if ingredients and green check marks, which mean the items were verified.
  42. Esther
    Mine was not super, either. A bit heavy and not exactly like the photos. Will rest for longer before baking next time :-)
  43. Linda
    Is there a Microwave cooking way for the Keto breads please.
  44. LJ
    Did you ever get a reply?

    I made this exact recipe for 8 servings and, per MyFitnessPal calculations, learned: CAL-153/FAT-9g/CARB-15g/FIBER-8/net carb-7g/PROT-5g...not Keto (esp after only 3 servings).

    Please advise.

  45. 1 comment removed
  46. Carl
    A perspective on low carb bread.
    Be careful. A wet, eggy funny smelling low carb version of bread is only going to reinforce how great a tradional loaf of sour dough bread actually tastes so don’t even go there with a low carb version. It won’t switch folk onto LCHF it will switch them off. It reminds me of a vegetarian version of sausages. Has anyone ever enjoyed one of those. Nope. Me neither. There are so many terrific low carb things you can eat so don’t obsess on trying to replicate something that cannot be replicated.
  47. Simon
    Hi Debbie, I had the same issue the first couple of times. The secret is all in the mixing. You should use a fork and literally fold the mixture together just enough that it's wet and then make your rolls. Don't use a mixer at all as it's very easy to over mix them and get the separation. :)
  48. natalie
    I can't cook but I successfully made these. A little burned. I didn't use all the water, I added slowly until it resembled play-doh then added the egg. I think I used too much psyllium because I didn't have to cook them for as long and they don't taste very nice (I eat EVERYTHING and these weren't good but still eatable). I mixed in a thermomix knock off, Bellini, (Kogan has one too) which allows for very slow mixing and allowed me to make flour from almond meal and ground psyllium from husks.
  49. Audrey
    I have made this several times it always comes out perfect...I made sure my baking powder was brand new and make sure you use cider vinegar. Don't veer from the recipe!
  50. Cheryl
    Made these yesterday. We found them to be great for having a bunwich. Found them quite filling and satisfying. Will definitely make them again....well, I'll let my hubby make them again as he did such a good job on this batch.
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