Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

Butter plus eggs equals the perfect keto breakfast. Start your day off right with our especially buttery and satisfying version of this breakfast classic. Ready in minutes!

Scrambled eggs

Butter plus eggs equals the perfect keto breakfast. Start your day off right with our especially buttery and satisfying version of this breakfast classic. Ready in minutes!
1 servingservings


  • 1 oz. 30 g butter
  • 2 2 eggeggs
  • salt and pepper


Instructions are for 1 serving. Please modify as needed.

  1. Crack the eggs into a small bowl and use a fork to whisk them together with some salt and pepper.
  2. Melt the butter in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Watch carefully — the butter shouldn't turn brown!
  3. Pour the eggs into the skillet and stir for 1–2 minutes, until they are creamy and cooked just shy of how you like them. Remember that the eggs will still be cooking even after you've put them on your plate.

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These fluffy eggs pair well with many low-carb favorites. Obvious choices are bacon or sausage, but other great options include salmon, avocado, cold cuts and cheese (try cheddar, fresh mozzarella or feta cheese).

And, if you are really hungry (or have extra-large eggs), don’t be shy. Add more butter!

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  1. tz
    Lots of butter is good, but too much and the eggs get too creamy unless you like them that way.
    You can also add various cheeses to the pan while heating the eggs, almost any cheese will do and add flavor. Or add some salsa or sauce (I like Cholula hot sauce).
  2. Cavegirl IF
    Mmm... this looks absolutely delicious! More butter than I usually have in my scrambled eggs, but I'll try it for sure! I like the idea with side dishes. (My fav fruit is avocado).
  3. Martina
    My New Year breakfast was scambled eggs with spinach leaves, half avocado and thin slices of parmezzano chees on top of it. Delicious. :-)
  4. Mark.
    I like the eggs you get from cooking over really low heat until the eggs just congeal. I don't like how long this can take. I've gotten an induction not-hot hotplate with fairly fine power control, and that helps provide enough heat but not too much... usually. Still don't always get this right.
  5. Anne
    Mark, think that is coddled eggs
  6. Apicius
    I don't usually endorse Gordon Ramsey...don't like his rude behaviour...but he does know how to make great scrambled eggs. Here is his technique that I use...they come out perfectly creamy and delicious: I love adding tons of butter and creme fraiche to the eggs. Of course I skip the bread...I typically eat the scrambled eggs alone or with smoked salmon.
    Reply: #47
  7. Carol
    i modified his recipe but use Gordon Ramsey's technique as well ... i tried using creme fraiche first time but found whole fat sour cream just as tasty for my taste, as well as less expensive. (i too dislike his rude behavior but like this technique) i use 1 Tblsp butter, 2 jumbo eggs, and 2 Tblsp sour cream, a pinch of salt. eat them each day without the bread shown in his recipe and my dog loves his couple of bites too!
  8. Sue
    Day 1 breakfast done and dusted. Love those scrambled eggs.
  9. 405
    Takes longer than 1-2 minutes for the eggs to get creamy for me. Is this recipe based on room temperature eggs? I keep mine in the fridge. So I have to cook them for about 5-6 minutes before they start coming together.
  10. Rhonda
    I struggled with the amount of butter, but overall it was delicious
  11. Js
    Not sure I can do that amount of butter. That scares me!
    Reply: #12
  12. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Try! ;-)

    Not sure I can do that amount of butter. That scares me!

  13. Lorrie
    What if you don't use that much butter? Does it throw the diet off?
    Reply: #14
  14. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    No! :)
    Just eggs is an excellent choice. But remember that HF means HighFat so don't avoid extra fat.

    What if you don't use that much butter? Does it throw the diet off?

  15. Amanda
    I am struggling to eat three eggs without getting full halfway through. Should i push on and eat it until it is finished, just so I don't get hungry later on, or stop once I feel satisfied (I could use one large and one small egg) ? I am still losing weight, but feel uncomfortably full.
    Reply: #17
  16. 1 comment removed
  17. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Amanda, "Only eat when hungry" :)

    You can read more here:

    I am struggling to eat three eggs without getting full halfway through. Should i push on and eat it until it is finished, just so I don't get hungry later on, or stop once I feel satisfied (I could use one large and one small egg) ? I am still losing weight, but feel uncomfortably full.

  18. Amanda
    Thanks for the clarification Peter. I am new and trying to stick to this and it said in the recipe above One serve was three eggs! Happy to reduce it, just making sure I wasn't getting off track. Thanks.
  19. Lorna
    Okay Day 1 breakfast over scrambled eggs only had (2) plus bacon. Seems strange not having my cereal. Hope all goes well as I have a very sensitive stomach.
  20. RobertM
    Oh! I just love scrambled eggs. Try scrambling 3 with avocado oil in hot pan. Add what ever is leftover in the fridge. Spinach, asparagus, fiddleheads. So, you ask "What are fiddleheads". Google "ostrich fern". New England delicacy in the spring. I use my imagination a lot, but salmon sounds real good.
  21. Warren
    Great breaky but I reduce the butter to 1 tablespoon and add whipped cream it gives the scrambled eggs more body.
    I only use two eggs and 1-2 tbsp of butter. I shake them in my shaker cup with a little water to make them fluffy. Then I love to add diced ortega chiles... Yum. The chiles are low carb with lots of vitamins. Sometimes I also add some grated cheese which is super yummy, but I'm experimenting with milk sugars vs. weight loss right now.

    I eat the extra butter with my coffee. I just slice a tbsp or 2 and eat it like a cookie and wash it down with cinnamon coffee and cream. Yum I just sprinkle a little into the hot coffee and let it sit a couple of minutes to bring out the flavor before I add the cream. I found that the cinnamon sweetens the coffee some and makes up for not having any sugar.

  23. Ki
    For someone that doesn't eat eggs, what are some other breakfast options other than bacon & smoothies :/?
    Reply: #24
  24. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Ki!

    This could be the ultimate guide for you. :-)

  25. Annmac
    What if you are trying to reduce cholesterol too? Is this amount of butter and high fat still the way to go?
  26. Aaron
    I'm eating the eggs no problem but wonder about the carbs? The recipe lists 1 carb g but the egg carton and food counter list an egg at about 1 g...which means this recipe would be at least 3 g carb...still not very much carb but that adds up quick when trying to stay below 20 g. Does anyone know exactly what the carb count is for this recipe?
  27. 1 comment removed
  28. cbsjr
    Wonderful. I have never really been a scrambled egg guy as I like to dip my yolks. So until I start making the nan or oopsie, scrambled it is.

    The large amount of butter makes them creamy and super tasty. I can't eaat the same thing every day, but 3 or 4 days a week, no problem.

    To Aaron above: I have looked up the nutrition of eggs on various websites and the carbs vary between 0 and 0.6 per large egg. I suspect the 1 on your carton is due to rounding. Might want to count as 2 to be safe.

  29. Leesa
    So yummy! This does not feel like a 'diet' at all. I had bacon with my eggs and a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of heavy cream. Yesterday was day 1 of my 2 week challenge and if I can lose weight eating like this, this is going to be a piece of cake. No, not cake, steak. With butter on it.?
  30. Ryan
    I'm new to all this and trying to work out my diet. So would I make the scrambled eggs and have two sides like avocado and a meat or are the sides just options in case I'm still hungry?
  31. Al
    What are the macros on this meal
    Reply: #32
  32. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Al!

    Hover your mouse pointer over "Nutrients" in the gray box below "Ingredients"....and you will find them.

  33. Leslie
    I can't believe I ate a half stick of butter for breakfast. My whole world is turning upside down...and I like it.
  34. Lucy D
    Don't suppose you have a vegan version?
  35. Will f
    A vegan version of eggs?
  36. Gareth
    This has rapidly become a terrible website... sucked into the information overload media driven industry because its no longer about health, you have lost your way and I feel betrayed and sick!
    Its no longer simplicity its now frightenning!
    I click on the scambled egg breakfast, and immediately get thrown into an endlessly scrollable page about everything else thats not about the scrambled egg breakfast!
    I am totally confused, completely overwhelmed and want to run a way and turn off Diet immediately! We are betrayed!
  37. Faw
    Hey, sorry about that person, but you can't plz everybody. Working GREAT for me. Where have you been all my over weight life?
  38. Liza
    I have hypothyroidism and for me not to get constipated I have to eat only one fig each day. Can I still follow a norml LFHC diet with scrambled eggs in the morning or will the fig throw me off? So frustrating
  39. Dawn

    Have been on this for 1 week thus far and enjoying all the foods. But my question is the measurements in the recipes i.e. the butter in the eggs. Is this liquid oz.? I assume that I wouldn't use the dry oz. Measurement as this is more a liquid. But wanted clarification. Of course using the US measurements not metric.

  40. Heather
    Hi! I started the challenge today, and I'm having trouble with eating breakfast. I'm not usually hungry for breakfast right away, not feeling hungry until mid to late morning. So eating eggs first thing is hard, especially if I'm only supposed to eat when I'm hungry. But I've read that skipping breakfast isn't a good idea in the two week challenge. I'm a teacher and have little flexibility once my day gets started, so I can't just eat whenever, I really should try to get on a schedule. So...
    1. Can I have the Bullet Proof Coffee in the mornings as a meal replacement during the challenge? I know it's fine for later, but I don't want to impede the process of transitioning to Ketosis in these first 2 weeks.
    2. Eggs AND Bullet Proof Coffee seems like a lot. Is that ok?

    Thank you!

  41. K
    I'm on day two and I find the scrambled eggs are giving me heart burn. I think its the butter.
    Any suggestions?
  42. wallace
    can you use stevia or sugar twin in your coffee
  43. Iris
    I love to sprinkle a bit of shredded cheddar cheese when I am cooking my eggs. It adds a little bit of stringyness which I love. Very satisfying and easy recipe!
  44. Natalie
    I'm so confused by the macros on this dish, almost everywhere I look 3 scrambled eggs (large eggs) total up to 3 net carbs but this recipe says it's only one. Am I doing something wrong?
  45. Robin
    Natalie - I put in my own nutrition information after I look up each ingredient and serving and then add them all together for all the dishes here. The macros and carbs are pretty close all around, but you are correct: 1 egg = 1 carb.

    I'm doing this as suggested, but here's my worry:

    I have fatty liver disease, and while my glucose has dropped (I have T1.5 Diabetes), my doctor is going to go ballistic over the amount of fat in this way of eating. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change forever.

    I've had great success eating this way in the past, but my new doctor is more of a worrier and a stickler about even healthy fats and how they affect my liver.

    Does anyone know how much of an issue this is for people like me?

  46. Linda
    This amount of food for women?
  47. Stephanie
    I just tried Ramsey's technique and love it! The eggs taste great and I think I have been over cooking my eggs. This is how I will be cooking my scrambled eggs going forward. Thanks for posting!
  48. James
    We add in baby spinach leaves and cheese also.
  49. Eva
    I add pancetta...☺️☺️
  50. Krista
    The key to this dish is to stir the butter until it gets FOAMY. (While you're doing that, beat the eggs in a magic bullet.)

    The pour the eggs in. The will be delicious, creamy, and FLUFFY!! :)

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