Ranch seasoning

Ranch seasoning

Our sugar-free Ranch spice mix is full of flavor! This recipe makes a large batch that you can always have ready to use in dressings, dips, or marinades. Also, a jar of spice mix is a wonderful gift for family and friends.

Ranch seasoning

Our sugar-free Ranch spice mix is full of flavor! This recipe makes a large batch that you can always have ready to use in dressings, dips, or marinades. Also, a jar of spice mix is a wonderful gift for family and friends.
14 servingservings


  • ¾ cup (23 oz.) 180 ml (19 g) dried parsley
  • 13 cup (1¾ oz.) 80 ml (50 g) garlic powder
  • 13 cup (113 oz.) 80 ml (38 g) onion powder
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp dried dill
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp dried chives
  • ½ tbsp ½ tbsp ground black pepper
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Instructions are for 14 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Mix all the ingredients well and pour into a jar with a tight-fitting lid.


Making your own spice mixes has many benefits. There are no unwanted additives, you can adjust the flavor to your preferences, and save money!

If you prefer, blend all ingredients in a blender or spice grinder for a more powdery mix and a creamier end result when added to recipes.

Using the dry mix in recipes

Be sure to mix the dry ingredients well before measuring them into recipes as the ingredients will settle when stored.

If you love the taste of Ranch, you might enjoy trying the dry seasoning mix not only in traditional dips and dressings but also in marinades, soups, casseroles. It's perfect for seasoning veggies and sprinkling over eggs or into omelets. Let your imagination be your guide!

We have left out the salt in this spice mix to make it more versatile so you can adjust the amount of salt depending on what you pair it with.

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  2. Jane
    It would be good added to mayonnaise, sour cream, heavy cream, vinegar, olive oil, or a combination of these. I think it would be to your own particular taste. For me, I've used ranch seasonings with mayo, cream, and buttermilk powder. I like it on salad, so like to keep it thin for pouring and may try adding olive oil to the mayo and cream next time.
  3. 1 comment removed
  4. Apicius
    This mix is great with fresh fish and seafood.

    For shellfish (clams, mussels, etc), I first boil for a few minutes in 1/4 inch water, until shells open up. Then I discard water (get rid of sand, sediment, closed shells), add a few tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, one clove garlic minced, replace with more water 1/4 inch level, some white wine (approx 1/2 cup) and then this spice mix. Let cook for a few minutes until liquid comes to boil again and cooks for a few minutes, and then serve....absolutely amazingly good!

    For fish, fry a tablespoon of lard (or butter), add fish filet (skin side down), sprinkle this mix on top. Cook for a few minutes both sides. Drizzle with fresh lemon juice. Done! And delicious!

  5. Renee
    The commercial dressing is about 1 ½ TBLS dry mix to 1 cup buttermilk and 1 C Mayo. I would start out there, and then taste to see if you need to add more of the seasoning mix.
  6. Angie
    Sounds good and think I will try it, I am always looking for new ways to season foods. Thank You
  7. 2 comments removed
  8. Jeanne
    I used this to marinate chicken thighs in with olive oil before grilling, and as a seasoning for my burgers when camping this past weekend. It is so delicious! Tonight I am making the ranch dip for the radishes I just dug out of my garden.
  9. Karen
    This is a great staple for the pantry! The ranch dip made with 2Tbsp of this, 1 c Mayo and 1/2 c sour cream is awesome!
  10. 8 comments removed
  11. Lisa
    My stand-by ranch salad dressing:
    1/3 C mayonnaise
    1 T olive oil
    1 T lemon juice
    1 tsp mustard
    1/2 tsp ranch seasoning (or more to taste)

    Chicken Cobb salad with chicken browned in butter + this dressing is a house standard

  12. 11 comments removed
  13. Marcia Andre
    I made this with fresh chives, and it was wonderful.
  14. Sunnye Hughes
    Thank you this is awesome. I’m keeping it in a zip lock bag and just add a pinch to my mayonnaise when I want a different salad with my meal. Also used on fish as someone else recommended and that was great also. Cheers!
  15. 4 comments removed
  16. Michele
    How much of this mix equals one packet of the packaged ranch dressing?
    Reply: #40
  17. Michele
    Does this mix taste better with tarragon or chives?
    Reply: #39
  18. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    Does this mix taste better with tarragon or chives?

    That is completely a matter of taste :)

  19. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    How much of this mix equals one packet of the packaged ranch dressing?

    Processed packages typically contain 1 oz.

  20. Donna
    I used this in a chicken recipe today. It was great!!
  21. Jill Wallentin Team Diet Doctor
    Hello there!
    Thanks so much for your feedback. We've listened, re-tested this recipe, and improved it. We hope once you try it again yourself, you'll notice the difference — and love it as much as we do.
    Happy cooking!

    /The recipe team

    P.S. To keep the comments section up-to-date, we've gone ahead and removed any comments regarding the now-resolved issues. Thanks!

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