Low-carb sesame crispbread

Low-carb sesame crispbread

Do you love to sink your teeth into something crunchy now and then? This low-carb crispbread is a great alternative to flaxseed versions.

Low-carb sesame crispbread

Do you love to sink your teeth into something crunchy now and then? This low-carb crispbread is a great alternative to flaxseed versions.
30 servingservings


  • 1¼ cups 300 ml (175 g) sesame seeds
  • ½ cup 125 ml (75 g) sunflower seeds
  • 2 oz. 50 g (100 ml) shredded cheese
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (8 g) ground psyllium husk powder
  • ½ cup 125 ml water
  • 2 2 eggeggs
  • ¼ tsp ¼ tsp salt


Instructions are for 30 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Mix together all ingredients, and spread out on parchment paper on a baking sheet.
  2. Sprinkle sea salt on top.
  3. Set the oven to 350°F (175°C) for 20 minutes.
  4. Carefully cut the crispbread into the desired form.
  5. Lower the heat to 280°F (140°C) and put the crispbread back into the oven for another 40 minutes.
  6. Remove the crispbread and make sure it's dry all all the way through. Let it stay in the oven with the door slightly open until the oven is cool.


The sesame crispbread may also be made without cheese and you can replace the sunflower seeds with things like pumpkin seeds.

About the Recipe

The creator is Fanny Lindkvist, who runs a popular Swedish blog and the Instagram account LessCarbs.

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  1. Naomi
    My first Diet Doctor recipe and they are absolutely wonderful. I followed the recipe to the letter and they are perfect - I turned mine over and dried them for a bit longer to make them extra crispy. Much better than any low carb crispbread (and bread) recipes I have tried and I'm sure adding various herbs and cheeses will make them even more versatile.

    My first crispbreads were eaten with cured meats as shown and I'm particularly looking forward to trying them with liver pate.

  2. Wenda
    These are delicious.. Made today!!!
  3. Rob
    Making a batch right now and I doubled up on the cheese and used double smoked cheddar from Costco. Smelling really good as I write.
  4. Claudia ioanes
    This sounds so perfect. I love crunch.
    Also, fyi, I use a free program called pepperplate to house all these beautiful recipes. Versitle. Pepperplate.com
    Reply: #77
  5. Brenda
    In the US, my grocery store carries psyllium seed husk powder in with the laxatives. I would have never found it without asking.
    Reply: #71
  6. Ingrid
    I'm in the US, and I use plain Metamucil powder when psyllium husk is called for. I've also seen psyllium husk sold at Sprouts
  7. Michelle
    How do we work out carbs etc? How many can we eat in one sitting ?
  8. sabina
    The crispbread is great!!!! I have just baked it.
  9. Christine
    Quick question: I'm on batch #3 and this time I've replaced the sunflower seeds with shelled, roasted pumpkin seeds. Is it safe to say the crispbread is now zero carbs per serving since 1 C sunflower seeds is 28 carbs and 1 C pumpkin seeds is zero carbs? Please say yes.
  10. Christine
    Correction: Trader Joe's shelled pumpkin seed are 4g carbs per 1/4 C. Therefore 1 C is 16 g carbs. The recipe is for 30 servings. Working with this recipe and substituting sunflower seeds with pumpkin seeds should make each serving a little less than 1/2 g carbs per serving. yes?
  11. Ita
    I think this recipie is fabulous.I halve the amount of water then I use a lined Swiss roll tin and use a fish slice to flatten the mixture and neaten he edges. They end up looking thoroughly professional???
  12. Cindy
    Made these last night and they are yummy! I have stored them in an air-tight container, but am wondering if they need to be stored in the fridge....anyone?
  13. Sue
    Hi Your measurement for the seeds is in ml can you tell me what it is in grams please. Thanks.
    Replies: #64, #65
  14. Cindy
    When I measured out 1 1/4 cup of sesame seeds it worked out to a 150 gram packet of seeds.
  15. Sue
    1ml should equal 1g
  16. Sandi
    Hi my daughter Christie had a disaster while making Fat head pizza, so she modifies Oopsie bread and Fat head pizza and came up with an awesome new Oopsie bread .
    Fat Oopsie Bread
    (Original Oopsie bread is good but had the texture of savory meringues, this is my fix after failing at making fat head bread, I combine the two!)

    3 eggs room temp, separated
    1 extra egg, whole
    250g philly (or other cream cheese) at room temp
    ½ cup of almond meal (plus extra depending on the size of your eggs)
    1 tsp psyllium husk powder
    ½ tsp baking powder
    ½ to 1 tsp Salt

    Preheat oven to 180 degrees and line a baking tray with baking/parchment paper
    Whip the life out of the egg whites and salt, ‘til you can turn the bowl over your head without them moving.
    In a separate bowl, mix yolks and cream cheese with an electric mixer ‘til combined, no more.
    Add baking powder, psyllium husk powder and mix lightly.
    Add ½ cup almond meal and whole egg and mix. If the mixture is very runny, sprinkle a table spoon more of almond meal ‘til it thickens to the consistency of cold custard. Don’t overdo it. You want it to be fluid but not runny.
    Gently fold the whipped egg whites into the cream cheese yolk mix, you want to keep the air in the mixture but fold until combined.
    Use a ¼ cup measure to scoop out batter onto the baking tray, keeping a good distance between them. I fit 9 on a standard biscuit tray. Three on top and bottom and two in the middle.
    Take a moment to make them into roughly even circles as they spread while cooking but retain their shape. Bake for 25 minutes (depending on oven, you want them to be dense and golden).
    This recipe freezes awesome, toasts pretty well and makes great sandwiches. Almost a light focaccia.
    I hope this is ok to show people.......

    Replies: #70, #83
  17. 1 comment removed
  18. Carolyn McDonald
    The crispbread... this is a good recipe..holds to get her to cut in squares
  19. Carolyn McDonald
    The pumpkin spice crackers. Not so good recipe. It doesn't hold together so you end up with a bunch a crumbs and a few crackers!
  20. Theresa
    May well try this sometime, thanks, Sandi :)
  21. Theresa
    That's where I had to look in Canada, as well :)

    In the US, my grocery store carries psyllium seed husk powder in with the laxatives. I would have never found it without asking.

    Reply: #78
  22. Tony
    Mine didn't turn out like crispbread more like small bread squares lol absolutely delicious though and taste kinda like a seeded bread. But not crispy. Any advice? Followed recipe exactly...
    Reply: #93
  23. Cindy
    I just made your "Fathead" Oopsie Bread and it turned out great. I like that it has more substance than plain Oopsie Buns. I have been adding some psyllium powder to my cloud (oopsie) buns, but find that the addition of the almond flour makes them even better. I'm from Pennsylvania, where we have a local pastry called Whoopie Pies. (sadly, I no longer eat whoopie pies) I ordered a non stick whoopie pan from Amazon to make oopsie buns. It worked really well for your buns. I did spray the pan with coconut oil spray, even though It's 'non stick'. My pan has 12 shallow circles which keep the buns looking tidy. I was pleased that your recipe was a perfect fit and made 12 buns. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Sometimes disasters can be turned into something even better. Good save Mom!

    PS I like these crackers too. The thinner you spread them, the crisper they'll be.

  24. Donna
    This recipe looks great - will have to try it! Just wanted to pass on that in Canada you can buy psyllium seed husks at the bulk food stores which is much less expensive than the Metamucil type products. Also, when the recipe calls for psyllium seed husk powder, just put the husks in a Magic Bullet type processor and you will have the powder.
  25. Stephanie
    I've made this recipe twice now and it's fantastic. It really does the trick for a cheese and cracker craving. I do note cut them into squares, though. I just break them into small chunks once they are dry... less complicated!
  26. Adele Wilter
    Mine were perfect but I don't think the psyllium husk powder was mixed in. So will they stick together without it? Presumably the cheese binds them
  27. Sara Daly
    Thanks for the suggestion to use Pepper plate. However this site and many other of my favorite low carb sites are not supported by Pepper plate, meaning you cant add the recipe by pasting the URL but have to add your favorite recipes manually ( too much messing about) What a shame!
  28. Bluenoser
    You can get most of the stuff for baking LCHF at Bulkbarn including psyllim husk, ground flaxseed, cocunut, almond flour etc. Also some halthfood stores esp if have a bulk section. In grocery stores Bob's Red Mill products, though a bit more expensive, are often available in the health or glutenfree section.
  29. Sheri
    What is the shelf life for the crackers?
  30. Heidi
    Just made these, left out the cheese and added slightly more sesame. A great success!
  31. Nancy
    6 3/4 water it's not 0.1 liter of water. 0.1 liter of water is 21 spoons. So now I have a scrap in the oven. BRAVO! Check you're things well before because food in the garbage is not a good thing
    Reply: #82
  32. TeeDee
    21 tsp =7 Tablespoons and the recipe calls for 6 3/4 Tablespoons so your measurement would only have been out by 1/4 tsp. If your recipe was ruined by a mere 1/4 tsp, something else must have been way off.
  33. Eliz
    Sandi -- any idea what the nutrition information is on your recipe? I'd like to try it. Many thanks.
  34. JaneC LCHF newbie
    I love these crispbreads. However, I'm tracking my macros on the KetoDiet app and it comes out at 1.7 net carbs and not 1 so I'm puzzled. My ingredient net carbs are comparable to my actual ingredients - so how is this?
    Please could someone from DD respond? Thanks
  35. JaneC LCHF newbie
    Hmmm the carb discrepancies between recipe and my cooking and tracking it, continues with the Keto Rolls. Any suggestions as to how the recipe can be validated when the breakdown of ingredients aren't given? For example, if my brand of Almond flour us significantly different carb wise, it's going to alter the total carb per serving. There is no reference point that I can check tho, so I'm getting rather frustrated and bothered that I'm in fact eating way over my carb limit. Tia
  36. 1 comment removed
  37. Ursula
    Absolutely love this crispbread. One lot in the oven now. ?
  38. Fats
    Great recipe. Easy peazy. Love it, especially with the egg butter and sprouts on top. I have been using the other crisp bread recipe for ages and have given it to lots of people, but it doesn’t hold together as well. Will become a staple in my house for sure. Thank you DD.
  39. Renee Chavera
    What it considered one serving?
  40. Bev
    Hi a newbie here I have a question about the 1g carb per serving...how much is a serving ? is it just for one cracker.. ?? Thanks in advance.
    Reply: #106
  41. Treeza
    These are AMAZING!
  42. Leigh
    Super easy, very delicious!
  43. Jody
    use egg whites instead of eggs and spread thinner and it will be crisper, let me know if that helps.
  44. Sheryl
    I was so excited… But apparently the “all natural” parchment paper that I purchased has no coating on it. So they are stuck to the paper!
    The little bit so I can pick off taste pretty good! 😱
  45. Rae Rae
    Just wondering how many calories, carbs, fat etc would be in a crispbread, not sure how you work out the size but I guess you know this ?
    Reply: #96
  46. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Just wondering how many calories, carbs, fat etc would be in a crispbread, not sure how you work out the size but I guess you know this ?

    There are 30 servings, so if you have a rectangle, cut them into columns of 5 by 6.

  47. Heatherr
    I love this recipe and have made it 5 times now with slight variations each time. A couple of tips. You can omit the cheese if you want. You can vary the seeds a bit, but keep the bulk of them sesame seeds. I've subbed in 10 or 20 grams of flax seeds, chopped pumpkin seeds, chia seeds... Spread it out evenly and carefully with a rubber spatula on the parchment on a half sheet pan, but wait til the last minute as the parchment may wrinkle up. I always have some left over - enough to spread onto a parchment lined toaster oven size pan. After the first 20 minutes, I use a pizza cutter to slice it up and separate the pieces slightly before putting back in for the second bake. Let it sit in the oven as the recipe suggests. They are sturdy, crispy crackers.
  48. uni
    can someone tell what size baking sheet I need to use please
  49. USACarol
    These are delicious and crispy. The one mistake I made was that I didn’t mix the dry ingredients before adding the wet ingredients, so once it came in contact with liquids, the psyllium husk powder became clumpy and stuck to itself and didn’t mix well. The end result was still delicious. I will make these again as soon as I replenish my seeds.
  50. USACarol
    Uni, I used a large cookie sheet with 1 inch sides (I’ve heard them referred to as jelly roll pans). Mine is approximately 12 x 17 inch, and the crackers took up the entire bottom of the pan on a sheet of parchment paper. Hope that helps.
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