Low-carb coconut pancakes

Low-carb coconut pancakes

Jumpstart your day in the most delicious way — these low-carb melt-in-your-mouth pancakes are amazingly satisfying. Pair these fluffy dairy and nut-free delights with fresh berries or melted butter on top and they will be even more heavenly! Paradise, here we come.

Low-carb coconut pancakes

Jumpstart your day in the most delicious way — these low-carb melt-in-your-mouth pancakes are amazingly satisfying. Pair these fluffy dairy and nut-free delights with fresh berries or melted butter on top and they will be even more heavenly! Paradise, here we come.
4 servingservings


  • 6 6 eggeggs
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch salt
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • ¾ cup 175 ml coconut milk
  • ½ cup 125 ml (60 g) coconut flour
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp (5 g) baking powder
  • butter or coconut oil, for frying


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Separate the yolks from the egg whites and whip the egg whites and pinch of salt with a hand mixer. Continue whipping until stiff peaks form and then set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together yolks, oil and coconut milk.
  3. Add coconut flour and baking powder. Mix into a smooth batter.
  4. Gently fold the egg whites into the batter. Let batter rest for 5 minutes.
  5. Fry in butter or coconut oil for a couple of minutes or so on each side on low to medium heat. Flip carefully!
  6. Serve with melted butter and/or fresh berries.


Don’t skimp on the fat in your frying pan. Butter and coconut oil make everything taste better. Consider a dollop of crème fraîche on top... so scrumptious!

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  1. Amy Burbidge
    Helen, I made a batch and cooked 3 at a time for myself in a smallish skillet. I kept it in a container in the fridge for almost a week, making 3 every day or two. I made 3 pancakes 5 different times. They weren't as fluffy after the first time, but I still thought they were great! The batter separated a bit so I stirred it up before using it.
  2. Cheryl
    Made these for two. The batter was very thick and I added much more than stated coconut milk from a carton. They did not flip well or hold together and I ended up throwing the mixture away. I notice some people had success however.
  3. Suzanne
    The "coconut flour" (hyperlinked) used in this recipe has a nutritional carbohydrate value of 8.9g per 100g. The carbohydrate value of standard coconut flour is approximately 60g of carbs per 100g, which I believe most people are using and critically affects the "low carb" rating. Please comment.
    Reply: #69
  4. Julia
    No one in my family likes these. Will not be making again...next time I'll just make regular pancakes for my family and I just won't have any ?
  5. Cynthia
    After a year on the keto diet, I find I miss my morning pancakes. I made these today, and they were quite good. They weren’t a replacement for my old favorite pancakes, but they were respectable. The batter is completely different than traditional pancakes. It’s thick at first then fluffy after you incorporate the meringue. (The preparation is similar to Oopsie Bread.) The pancakes are thicker than I expected, but they have a very nice texture. I served them with melted butter, creme fraiche, and fresh berries. I’m going to explore other keto pancake recipes before I make these again. Still searching for a new favorite.
  6. Doda
    This is more like omlet. Only taste that you can feel is eggs(not in a good way).
    Unfortunately it ended up in the garbage bin. I've tried several receipes from this page but this is the first one that went this bad.
  7. Denise
    When I entered this on 'My Fitness Pal' I got 9.3 grams of carbs. The dietary fiber was 5.0 grams which would give me a net carb count as 4 grams, not 3. Do you know why?
  8. Lorraine
    I too found this recipe not easy to make and I bake all the time, admittedly not normally with these ingredients, the taste was like an omelette and like someone else said not in a good way, I struggled to eat a couple of mouthfuls. Congratulations to those of you that have had success with this recipe and enjoyed it, would be great if DD could add a video for this recipe!
  9. Bella
    Not a fan, all I taste is egg! I love eggs but this was so off putting in a pancake. Will not make again.
  10. E
    I made these yesterday and they were delicious! I loved the texture, I ate two with butter and a sprinkle of salt. I made half the batter, then added coconut flakes to the rest of the batter to make them more "coconutty". Make them small, because they did tend to spread once I flipped them. I like this better than another recipe for low carb coconut pancakes I tried previously.
  11. Nadia
    The pancakes taste better if they are made with just egg whites. They won't taste like an omelet.
  12. Cathy
    I loved these. ..they do take a little longer to cook than regular pancakes but they were delicious and not eggy at all.
    I will definitely make them again. The fact that I can store the leftover batter in the fridge makes this a win win.
    I also added a few drops of stevia to the batter.
  13. Jan T
    Made these this morning. I like to use metric measurements when I use any type of flour, I get a better result, usually. I did not check the metric measurements on the coconut flour first. According to the information on the coconut flour container, there are 16 g in 2 tbsp (I checked this after I had measured according to the 125g that is stated in the recipe). I had a thick mess, not batter, after trying to mix it. I ended up adding more coconut milk. The taste was fine in the finished product but will yield more net carbs. The metric measurement should be 64g coconut flour.
  14. Jacolyn
    I liked them! (Could of easily eaten 2 servings though) Mine came out great. Topped with some blueberrries and black berries.I would make again!
  15. Karin
    These are AMAZING!!!! No egg flavour. I cheated a little though and added some Stevia drops. Served with whipped cream and berries they are my favorite breakfast.
  16. Julie
    I really like the recipe for “diner pancakes” from the Keto connect/ “Keto Made Easy” couple. It’s quick and tasty.
  17. 1 comment removed
  18. Kristine
    I won’t be making these again. Terrible.
  19. Bukhari
    Hi, I know it has been a while since you commented, but have you substract the fiber amount from the carbs? That will give you the net carbs value, which is what matters here.
  20. Robin
    These were hard for me to eat because of the taste and then I had nausea afterwards. The egg white and almond flour combination for "bread" just does NOT work for me! This was a complete letdown.
  21. Hajnalka
    I made them 2 times already, and with a little stevia they are great. I have them with berries. For me it was easy to make . I prepare larger portions and I keep them in the freezer.
  22. Lara
    Just started my Keto diet...day 3. Feeling more than a bit achy. This pancakes were surprisingly good. Even my husband who hates coconut anything said they were good. I’m saving the rest for tomorrow. Gotta go buy up all the eggs at the store!
  23. Lesley SHARP
    3 days into keto eating plan.I'm loving the cauliflower rice not missing potatoes rice bread n pasta at all.will be trying out keto bread and cake baking next week.are kippers ok for breakfast ?
  24. Emma-Kate Elliott
    They were a little too eggy for me. They would have been much nicer with maple syrup. Although they would defeat the idea of being Keto. Not a huge fan of these.
  25. Jaime
    These are light and flipped easily but I found them very 'eggy' as well - omlette like. Prefer the other pancake options.
  26. Kim
    These were amazing and fluffy! They were like “real” pancakes that I was craving so much.
  27. Kat
    They didn’t come together when at all. Moisture was odd. Broke to pieces when I tried to whi and didn’t taste nice at all. Kind of like burnt scrambled eggs with coconut sprinkled in and that released moisture as you bite into then. Absolute waste of ingredients and I also think they have a lot more carbs than indicated
  28. Helen
    Just finished having a batch and I liked them. Had them with a half cup of raspberries for sweetness, but could have probably had some butter on top as the coconut likes to take the moisture from your mouth.
    I did the recipe for 2 servings and although I was unsure of the consistency of the batter as it was thick enough to pick up (unlike the runny batter of normal pancakes) they cooked nicely and came out like fluffy cake in the middle.
    I used small eggs. Would be a good idea to say which size eggs to use in list as others seems to have issues of tasting egg.
    Anyway, will enjoy my second serving tomorrow and will make again.
  29. JANET
    For this, or any recipe for that matter that uses coconut milk, can you specify if it’s the canned coconut milk or refrigerated coconut milk? There’s a big difference in the thickness between the two. Thanks!
    Reply: #86
  30. Sandra Oskarsson
    They just taste like eggs. I had to throw them away. Never again.
  31. Leah
    My mum and I loved them. They are a bit eggy but what can you expect when the recipe is mostly egg. The texture was fluffy and lovely, felt like a real pancake and was a real treat with our Keto strawberry syrup and whipped cream. We will definitely be making these again.
  32. Tanya
    I’m new to Keto. These were horrible. I had to chase every bite with a drink to mask the taste. Will not try these again.
  33. Ike Jones
    Very good...obviously these arent going to be bisquick but they are quite good. With that many eggs they are going to be a little bit eggy but eggs are a part of keto and this is a great twist on them. I definitely pick up the coconut flour and some grainy texture which is good. Adding to my recipe rotation for sure....2 thumbs up!
  34. Mattie
    Pancakes were very good, my husband watched me make them and sword he would not be eating them. When I finished they was fluffy and golden brown he eat his serving right away. Thanks for the recipe.
  35. Jennifer
    I am an excellent cook and understand the science behind a lot of cooking techniques. I made these according to the directions provided and cooked them in an iron skillet. They were cooked in butter and coconut oil. ***The recipe should be re-written to state that the resting period is vital for the ingredients to rest and “come together”. If you will.
    The pancakes were fluffy and light. However, they lacked immensely in taste. The only thing that can mask the grittiness of coconut flour is a spread of some sort. Sour cream and or fruit will not do this and neither will any butter. THESE ARE EXTREMELY BLAND.
    I served these to my twins and husband.
    Twins are them but I also allowed them to have pure maple syrup and blueberries.
    I made vanilla cinnamon butter for my hubby and also served them with about 10 blueberries.
    I had mine with sour cream and blueberries.
    Twins ate them.
    Hubby said, “the more butter the better”
    I took about three bites and threw mine to the dogs.
    To each his own.
    I just can’t get passed the grittiness or odd texture of the pancake.
    I might cook these for the o5ers, but I won’t be eating these again.😢
  36. Jennifer
    I just made these today and wondered if they would be better with the canned. Hmmmm......
  37. Melonie
    I found these easy to make but would be better served with bacon as it's very savoury. Will make again with the right side
  38. Melonie
    Update .... I realise I forgot to add the coconut flour ha ha oops
  39. the IK
    i was sooo excited to try some keto pancakes.... not anymore. Rather tasteless and didnt enjoy them at all.
  40. 1 comment removed
  41. Teresa
    It says 3g's per serving but doesn't tell you what a serving is or what size the pancakes are? I would think that would be important to know. I find this problem all the time, is it just me? Am I missing something?
    Reply: #92
  42. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    It says 3g's per serving but doesn't tell you what a serving is or what size the pancakes are? I would think that would be important to know. I find this problem all the time, is it just me? Am I missing something?

    This recipe makes 4 servings. If you got 8 pancakes, then 2 is a serving. If you made them bigger and only got 4, then 1 would be a serving. This is why we give number of servings rather than serving size.

  43. Dan
    Yes I found this to be very eggy as well. Too much time wasted.
  44. Marrion
    Only my second day on keto and I have never made pancakes before. They turned out really well. Yes they tasted like an omlet and coconut oil (think that was my mistake. Put a little too much in. )but can't complain much given they are made from egg. Really good. I served them with a pinch of stevia sprinkled over the top and 3 strawberries. A very nice lunch overall. Thank you for the recipe.
  45. Diana
    These are nice, but I definitely wouldn't call them pancakes. They are actually identical to the English muffins recipe on here as well.
  46. Tracy Cloud
    I made just 1 serving. It called for 1 1/2 eggs, so I used 1. I used unsweetened almond milk as I had that on hand and not coconut milk. I also added a small squeeze of liquid vanilla flavored sweetener to mine. I liked them and will be making them again!
  47. amber
    it says makes 4 servings but how many is 1 serving.... 1 pancake ?
  48. Johnda
    Amber, whatever DD lists as the number of servings, the serving size will equal 1. If you break the servings down differently than they do, you will alter the serving size. For example, if you made 8 pancakes instead of the 4 DD lists, then 2 pancakes would be the serving size.
  49. Arja
    Quite an easy recipe to make. Pancakes ended quite light and fluffy. Unfortunately the taste was a bit bland, maybe a drop of stevia would help for a dessert pancakes served with berries and fresh cream or alternatively, add a savory topping instead. I actually prefer the cottage cheese pancakes for taste.
  50. Laura
    LOVE THESE!!!! I was afraid to try because of the comments, but my pancakes were delicious. I added some Lily's unsweetened chocolate chips, so good!!!
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