Low-carb coconut pancakes

Low-carb coconut pancakes

Jumpstart your day in the most delicious way — these low-carb melt-in-your-mouth pancakes are amazingly satisfying. Pair these fluffy dairy and nut-free delights with fresh berries or melted butter on top and they will be even more heavenly! Paradise, here we come.

Low-carb coconut pancakes

Jumpstart your day in the most delicious way — these low-carb melt-in-your-mouth pancakes are amazingly satisfying. Pair these fluffy dairy and nut-free delights with fresh berries or melted butter on top and they will be even more heavenly! Paradise, here we come.
4 servingservings


  • 6 6 eggeggs
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch salt
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • ¾ cup 175 ml coconut milk
  • ½ cup 125 ml (60 g) coconut flour
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp (5 g) baking powder
  • butter or coconut oil, for frying


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Separate the yolks from the egg whites and whip the egg whites and pinch of salt with a hand mixer. Continue whipping until stiff peaks form and then set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together yolks, oil and coconut milk.
  3. Add coconut flour and baking powder. Mix into a smooth batter.
  4. Gently fold the egg whites into the batter. Let batter rest for 5 minutes.
  5. Fry in butter or coconut oil for a couple of minutes or so on each side on low to medium heat. Flip carefully!
  6. Serve with melted butter and/or fresh berries.


Don’t skimp on the fat in your frying pan. Butter and coconut oil make everything taste better. Consider a dollop of crème fraîche on top... so scrumptious!

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  1. Tanja
    Those pancakes are really good!
    Reply: #16
  2. Kum
    Is it too much to ask if you could add their calories as well?
  3. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Kum!

    If you hover your mouse over the symbol for "Strict/Moderate/Liberal Low Carb" on the pictures for all our recipes then you will get the nutritional facts.

    The amount of displayed carbs is net carbs (Total amount of carbs - fiber).

    But we have avoided to state the calories. Our recommendation for most people is to avoid calorie counting.

  4. Rose
    Why do we need to avoid calorie counting?
  5. CS
    Can I replace the coconut milk with whole milk? Just cause I'm not such a huge fan of coconut milk and prefer dairy.
    Reply: #6
  6. Maren
    If you replace it, better use full fat cream instead of milk. Any kind of normal milk has a lot of carbs.
  7. Melissa
    I just made these so yummy and had them with the low carb jam done with strawberries instead of raspberries. Really nice even though still getting used to them not being sweet. The pancakes came out great but took me a little while longer to prepare and cook than noted. Still worth it!
  8. MarStar
    These are so light and fluffy.. even my husband (not LCHF) said they were good! I can still have pancakes on the weekend! Will definitely make these again. Delicious!!
  9. Bobby
    on the pancakes what do they consider a serving
  10. Steph
    Can the recipe be more specific on how many pancakes and serving size?
  11. Dana
    I made these for the first time today. They cooked nicely, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the taste, so I don't know if I would make them again, but if someone is really missing that morning pancake, they would probably like these well enough.
  12. Diana
    My family did not like these at all! It was a complete waste of ingredients and time. They took one bite and spit them out. I was trying to reduce our carb count so I tried these instead of the ones I usually make with the cottage cheese (so much quicker and tastier too). I like coconut, but this was too much. They also came out dense and somewhat dry even though I followed the recipe exactly.
  13. Eric
    I tried reducing the servings to two for myself, but the batter didn't look smooth with the suggested amounts and they ended up coming out dry and dense. Any tips?
    Reply: #25
  14. Toni
    I had them with chilli sauce and sour cream
  15. Wendy
    I made these for the first time this morning and didn't really care for them. It was ok that they were savory rather than sweet, but I just didn't care for the grainy, dry consistency. I will try the other pancake recipes next time.
  16. Melissa
    I just made these this morning and thought they were fantastic! They taste like coconut and contrary to other comments on here I found the same dryness level as a regular carb pancake. I cheated a tiny bit and put sugar free syrup on them... but didn't need too much because they were already kind of sweet and tasted like coconut! An important point is that I used the recipe for 4 people, and that was only enough for 2 people... if I would have chosen 2 people we would have only had 1 pancake each. The recipe for 4 people gave each of us 4 small yet dense pancakes, and we are surprisingly full!! Can't wait to make these again!
  17. Nica
    Do you have a cookbook? Using a lot of ink.
    Reply: #18
  18. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Nica!

    No, not yet.

    Do you have a cookbook? Using a lot of ink.

  19. Jane
    I loved these and will try with the hazelnut spread recipe next time. I made half the mixture, which made 6 small pancakes and found I was full with 3 .
    I have found that , depending on your flour, the mixture can be drier sometimes...I just added a little water and they came out fine.
    Took me a bit longer to prepare but mainly because it's a different method than I normally would use..am sure once I get making them regularly I will speed up my time considerably.
  20. Douglas
    I'm not keto but I appreciate the name change!
  21. Kim
    Don't eat these expecting IHOP cakes, these are light and fluffy but the texture is different, more hearty; and they are super filling. Half way through my second (I made them, about 6 inches) I hit a wall and couldn't finish them. I didn't use coconut milk from a can, rather I used the stuff found with other almond/soy/cashew/coconut milks. In particular, the coconut almond blend, unsweetened with 2g carbs. These pancakes were A HIT. They were a bit of work to make first thing in the morning, but they were worth it on Saturday morning.
  22. Gail
    So good. Added a dash of vanilla extract and topped them with a berry "compote." Simply defrost frozen berries in butter till warm and soft. Delicious.
  23. Keri
    Tonight I just had a salad with Greek yogurt for dinner but now I'm hungry and it's bed time 11 pm .
    I thought water would help , it didn't , should I eat.?
  24. Lee Bush
    Try making a regular sized batch and cook them all up so you can refrigerate or freeze the leftovers for a quick meal another day. They can be warmed up in the microwave or toaster.
    I like to use them as the bread in a breakfast sandwich, with a sausage patty and a slice of cheese. Yum!
  25. Lee Bush
    Oops, Eric ~ please see my comment #24
  26. Naomi
    I just made these coconut pancakes for the first time, and we are swooning. They were great! I made the recipe exactly, and it made ten medium sized pancakes. We each ate four (saving two for later) and are completely full and satisfied. I put a little butter on each finished pancake and then covered them with slightly warm blueberries and raspberries. It was such a fabulous treat and pleasant change from our usual (also delicious) low carb breakfast fare. Thank you!
  27. Xuly
    My coconut flour has 4 net carbs :( for 4 pancakes would be all my carbs!
  28. Tess
    What kind of coconut milk is this, from a can or carton?
  29. Cassie
    Following the recipie for four the batter was very stiff not what I would call a batter also had a grainy texture
  30. Julie Bean
    The flavor was good but the texture was so off putting that I just had to stop eating before I was full.

    I definitely won't make these again.

  31. P
    I followed the recipe but halved it and didn't expect the batter to be so thick! So in the fry pan I put dollops of the batter and slowly cooked. The mixture made a good 8 rounds and were quite dense as others already mentioned. They are very tasty and adding a spoon of Greek yoghurt with couple raspberries finished them off lovely.
  32. Stephanie
    Just tried this on a Sunday morning. The pancakes took a while to make because the egg whites took forever to whip. I finally gave up after 20 minutes... they were maybe halfway to where they needed to be. I went ahead and gently mixed them into the batter. I also added vanilla extract and splenda to the batter (husband can't tolerate stevia). They weren't sweet per se, but they weren't savory and they turned out pretty good. Still fairly fluffy and only a little bit crumbly. I used coconut milk out of a can because it's what I had. I also made a topping spread or hazelnut sauce, fresh whipped cream and berries. I put splenda and vanilla in both. Overall a very lightly sweet profile that really did the trick for pancakes- and it was all really filling. We were eating brunch since we were planning on an early dinner, so we are all 4 servings between the two of us, but 1 serving would have been plenty on a regular day when eating 3 meals. We got 8 5-6 inch pancakes.
  33. Laura
    Wow, I read just a few of the above comments. :( I'd like to say that I'm really impressed with this website & the recipes. I appreciate the dairy free recipes & am looking forward to more of those. This recipe is great but I'll add a bit of vanilla next time. Uh, I made the batch to serve 4 but hubby & I ate the whole lot! I topped it with our home made blackberry, huckleberry, blueberry compote!
  34. Helen
    can you make up the batter and keep in the fridge for the next day?
    Reply: #51
  35. Nat
    We did not like them at all... too much egg taste, more like an omelet... even a fruit salad could not make up for the 'no sugar at all' taste....
  36. MIRIAM
    This is the first DD recipe I haven't liked. How do you get them to look like that picture??? I think that the problem for us was that they seem too heavy in coconut flour for the rest of the mixture. I found it hard to fold in the egg whites and added more liquid to the very stiff mixture. Consequently, they fell apart when I cooked them. Also they are very labour-intensive for a morning!

    The taste wasn't bad but we, too, found them incredibly filling and dry and we could only manage to eat just over half the batch. I am not sure whether even our hate of wasted food will enable us to finish them!

    Would it help to reduce the amount of coconut flour, maybe use half-and-half almond and coconut flour or even add an extra egg to the mixture?

    The chia 'jam' recipe we had with them was lovely - that and creme fraiche saved the day for us. Like Diana (above) I will stick to the cottage cheese pancakes in future; they are so much nicer than these.

  37. Derya
    Too much on the squidgy-wobbly side of the texture. I just put in more coconut flour (tripled the amount, really) AND put on medium to high heat. That made them more crisp.
    Plus, when you put pieces of dark chocolate between two hot pancakes to melt, the lack of sugar is not a problem.
  38. D
    One word....discusting.
  39. Dawn
    I cooked these for the first time this morning and they turned out quite well. I used the recipe for 4 pancakes but it actally made 7 good sized pancakes. So I will be freezing them for another day. I found 1 was enough for my breakfast. I have a very sweet tooth hence the reason my diabetes has got so bad I'm now on insolin and a low carb diet. Thinking I may try adding a little sugar substitute next time to please my sweet tooth. Anyone else tried this?
  40. April
    Wow! Just made these for breakfast and they are the bomb.
    Light, fluffy and very coconut-y. Yum. Size was about the circumference of a tea mug and easily made four servings of four pancakes. Layered a teensy bit of strawberry jam and a teaspoon of whipped heavy cream sweetened with erythritol in-between each pancake. OMG so good!
  41. Margaret
    The first time I tasted these, I thought the coconut flavor was too much, but then I read a review suggesting eating them with creme freche, so I tried sour cream and now I love them. Mine were a bit dense and dry, but I liked that. They also seemed a bit like a cake with the sour cream and a couple berries or even with some dark chocolate. My four-year-old grabbed one from the stack and loved them plain, which really surprised me.
  42. Philippa
    Hmmm...these are pretty good but I’d suggest adding a full tin of coconut milk and another tablespoon of oil. It will be dry and gritty otherwise. I tried making the coconut bread a couple of weeks ago and found it inedible and I was worried these might be the same but with the extra coconut milk and oil these are quite nice.
  43. Philippa
    Ohhhh...try these with cottage cheese (if you like it) I did a second batch and stopped comparing them to ordinary pancakes. The cottage cheese completely changed the texture and my dry mouth didn’t bother me.
  44. 1 comment removed
  45. Trinity
    Just terrible! You would have to be starving with no other food choices to eat these!
    All you taste is the eggs and they are sooooo dry and I followed the recipe to a T. What a waste of ingredients ?
  46. Cheryl
    Made these today. I found the odd bite tasted a little bit like egg but not too bad. I found the batter to be much thicker than what I would have guessed but cooked up ok on medium heat. They were quite tasty overall and while not quite like pancakes a good substitute if you are eating LC. I will make them again.
  47. Erica
    Good starter recipe, but making it according to the directions leaves the mix way to dry to pour the batter into the pan to cook like normal batter.

    I found it essential to double the coconut oil and coconut milk, then it was quite good.

  48. Michelle Oliver
    For those who are commenting about them not being sweet...i added swerve confectioner sweetener to the batter before cooking. It helps.
  49. Allison
    I'm not sure why everyone is saying that these are very dry. Maybe they are not adding enough coconut oil to the recipe or ensure that they really beat the eggs until they peak and adding enough baking soda to ensure that they are not so dense? But I thought these were pretty good considering they are not high carb pancakes. Mine were fluffy and not that dry. I did feel like it was lacking a little sweetness and ooomph so next time I'll experiment with vanilla, fruit or that low carb chocolate/hazelnut topping.
  50. Denis C.
    It tastes like an omelette ... no wonder 6 eggs ! Even with topping of mascarpone, crème fraîche, berries etc ...
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