Low-carb chia pudding

Low-carb chia pudding

This sweet, low carb chia pudding is wonderful for breakfast - or a snack or dessert. Prepare the night before; that way, in the morning, you are all set. The proof is in the pudding!

Low-carb chia pudding

This sweet, low carb chia pudding is wonderful for breakfast - or a snack or dessert. Prepare the night before; that way, in the morning, you are all set. The proof is in the pudding!
1 servingservings


  • 1 cup 225 ml unsweetened, canned coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp (25 g) chia seeds
  • ½ tsp ½ tsp vanilla extract


Instructions are for 1 serving. Please modify as needed.

  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a glass bowl or jar. Blend until smooth.
  2. Cover, place in the fridge to let gel overnight (or for at least 4 hours). Before you dig in, check to be sure the pudding has thickened and the chia seeds have gelled.
  3. Serve the pudding with cream, coconut milk or some fresh or frozen berries.


For a different flavor, try adding some cinnamon, cardamom, unsweetened cocoa powder, dry matcha tea or nut butter to your chia pudding. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. pearl
    This is 5 carbs/serving and considered moderate low carb. Another recipe (Judy's porridge) is 7 and rated as strict low carb. What makes this moderate? I am not trying to be so nitpicky, wondering because I have pretty bad restless legs and seem to be (cured!) better off the lower carb I go. Thanks.
    Reply: #3
  2. Patrik
    Pearl, that's probably because this is just a small snack. The author sets it up himself and Judy might have different preferences :p.
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    They are both right on the border between the categories (strict and moderate low carb), and the serving sizes are sligthly different.

    We rate strict low carb as up to 4 energy percent from carbs. This translates to 20 grams of carbs at 2000 calories per day. Not a perfect rule, but rating by grams per serving opens up for manipulation of the serving size to fit a dish into any kind of category.

  4. Fran
    There would not be enough protein for breakfast in this right? Especially for keeping blood sugars stable.
  5. Jane
    Fran, you could add some high fat yogurt, although this will also increase your carbs. I have this breakfast occasionally and it is super yum!

    I make mine in larger batches to match the packet size. So one can of coconut milk (400ml) and a small packet of chia seeds (100g) (I've never added vanilla, but might try it next time). Makes five servings for small appetites or four for larger ones. You can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days, but I put mine into individual servings and freeze them. Just take your portion out of the freezer the night before you want it and it'll be defrosted and room temperature by morning. If you are adding berries, you can add a handful of frozen berries from the freezer at the same time.

  6. Shara
    What does this taste like?
  7. Doreen
    Why aren't the carb and nutrition count given to the recipes? I'm looking to see how many carbs are in this chia pudding.
    Reply: #8
  8. Amanda
    Click on moderate to low carbs and it give the carb amount which is 5 carbs per serving hope this is of benefit to you x
  9. Karleene
    Is the vanilla ,vanilla essence.
  10. Onmyway
    The coconut milk made my stomach queasy, so I added tbsp half and half. Taste more like a dessert. I will add some raspberries next time.
  11. Erika Henderson
    I am so happy to have found this web site. I have a grocery list based off most of the delicious recipes. Can't wait to try the oopies bread! Wow! Oh by the way, is there a quick app for this cite or the recipes? Thanks Erika
  12. Christina
    Hey Pearl, I have a RLS reliever for you. If you haven't tried tonic water (diet of coarse) do so. When RLS hits me, about 6 oz knocks it out in less than 30 minutes. I leave a bottle slightly unscrewed to get rid of the bubbles so it goes down easier (I hate soda). I hear the quinine is what relives it.
  13. Dipika
    Can I use almond milk instead of coconut milk in this recipe?
    Reply: #14
  14. Kristin Berglund Team Diet Doctor

    Can I use almond milk instead of coconut milk in this recipe?

    Hi Dipika!

    Yes, that works fine! Good luck!

  15. Jacque
    There seems to be a big difference in consistency in canned coconut milk (from the Asian food section) and the cartooned coconut milk in the dairy section. Which should I be using? Thanks!
  16. Melanie
    I have the same question as Jacque.
  17. Tamara
    To cut some carbs I soak my chia seeds in water and then just add a splash of cream. I then flavor with 1.cinnamon n a packet of stevia or
    2.sugar free chocolate sauce or
    3.PB2 and a little SF chocolate sauce
  18. Amy
    This recipe really needs more details, I used the canned coconut milk and it was disgusting. The fat rose to the top and formed a sludgy layer with the chia underneath. Revolting. But if you're supposed to use dairy-case coconut "milk" isn't that highly processed, and usually contains added sugar?
  19. Jane
    It is supposed to be the high fat tinned version but the only one's I can find have lots of added ingredients which are not very appealing. I have recently discovered that you can make your own coconut milk using creamed coconut, which is 100% coconut. Just pour 400ml boiling water into a jug and add 100g Creamed Coconut. Stir until dissolved. I also use creamed coconut in place of coconut cream for the same reasons. I just use half the quantity specified.
  20. Polly
    I've been reading a couple of bad reviews on chia and flax seed. Could anyone comment on that?
  21. Mae
    I tried this today and it worked perfectly fine. I added some berries and my little one even liked it and ate my breakfast. ?
  22. 1 comment removed
  23. Krystal
    Can you use normal milk to the chia pudding? Instead of almond or coconut milk?
  24. Linda
    Calories plz
  25. Jamey
    As a newbie I was a bit skeptical on this recipe - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I like tapioca quite a bit, there's a similarity in the texture. I made mine the same as the recipe above and added vanilla. I used thai coconut milk from a carton, (only coconut & water listed as ingredients). This will be a wonderful summer treat layered like trifle in cups - real whipped cream, cooked/cooled strawberries, pudding, rinse and repeat with a few fresh berries on-top!
  26. Jane
    I made this last night and tried it today. It's just sweet enough to get you past an episode of "I need something sweet, now." I had a few spoonfuls and put it back in the refrigerator to "continue having" over the next day or two. I guess is will last and not spoil as long as it's stored in the refrigerator.... hope so!
  27. 1 comment removed
  28. Sookie's Mummy
    For the benefit of UK readers, B&M sells 165ml mini cans of coconut milk (convenient) and I added two heaped teaspoons of chia seeds, a teaspoon of splenda and a drop of vanilla all into a teacup...adds up to about 3 to 3.5 grams of carb. I've just had my first pudding and it is delicious!
    Might add 3 heaped teaspoons of chia next and skip the vanilla as I couldn't taste or smell it and see how it goes...
    Thank you for the recipe :-)
  29. Hyperactivelime
    I just tried this with carton coconut milk and went for the unsweetened variety. Followed the directions and let it sit overnight. The chia seeds haven't jelled and its still the consistency of milk. I just stirred it and will let it sit for a few hours to set and I will check it before I head to bed. If it doesn't work I'm going to be super disappointed.
    Reply: #30
  30. Jamey
    How did it turn out??? Don't leave us hanging!
  31. Barbara
    Great recipe for a quick snack, just as it is. Also enjoy it w added cinnamon. Cool treat on a hot day!
  32. Sabrina
    I would suggest to make your own calculations. The coconut milk I used (60% flesh, nothing added) gives me 7g of net carbs for 200ml. Counting the chia seeds, the total is 8,2g of net carbs for that pudding.
  33. Jane
    Not sure if the Goya brand of canned coconut milk is familiar or available to folks here but that's what I buy. I have gotten some cans that were more watery than others but now I use a little trick and give each can a gentle shake, if it sounds sloshy I put it back and pick another that sounds more solid. Works for me anyway. I use a straight sided canning jar (like a larger jam jar) for mine. Pour the milk in, I use 2 1/2 T of chia (mama chia is brand I use). If the chia seeds aren't making a nice thick pudding try another brand if possible. I put the lid on and give it a nice shake and refrigerate. Next time I open the fridge I shake again. Once it starts to chill it won't separate. I find I can't have yogurt anymore so this pudding has taken its place. Hope something here is helpful!
  34. Leanne
    Does it matter if I dont have glass jars???? Silly question sorry....Is plastic containers ok
  35. Lynn
    Like others, I find that tinned coconut milk varies a lot in taste and carb count. But I recently discovered Blue Dragon UHT Coconut Cream, which has 1.9g carbs per 100g. This recipe's lovely using just the cream and seeds. In the UK, you can get it at Asda.
  36. Linda
    I usually use some cinnamon and a dash of vanilla too.
  37. Sandra Hughes
    I tried this for yesterday's breakfast as was a long day (23 May 18) I did as instructed but next morning it had not gelled. No breakfast.
    Reply: #40
  38. 2 comments removed
  39. Anna
    Mine either... next time more seeds!
  40. Janelle Dahler
    The calories for the chia pudding appear to be incorrect...it states 422 calories per serving, but adding up the calories for the individual ingredients I calculate it couldn’t be more than about 200 calories. Can anyone else confirm?
  41. Cheryl
    why must the chia seeds be soak for at least 4 hours? i soak mine for 30mins, it had already turn gel.
  42. Patricia
    I was skeptical about this dessert/breakfast at first. In the fridge, I let it set overnight which enhances the coconut flavor. To add a bit of sweetness I added a few blackberries... but the coconut flavor was all I needed to sell me on this. Love it!
  43. Vicki
    I made this and have left it 24 hours,it has thickened however the seeds are still crunchy. Tastes ok however I only had a small amount with cream due to the seeds not gelling. To confirm your recipe says 2 tablespoons of chia as I see others said they used 2 teaspoons?
  44. Cynthia
    This sounds awesome! I was getting sick of eggs for breakfast (shocking!) this is a great breakfast dish.
  45. Laura
    This was so delicious! Crushed up some blueberries and used canned coconut milk!
  46. Cindy
    I make this regularly with a ratio and love it.
  47. Kat
    If you add 3 tablespoons of hemp hearts to this, you can increase the fat content by 15g of polyunsaturated fat. Will need to add more liquid, but worth it.
    Reply: #49
  48. Eva
    Kat, great! this is exactly what I do, hemp hearts, sometimes also some finely shredded coconut for texture. Cold or warmed.
  49. Elizabeth
    A little too soupy for me. I added another tablespoon of the chia seeds in the next batch.
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