Keto naan bread with melted garlic butter

Keto naan bread with melted garlic butter

Indian tonight? Don’t skip the bread — make your own keto version of naan with this easy-to-follow recipe. Then, achieve ultimate crave-worthiness with the garlic butter. Mmmmm…

Keto naan bread with melted garlic butter

Indian tonight? Don’t skip the bread — make your own keto version of naan with this easy-to-follow recipe. Then, achieve ultimate crave-worthiness with the garlic butter. Mmmmm…
8 servingservings


Keto naan
  • ¾ cup 175 ml (75 g) coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp (20 g) ground psyllium husk powder
  • ½ tsp ½ tsp onion powder (optional)
  • ½ tsp ½ tsp (2.5 g) baking powder
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp salt
  • 13 cup 75 ml melted coconut oil
  • 2 cups 475 ml boiling water
  • coconut oil, for frying (optional)
  • sea salt
Garlic butter
  • 4 oz. 110 g butter
  • 2 2 garlic clove, mincedgarlic cloves, minced


Instructions are for 8 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Mix all dry ingredients for the keto naan in a bowl. Add oil and boiling water (hold some of it back in case it's not needed) and stir thoroughly.
  2. Allow to rise for five minutes. The dough will turn firm fairly quickly, but stay flexible. It should resemble the consistency of Play-Doh. If you find it’s too runny then add more psyllium husk until it feels right. If it's too firm, add some of the remaining water. The amount needed may vary depending on what brand of husk or coconut flour you use.
  3. Divide into 6 or 8 pieces and form into balls that you flatten with your hands directly on parchment paper or on the kitchen counter.
  4. Fry rounds in a skillet over medium heat until the naan turn a nice golden color. Depending on your skillet you can add some coconut oil to it so the bread doesn't stick.
  5. Heat the oven to 140°F (70°C) and keep the bread warm while you make more.
  6. Melt the butter and stir in the freshly squeezed garlic. Apply the melted butter on the bread pieces using a brush and sprinkle flaked salt on top.
  7. Pour the rest of the garlic butter in a bowl and dip pieces of bread in it.

About the recipe

This is by no means an authentic recipe for naan. A traditional naan is baked using wheat flour. In order to make this a low-carb recipe we have to substitute the wheat for a gluten-free flour with less carbs.

We opted for coconut flour since we believe the flavor goes better with Indian cuisine than, for example, almond flour. The naan's in this recipe will have prominent taste of coconut and it will be much more dense than the traditional version.

This can be good to know in order to have realistic expectations.

Ground psyllium husk powder

This recipe calls for ground psyllium husk powder. It's a fibre that helps give the bread texture and to hold its shape. We have used a finely ground psyllium husk powder. If the brand you use is more coarsely ground you can use a spice or coffee grinder to make it finer.

Do your breads end up with a slightly purple color? That can happen with some brands of psyllium husk. Try another brand, like this one. For more information, check out our low-carb baking guide.

Bake in the oven

If your naans are falling apart when you fry them, you can bake them in the oven instead. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C) and spread the dough in thin rounds on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until they look inflated. Take out of the oven and fry quickly in a frying pan on medium-high heat to get the lovely golden brown color.

Storing the bread

Love this keto naan? It's not just for dinner anymore. Leftovers work well in your lunchbox, either as a base for a sandwich or a side for a salad. Keep your coworkers in mind as you apply garlic butter...

You can keep this bread in the fridge for 2-3 days or in the freezer for up to 2 months. Place parchment paper between each piece to prevent them from sticking to each other. Let thaw in room temperature and reheat by frying them quickly or placing them in a toaster.

Goes great with

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  1. Lois Waldron
    I have a problem finding psyllium husk, can I use flaxseed? or whole wheat flour? how about a combination of the 2?
    Reply: #143
  2. 1 comment removed
  3. carol
    This is the only receipe that is a disaster. Soggy mess, not sure how you are supposed to get it in the pan!
  4. Sara
    I also found this a disaster, I did some research and here's a better recipe......1 egg, 3tbs Coconut flour, 1 tsp baking powder, pinch of salt and around 2 tbs of thin coconut cream or cream (I used cream) combine everything together (you will have a nice runny batter. I also added curry powder and coriander (fresh). fry in a pan turn they taste wonderful and the addition of a good curry powder knocks off any eggy taste.
  5. carol
    That sounds lovely, will try it
  6. Ian Wallace
    so is any body listening this was a disaster are the quantities correct. Was looking forward to this ,but it all went down the sink a waste of ingredients
    Replies: #9, #21
  7. Marie
    Fried the first few-soaked up oil like crazy, no resemblance to naan. Fried the others in the pan without oil and they look more like real naan. Recipe definitely needs tweaking.
    Reply: #142
  8. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor

    We do read all comments.

    Our recipe experts will look at this. We made a minor update to the recipe yesterday. I know that our chef baked the naan bread one more time yesterday to verify that the recipe works, and it worked fine.

    Unfortunately, the problem with bread recipes in general is that results may vary depending on brand of product used. The naan bread is intended as a side dish to go with Indian food, but it is not a copy of wheat-based naan bread.

    It is simply not possible to make a bread with different ingredients and expect it to come out the same as a bread baked with wheat flour. It will be different.

  9. Maria
    I threw them in the oven instead at 175 degrees in 20 min :)
  10. Jared
    Just follow the directions, and don't use a lot of oil to fry them, came out great for me! Ate with homemade chicken tikka masala.
  11. Cchopra
    Would love to see a video of your chef making the naan. All other recipes I have tried have turned out with great results, but I really struggled with this one. Would love a great naan!
  12. Susie
    They were fine for us, we had them tonight, tasted a little like traditional peshwari naan. I've made mistakes in the past when things have called for 'cups' as measurements though and used a normal cup that I would make tea etc in and they don't work. Invest in some proper measuring cups (can get cheaply from wilkinsons etc) and it all works a lot better.
  13. carol
    Just tried again, how do you get them from the parchment to the frying pan. I dont have a non stick frying pan, so it may be easier if I had. Came out better in the halogen oven. As Cchopra said, a v i deo would be good
  14. Sue
    I wished I had looked at the reviews before commencing this recipe. Mine too ended up a soggy mess and are currently in the oven. Dinner is on stand by.
    Only joined today so hoping the other recipes turn out better.
  15. Sue
    Just finished our naan bread and agree much better in the oven. I would like to know if we should reduce the water slightly?
  16. michelle
    I cook mine in a non stick pan with a litte spray oil, very happy.
  17. Ami
    I haven't tried these but think the conversions from cup to ml is a problem. If 1 cup equals 250 ml there's no way 1/3 cup can be 100 ml. I use a cup from US or strictly translate 1cup to 230 ml and 1/3 cup to 75 ml. I've succesfully made several recipies from the US that way. With small amounts of ingredients any mistakes in converting measuring scales wilm have great impact.
  18. Judi
    This is the first (and ONLY) recipe on the site that was less than stellar and this one was a total write-off. Too wet, couldn't get them off the counter, fell apart in the frying pan. I couldn't get it to work in any fashion. I will try another time using the metric measurements as suggested and bake them in the oven which would eliminate the biggest mess. I will see if I have better luck. I really missed having something to go with the Thai Fish with Curry and Coconut (FABULOUS) that we had tonight.
  19. alison
    I'm curious if there are any subs for psyllium if we don't have this on hand. Is that what's meant to give it the chewy texture? If so could we just sub powdered collagen or maybe some other high fiber seed powder?
  20. Rachel
    Oops! I did the same as another person who commented. I did not mean to report this comment. I didn't realize that's what the little triangle does. Perhaps when you click it it should pop up asking if that's what you meant to do?
  21. Emily
    What a watery mess. Tried to put them in cling film in the fridge to help them harden a bit and keep their shape but still no good :/
  22. woo
    Dear me..its the best naan bread I've ever drank
    Total disaster
  23. Ari
    Soggy. Tried them in oven as well. Ok not great. Having said that really flavorful with the garlic and butter.
  24. Diane
    I had high hopes that the recipe would turn out alright but it was a slimy mess. The recipe should be tweaked. I threw it in the garbage.
  25. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    First I would like to say that I'm just acting as a moderator on volunteer basis here and I'm not the best chef. I am not part of our professional recipe team.

    The unusual amount of complaints over this recipe made me curios. :-) So I decided to try this out...I did the following observations:

    * Yes the naans is a bit "watery"...but in my mind acceptable if you eat them with fork and knife
    * The shallow frying is little bit difficult, you have to be careful to keep the naans together, make them thick enough.
    * Just cook them 2 min on each side, just turn them once.
    * I think they taste great! :) But the taste is of course not as the one of real naan bread.
    * Below is a link to photos I took during cooking. Not any fancy professional photos though.
    * Good luck with your cooking! Most of you should to this better than me. :)

  26. Jaswinder
    2 tbsp of coconut flour has 12 gm of carbs. according to my calculations 200ml (4 servings) has 120gm of carbs. 1 serving is 30gm of carbs which is obviously quite high for STRICT low carb diet. if we eat 3 meals a day, we must be eating more carbs on other meals.

    if someone can clarify me it would be great. i hope i am wrong so that i can enjoy this naan breads.

    Reply: #28
  27. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    * 100g flour is approx. 200 ml.
    * 100g flour has approx 20g carbs.
    * That means one serving is around 5g carbs
    * The recipe states 3g carbs. I think it's because the nutrient facts can differ a lot between products.
    * I think your high values is because you also count the fibers as carbs. We don't do that.
    * I hope this clarifies? :)

    2 tbsp of coconut flour has 12 gm of carbs. according to my calculations 200ml (4 servings) has 120gm of carbs. 1 serving is 30gm of carbs which is obviously quite high for STRICT low carb diet. if we eat 3 meals a day, we must be eating more carbs on other meals.
    if someone can clarify me it would be great. i hope i am wrong so that i can enjoy this naan breads.

    Replies: #58, #247, #250
  28. Jaswinder
    Thanks Peter for clarifying. i am very happy that i am wrong. i will buy coconut flour tomorrow. i am vegeterian, allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs and soy. this is a great option for me with indian curry. More east indian recipes like this will be highly appreciated. May god bless you guys for this great work.
  29. Anastasia
    I tried these today as well. Total disaster. They are now in oven.
  30. Rose
    BEWARE! This recipe is crazy. I have no idea how this has so many stars. It came out tasting like a soggy pancake. We put syrup on it, instead of the garlic sauce. Seriously???
  31. Mandy
    Really wish I'd read the comments first - disaster!
  32. Ash
    Cant believe all the bad reviews, I made these and they were amazing! I used boiling water and the dough formed quickly. rolled in hands. no mess. not soggy (maybe people haven't been using hot enough water?) even my bread loving husband commented on how good they were. 5 Stars
  33. Jaswinder
    i made them today.......turned out really good. i used boiling water and as needed. Very yummy. Looking forward for such healthy vegeterian recipes without eggs please.
  34. wallace
    I tried this for the first time today... it turned out ok for my use... which was having a bread substitute... i've never had naan so not sure what I'm missing. I found I had to fry them for a while... using very little oil was the key.
  35. Rosie
    This is the first recipe I've tried. I followed directions closely and they turned out perfectly. The only issue I had was that my carbivour family ate them all lol. 5*
  36. Inga
    Fab! After reading the comments I cut the water down to 400 ml and added it very hot. The dough turned out nice and firm. It was easy to flatten, too, and retained its shape in the frying pan. Being lazy I skipped a couple of steps by adding the garlic to the dough and frying the naans in heaps of butter, rather than serving them with garlic butter. They absorbed impressive amounts :-) I then served them with some freshly chopped cilantro/coriander on top and thoroughly enjoyed myself by eating half a naan - then I was stuffed. My only - minor - complaint would be that they were a tad too salty for my taste (but then I fried them in salted butter) so next time I'll cut the salt by half. All in all, this is one of my favourite recipes from this site, sharing the top spot with that marvellous cheese and egg pizza base. Thank you ever so much for making eating LCHF a true joy!
  37. Kathryn
    I too wish I had read the comments before trying them. I "wondered" when it had such a large amount of fluid for a small amount of dry ingredients. In the trash was the only place I could put them as they wouldn't hold together to even cook.....
  38. Casey
    It would be helpful if the carb, fiber, and protein amounts were provided in your recipes.
  39. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Casey!

    If you hover your mouse over the symbol for "Strict Low Carb" on the pictures then you will get that info. ?

    The amount of displayed carbs is net carbs (Total amount of carbs - fiber)

  40. Sylvia
    I agree with Jaswinder. As with other low carb breads using psyllium, the water needs to be boiling hot and you need to pour the water in gradually .You will see the water being absorbed and the dough rising.
    It could also be that the brand of psyllium being used is not providing the expected results. I have cooked low carb breads before and I had to experiment to find the psyllium that worked best for me.
    Just fyi I made the naan bread tonight using the receipe as written and everything turned out just fine.
  41. Dale
    I thought Diet Doctor said don't believe "net" carbs
    Reply: #43
  42. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Yes! I think it depends ;-)

    If you subtract the fibers from the total carbs and call it net carbs then it's OK. If you use net carbs in other "creative" ways to get lower carb content for instance in a processed low carb cookie then you have good reasons to be skeptical.

    Perhaps we should use another terminology?

    I thought Diet Doctor said don't believe "net" carbs

  43. 1 comment removed
  44. Elaine Markley
    I haven't tried this recipe. However, I have tried another naan recipe, which is very easy and very good that uses psyllium husk POWDER. Maybe that's the problem. Some people use whole psyllium husk and others use the powder, which might absorb more of the water.
  45. Mel
    I did this recipe and got a soggy mixture like others. Have since tried another recipe that had almost identical ingredients but used the psyllium ground and water boiling. Made all the difference as then the mixture actually formed to a dough you could roll between parchment and then lift off the paper to your fry pan. Another tip, to get that smokey Naan flavour, dry fry it in non stick pan. You will find it puffs like a naan/pita bread. Tastes great and just add you garlic butter after it is cooked.
  46. Sarah
    I make something very similar with great success & much unearned acclaim. Call it naan, pita or tortillas -- it's that versatile & dead simple. Just 3 basic ingredients - coconut flour, psyllium powder, & salt, plus hot water, and ghee or butter or coconut oil for frying (but I'm going to try the dry pan method next!) No oil in this version of the dough, which will be fairly stiff and springy like tortilla dough when ready.

    I use a tortilla press to flatten the balls of dough because I happen to have one, but the hand method or a rolling pin works fine. A couple of pieces of parchment or waxed paper will help with sticking.

    Here's a link to the first place I saw it, with a complete description:

  47. Kristin Berglund Team Diet Doctor
    The dough should resemble the consistency of Play-Doh. If you find it’s too runny then add more psyllium husk until it feels right. Unfortunately the result may vary depending on what brand of husk or coconut flour you use. We’re working on a guide to help avoid these problems in the future.
  48. Brent
    I made this the first time and it ended up way too soft and unusable, as well. Made some adjustments to the recipe and it turned out just like the picture on this web site. Here are the changes i made....I'll let our friends who use metric do their own conversions...i don't want to make a mistake.

    I used a light spray of coconut oil in the pan. My water was just shy of boiling. You can pre-press the bread and have it ready to sticking together and if you run 2 pans, it goes really fast. I had to run the heat fairly high to get the color on the bread.

    +1.5 Tbsp coconut flour
    +1 Tbsp whole psyllium husk
    -1/4 cup hot water

  49. Renee
    I should have read the comments first too. I made this tonight and also wound up with a soggy mess. However, I retread the directions and added 4 more TBLS of the pyslium and remixed to get it to a less sticky consistency. The first two were the wet soggy ones and the rest came out good. I heated my water in the microwave and next time I will put it on the stove to make sure it's boiling. Also, I think letting it sit longer helps too. When I make the sesame crackers I let dough sit for 10 minutes and it really helps.
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