Keto hamburger patties with creamy tomato sauce and fried cabbage

Keto hamburger patties with creamy tomato sauce and fried cabbage

A delicious burger needs no bun! Enjoy this satisfying patty bare, topped with creamy tomato gravy and a side of sautéed cabbage. Keto satisfaction guaranteed!

Keto hamburger patties with creamy tomato sauce and fried cabbage

A delicious burger needs no bun! Enjoy this satisfying patty bare, topped with creamy tomato gravy and a side of sautéed cabbage. Keto satisfaction guaranteed!
4 servingservings


Hamburger patties
  • 1½ lbs 650 g ground beef
  • 1 1 eggeggs
  • 3 oz. 75 g crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp ¼ tsp ground black pepper
  • 2 oz. 50 g fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp olive oil, for frying
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp butter, for frying
  • ¾ cup 175 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 1 oz. 30 g fresh parsley, coarsely chopped
  • 2 tbsp 2 tbsp tomato paste or ajvar relish
  • salt and pepper
Fried green cabbage
  • 1½ lbs 650 g shredded green cabbage
  • 4½ oz. 125 g butter
  • salt and pepper


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

Hamburger patties and gravy

  1. Add all ingredients for the hamburgers to a large bowl. Blend it using a wooden spoon or your clean hands. Don't over mix since that can make your patties tough. Use wet hands to form eight oblong patties.
  2. Add butter and olive oil to a large frying pan. Fry over medium-high heat for at least 10 minutes or until the patties have turned a nice color. Flip them a few times for even cooking.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together the tomato paste and cream. Add this mixture to the pan when the patties are almost done. Stir and let simmer for a few minutes. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Sprinkle chopped parsley on top before serving.

Butter-fried green cabbage

  1. Shred the cabbage finely using a food processor or sharp knife.
  2. Add butter to a large frying pan.
  3. Place the pan over medium high heat and sauté the shredded cabbage for at least 15 minutes or until the cabbage is wilted and golden brown around the edges.
  4. Stir regularly and lower the heat a little towards the end. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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Switch it up! These patties pair well with any sautéed vegetable… What do you love? Onions, mushrooms, spinach, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, green beans…

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  1. Jenny
    Thank you for this recipe! I added sautéed onions to the meat for extra flavor and ended up putting a lid on the pan to cook the meat all the way through. I made it tonight for the first time and it was absolutely outstanding! SO EASY and FAST.

    My husband and daughter LOVED it. My husband (as I did) grew up with potatoes, bread, cereal, rice as the main parts of meals. I didn't tell him when I decided to stop making grains and potatoes about four months ago because I knew he would freak out. I just made the cauliflower mashed 'potatoes', made the cauliflower rice with lots of butter and seasoning, put it in front of him and didn't say a word. When he ate it and actually liked it, I didn't burst out how it was really cauliflower, I just gave a casual smile and said 'glad you like it'. I played it cool. :)

    I replaced skim milk with whole milk. Stopped buying 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter', fat free yogurt, cereal, orange juice, jelly etc etc.

    The first week when I didn't buy 'healthy whole wheat' cereal, he was like 'We're out of cereal'. But I was there with bacon and eggs. He ate, was happy, and went on with his day. I certainly don't make my husband's every meal but in the beginning I made sure I was there to quietly step in and offer an alternative when he was searching for the usual SAD foods because I knew he wouldn't know what to eat. Just like I wouldn't know what to eat if I hadn't educated myself. It is SO cemented in the US to eat low fat and whole grains.

    I think to really change the US is to start with the mothers and wives. We are the ones who typically plan the meals and shop or at least give the lists to our husbands for what to buy at the store. :). My husband eats what I put in front of him. He's very trusting. :). It actually took him awhile to realize I had stopped making whole wheat pasta, rice, potatoes, stuffing etc. I never told him, just made delicious meals.

    He still hasn't given up his bread. BUT, my husband is consuming 1000x less grains, including bread, and low fat than before and has SO much more energy - he's lost weight.

    One day he was super late for work and didn't have time for breakfast. I was around getting ready for work and I went to the fridge and tossed him a fat bomb I had made. I didn't tell him it was called a fat bomb because he would have freaked at the name. I just told him it was a snack packed full with nutrition so he could make it until lunch. He looked at the tiny heart shaped candy looking thing (I had made it in a candy mold) and was like 'ok....' but popped it in his mouth on the way out the door. Guess who comes now asking if there are any more fat bombs around? :).

    Before, he'd be grabbing pretzels or low fat yogurt, toast with jelly, 'healthy' energy bars. He'd come home from work, have dinner with whole wheat pasta, rice, potatoes, and fall asleep on the couch afterwards. On the weekends, he'd come back from working out, eat a big bowl of pasta with vegetables or have low fat yogurt and fall asleep for the next two hours. He'd jack himself with coffee to keep himself going.

    We live in California and very lucky to have year round Farmers Market. My 10 year old daughter always looks for lemon grass now so we can make your other lemon grass chicken recipe. None of her friends knew what lemon grass was or what to do with it - until my daughter showed them. My husband asks if we need more cauliflower, not cereal.

    I have a long way to go for weight loss but even if I wasn't losing weight eating this way I would still eat HFLC. I feel NORMAL and settled for the first time in my life.

    I stayed thin, until I became pregnant, by jogging 6 miles almost every day. I started this in high school. When I became pregnant at age 30 I stopped jogging but didn't stop how I was eating. The weight packed on - even after I gave birth. I ballooned to an enormous size.

    People with good intentions would make the comment to me how pretty I would be if I lost weight and give me the typical weight loss advice - join Weight Watchers, eat less/exercise more, count calories with an easy app, eat whole wheat foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. My mother in law would read weight loss articles out loud when I was around under the guise it was for her, mailed me weight loss shakes and bars to try. The chemicals in those things would rival any chemistry lab.

    It's incredibly painful to be obese - the emotional pain and humiliation and fear for your health you feel on a daily basis can almost paralyze you. I feel silently and subtly judged every day. 'The world is how you are' is very true and maybe I am projecting my own perceptions of myself out in the world but I don't think so.

    The comments I have heard from family, friends, strangers, and even doctors about my weight these last ten years have been painful and humiliating. Last spring a co-worker went on a strenuous and long hike in Hawaii. I was like 'oh, I wine on that hike too'. Of course it was when I was in my 20's and jogging obsessively. She was like 'You' went on the hike...? You went the whole way..?' As if she was almost offended I at my large out of shape self could have done something she thought was an example of her athletic ability. I explained to her it was years prior.

    One woman doctor one time basically just said in complete exasperation 'You're too young to be this over-weight!' as if just fed up with me. She had no advice about how to do this other than to count calories, exercise, avoid saturated fats, eat plenty of whole grains and fruits and vegetables. She advised me to join Weight Watchers.

    From even 5th grade I remember having headaches and feeling tired. When I over heard an aunt tell my mom I was getting chubby in 7th grade I started jogging. By high school it was up to 6 miles almost daily.

    I didn't realize all these years (I'm 41 now) how eating low fat and whole grains was ruining me. My mom is also obese and is still entrenched in the low fat/whole grains crowd. She is VERY unsupportive of my new way of eating. I am almost exactly like my mom in terms of blood sugar problems and addiction to carbs and sugar. She is 65 years old and still believes low fat/whole grains/counting calories are the way to go. The problem is she can never eat this way for long before she gorges on carbs and fat. She literally cannot stop drinking Coke. Her life revolves around making sure there is Coke around. No different than if she were addicted to cigarettes and needing her next fix. She is on FIVE different blood pressure medications, neuropathy meds, meds for heartburn. Her blood pressure is still barely contained.

    When she noticed I had lost some weight, she descended on me as she always did the very brief periods I lost weight, drilling me on what I was doing. Five years ago when I lost 50 pounds by returning to jogging miles a day and restricting calories, she accepted this with no question. Of course I couldn't keep it up because as my whole life, I was always hungry. When I tell her I am doing HFLC and feel outstanding, all I receive is judgment: I am ruining my health. This is a way of eating I can never maintain. It's not healthy or normal to omit an entire food group (grains). I am killing myself by eating saturated fats and 'all that meat'. I simply need to eat in moderation of whole wheat bread, beans, low fat cheese and yogurt, oatmeal, brown rice, and lots of fruits and vegetables. She made a 'healthy' breakfast smoothie of oatmeal, honey, NO fat yogurt, and skim milk. Kept trying to get me to drink it saying how quick it would be to make in the mornings. Two hours later we were going through a drive thru so she could get a Coke.

    It used to make me angry my obese for decades and incredibly unhealthy mom is so arrogant in giving eating advice to me and so smug that she is correct. But now I simply feel empathy for her and her addiction. I told her I would no longer listen to criticism of what I am eating - a boundary she had pushed until she realized I would not tolerate it anymore.

    The bottom line is since I can remember, basically junior high, I was always hungry, always craving sweets and junk, tired, unexplained headaches, brain fog, needing to take naps, always HUNGRY, wandering fast food and grocery stores for my next fix of sugar. I would need more and more to feel better. I felt I was like a drug addict. I knew deep down something was horribly wrong with me.

    For years I lived in a shell keeping it together for my daughter and husband and work. Knowing something was very wrong but in DESPAIR about what to do. Days, weeks, years went by with the promise to myself THIS time I would lose the weight so I could start living again, so I would at least resemble who my husband had married, so I wouldn't set a terrible example for my daughter, so I could leave the job I hated but was afraid to go somewhere else because so fat, avoiding social situations.

    My husband doesn't know, no one knows, but I had been suicidal for years. In the US it is no problem for me to buy a gun. It was always in the back of my mind. I would wrap the inside of our car with plastic so I wouldn't ruin the car and also not leave the memory in our house. No one knew the utter despair and hopelessness I felt for years. I had NO idea how to not be obese, not be hungry, addicted to food, exhausted, and in a brain fog. I could not stop eating - CRAVING sugar, chips, junk. I could not. I was not living. I was existing. The only thing that stopped me and would always stop me is my daughter. I know her life would be ruined.

    I'm saying all of this is because around late September I by accident when looking around YouTube came across high fat, low carb. Normally I would scoff at this 'crazy, dangerous' way of eating, but something made me watch a lecture that had been uploaded. I spent the next hours watching video after video. I took notes. It REALLY resonated with me. I had tried low carb before but never made it past one day. The missing piece had been FAT. I did low carb with low fat - thinking the fat was harmful to me.

    I told NO ONE what I was doing when I started eating HFLC. By day two I felt better. I felt calm, settled, clear thinking. Even though I was very afraid to eat fat, I did it anyway. I felt FULL. It wasn't long before my ravenous cravings were GONE. I no longer felt controlled by food. I didn't sit there struggling not to eat anymore food or eat 'good' then two hours later finish a pint of ice cream before bed. I would make whole wheat pasta with vegetables in fat free pasta sauce thinking that was healthy. NO MORE.

    I am still obese. I feel huge. I feel like a grotesque thing constantly self-conscious and aware of my size. But for once in my life I actually feel HOPE. I am losing weight and NOT starving, constantly counting calories, or jogging for miles and miles. I no longer have headaches, no longer take naps or feel hung over when my alarm wakes me in the morning. I no longer have brain fog or wander grocery store aisles looking for my next fix of carbs/sugar. I feel normal.

    My husband , daughter, and I leave for a trip to Mexico in February. I can't help but feel panic. I don't want to be on an airplane and have a seatbelt not fasten or barely fasten, be on a beach, feel like I am being judged or looked at in disgust. I feel anger at myself that I didn't start this change earlier so I can enjoy the trip. My husband says I am over reacting and no one is going to stare at me. But my husband is normal size and doesn't understand what it's like. I decided though to be kind to myself and enjoy the trip.

    I want to sincerely thank you and all the others who taught me about HFLC because I was truly like an empty shell, a lost soul with no hope. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I feel good. I feel normal. I feel in control. I no longer feel like a drug addict.



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  2. Lisa
    This is awesome! Thanks for giving me hope.
  3. Carolyn
    Wow! you are amazing, your journey has been so long and is still going. Good on you for keeping on the track which makes you feel better and no doubt look better. I think you are very brave and you have given me some ideas about feeding my husband :) Does your hubby drink beer and wine? Mine does and I worry that will negate any low carbness of this woe.
  4. Fran
    You know you're doing the right thing... you write in an inspirational way, and what you said touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes...because it is such a personal journey... Thank you so much for sharing. You CAN do this! best wishes xxx
  5. Susan
    Love you, Jenny! I'm 75 and only just discovered this sane way of eating - so good to stop thinking about food/weight all the time....keep going girl!
  6. Ellen
    What a great testimony! You are an inspiration to me as I have struggled with many of the same issues. As I watched my husband slowly die of lung cancer and not able to eat at all, I think I ate FOR him. In the 7 months of his illness, I put on the weight, blaming stress and eating for comfort. Now, 10 years later, I am so overweight that I feel hopeless and helpless, and have missed out on so many social opportunities because I am embarrassed of my appearance. I am on my second week of really working on intermittent fasting and eating LCHF, though I lose a few and then gain a few. I think I will step away from my scale for awhile because it tends to put a damper on the days I see no progress. My three grown daughters have suggested gastric bypass and I know they are embarrassed about my appearance too. I have developed Type 2 diabetes, though have been able to keep my numbers low by avoiding all breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, and watching out for every grain of sugar!I think making sure the fat is added is going to be the key, and the skipping breakfast and not eating after 8 p.m. and before noon is getting easier. Thank you for sharing your story and helping all of us who are struggling along with you.
  7. Cherise
    Thank you for writing that. I can totally relate and I wish you the very best. I do pretty much the same thing with cooking for my husband. Luckily, he eats whatever I put in front of him, too, and he has lost 30 pounds. I find if he just eats my dinners and gets a sandwich/chips for lunch, he can pretty much keep the 30 pounds off, though he might go up a few. If I pack his lunches/snacks and cook him dinner then he loses weight, which he still needs to, some. It just depends how motivated I am to cook. It is sort of nice when your husband doesn't pay attention to nutrition. After he lost some weight, he got excited and got a "healthy" eating book (it was used from 1990, lol), and I had to reassure him that what I was feeding him had made him lose weight and feel good and not to listen to the book's message of skim milk and fat-free salad dressings. After that, he pretty much eats what I give him.
  8. MonaLisa
    Hi,again..this above, recepie is different from the one I printed (from this web). There it is mentioning Bacon with the cabbage.
    Om ni behöver någon som kan korreturläsa dessa recept så kan jag göra det frivilligt.

    It is very frustrating to find that they are changed or that they ar different.

    Reply: #9
  9. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It looks identical to the guide for printing we have online now:

    Perhaps it's already fixed? We've done a few tweaks on it.

  10. Don
    It would be very helpful if the Diet Doctor could lay out a LC/HF diet regimen consisting of items that are normally found in a kitchen (hard boiled eggs, hamburg patties, cottage cheese, yogurt, sardines,
    broccoli, cheese, fish, peanut butter, etc.), stuff you don't have to go out and buy.
  11. Mark
    All great recipes. I notice little changes here and there as you tweak but even with previous errors no big frustration. Really very small problems. Thanks for all the great recipes and information. I've a long way to go but have just lost 10 pounds and am only on day 11, eating what feels like lots of food. My indigestion is almost a thing of the past, I'm never bloated, and have much more stable mood and energy through the day. Starting to sleep better as well. Thanks for this, I too feel so hopeful.
    Reply: #12
  12. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    That sounds great Mark! Thanks.
  13. Marg
    Much, much more delicious than I anticipated. It's going to be one of my staple dinners, I made it with veal..

    I do have a question though. I'm being really strict and have lost weight, feel happy and as a sugar addict had no real cravings. I am however craving more vegetables, more than appear in the meal pictures and am wondering if its OK to increase the amount of vegetable in my food.
    Before LCHF I would have always put grated vegetables into patties for example and one of my favourite foods is zucchini fritters of grated zucchini, chives, feta and eggs that are fried and could be served with a cheese sauce. Can I do this or am I missing something in the theory?

  14. Barbara
    This recipe worked well for my family as well. Quick, tasty, and low carb.... One can not do better!
  15. Nancy Erb
    Jenny-what are fat bombs and how do you make them?
  16. Pat
    Jenny. I do hope you had a good trip to Mexico. Come on we can do this. It's taken me to the age of 67 for me to get totally on board with lchf but I am sticking to it and really noticing the difference. Try measuring your waist then measure it again iñ a months time. I have lost nearly 3inches. We can do it. You, me and all the others who have found diet doctor. com. Love to hear how you are doing.
  17. Lin
    Your story made me cry, Good luck to you and have a healthy happy life xxxx
  18. Beth
    Do you know how many carbs are in the main dish. I missed it if it was there. Thank you!
    Reply: #24
  19. Liz
    What an inspirational testimonial. I love all the recipes I've made. I'm feeling fantastic. I could NOT believe yesterday when I weighed and had lost 5.5 pounds AND 1.5 inches in my waist! In ONE week! I'm a small, 63 year old woman and only need to lose about 15-20 pounds. Nothing has come easy at this age. That's 25% of my Goal in one week! My skin is amazing. No dryness. Thank you to the creators of You are making a difference in the world by giving so many hope. Thank you.
  20. Sharon
    Wow Jenny, way to go. Hope you enjoyed your trip. I'm just making a shopping list for the 2 week challenge. I know this will work for me as it has for you.
    Hi jenny it was so brave to write your story. I am just starting out on LCHF and finding it difficult to get truly started. Now after reading your story and your struggles it has given me insight that a lot of women are in the same boat. Not knowing how we got to be this overweight and why we let it go on for years... I too have tried all the fad diets and every time only succeeded in adding more weight... and getting more depressed... I have found this web site and I wholly believe it holds the answer... I just have to be stronger and not give into the carb craving, I will read your story every day until I develope a firm resolve to do better with the LCHF life style. You have been an inspiration and I wish you every success all the very best in your weight loss journey. Please be happy and proud of yourself... hope you had a fabulous holiday... Thank you
  22. Michele
    What a delicious recipe....made for the first time tonight. Wonderful sauce that goes so well with the shredded white cabbage. We are on day 9 of the challenge and it's been extraordinarily easy so far.
    I will certainly make this again and maybe use the sauce with the chicken in the future.
  23. elaine
    It would be great if u could put all these recipes in a pamphlet or book we could purchase. They r great and losing weight this way is so easy!
  24. Barbara Simoes
    If you hover over the carb speedometer, it will tell you more info.
  25. Lori Meigs
    Please tell me what "Fat bombs are?" & how to make them?l
  26. Meagan
    Made this last night and loved it! We used ground turkey instead of beef though!
  27. Rachael
    Jenny, thank you so much for sharing your story. It bought a tear to my eye. I have never been really overweight, but totally relate to the addictiveness of sugars and high carb foods. I would go to the supermarket and buy heaps of junk food and some healthy food which I never intended to eat, just so it didn't look like I was only buying junk. I would then eat all the junk food in one go. You helped me today to stay on the right path. Thank you and I know you will be successful. God bless.
  28. Lynda
    Jenny, thank you for being so open and honest about your journey. You are very brave and I know how difficult that can be. You is such an encouragement - keep it up and don't pay any attention to those who do not see past your size. They are still stuck in the old model of weight control and don't realize that there is so much more involved -it is NOT eat less and move more. Our government and health care community started us on this path some fifty odd years ago with their appalling dietary advice. I applaud you!! Keep it up and you will, in time, see you a new you - physically, emotionally and psychologically.
  29. Donna
    As I read your post, I realized that we are so much alike! Your post brought tears to my eyes, as I can feel your pain. I too have the same pain and the same thoughts. I would love to hear how you are doing now, in April. You have inspired me to do this. I have tried LCHF in the past, lost a lot of weight, felt great, and then gave in to the snacks, pasta and junk at social gatherings. I would think to myself, "Oh, it's okay if I indulge just for tonight." HA! NOT! I would be so sick the next day with a carb hangover that I would binge on carbs to feel better! Then the cravings for carbs were worse than before and I would start eating low-fat carbs. Not only have I gained the original weight back, I gained more and more and more.
    I have been riding the weight loss roller coaster for almost 30 years now. I am in my mid 50's, have been diagnosed with Lupus and a plethora of other health issues. I have lost and gained 100's of pounds over the years and I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting the cravings. I feel like drug addict! Why can't I get control over this! It is so frustrating and aggravating!
    Your post resonated with me and inspired me and I want to say thank you for sharing. I know that the only way to get a handle on my health is to stop beating myself up, to start loving myself for who I am, NOT what I look like, and start eating the LCHF way. This is a lifestyle change and you have inspired me to make it.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I really would love to hear an update on how you are feeling. Take care!
  30. Susan
    I 'discovered' the low carb way quite by chance this year - now 75, I've struggled with overweight since....well 65 for the first time I'm really enjoying food wihout that sense of guilt and anxiety. So - thank you, Diet Doctor - and keep going everybody, including Jenny!
  31. Edith
    Love this recipe! I do a variation with chicken and use rosemary & thyme for flavor. Also do with pork and season with Carribean jerk spice. All yummy. The cabbage is great also. Where I live you can get cauliflower 'rice' in bags.
  32. Bev
    I would really like to know what a fat bomb is as it sounds like a handy thing to have on hand. Thank you
  33. lisa robin
    What a beautiful story albeit painful. You inspire me, keep on your life journey and forgive yourself for institutionalized ignorance that we are all victim too.

    YAHOOO YOU !!!

  34. Angelika
    Hi all, this is great as I only discovered this great way of eating last August and have lost 24lb since then. NO grains is the answer and no sugar. Try Sucralose in liquid form, as it has no bitter tast at all and no carbs. Watch what fruit you eat as Ripe bananas are high in carbs. I have full fat cream in my fresh coffee in the morning and this can last me for 6 or 7 hours till I get hungry again. I then eat ham, eggs, montaray jack cheese and cheddar or brie is the best. I also eat speck, smoked bacon, lots of spinage cooked and proper creamy butter added... Yammy! I very much enjoy my food now, have a little dark chocolate occasionally and even my home made ice cream (made with eggs and full fat cream flavoured with vanilla or added fruit) I keep loosing weight slowly without even trying. My partner has now also started and has already lost 7 lb, he really needs to loose at least another 30 lb. We are both nearly 70. I am still working as a sales advisor and this helps, as I walk quite a lot during my 3 days of work a week.
    No need to work out or almost kill yourself in the Gym...walking will do it. So, keep up the good work and lets be 'happy losers' with the great recipes!!
  35. Dawn
    Jenny, I wasn't able to read your entire comment, but from what I did read; you are giving me great hope of getting and keeping my health where it's suppose to be. My husband like yours and myself grew up with the whole grain, potato regime... I too have struggled my entire life with my weight. And now at the age of 46 I have finally had enough. My husband has lost 55lbs just by working and walking all day. I however have been unable to do that. So now 22 yrs later with a mechanical heart valve (something I should have done then), I have to decided to take charge of my health and no longer let it take charge of me!!!! Because of medical reasons I was never able to have children, but I have a beautiful 31 yr old step daughter that I love as my own and a gorgeous grandson (22months) that I have a reason to change. Not just for me but for them as well. Now to slowly take over my husbands eating, get his sugar down and keep me from becoming dependent someday on pills or insulin like him and my mother. Thanks for the inspiration.
  36. Pat
    Had this tonight for dinner, used half the ingredients as for 2 servings.
    Very filling & delicious & served with Savoy cabbage.
    Have tried 5 recipes so far and all excellent.
  37. Linda Thoresen
    And for those who are interested in fat bombs here's one recipe:
    250g Philadelphia cream cheese at room temperature
    125 g butter or melted coconut oil
    1/2 cup raspberries or strawberries
    Sweetener equivalent to 1/2 cup sugar (stevia or erythritol only - it doesn't raise insulin or BG)
    1 tspn vanilla extract.

    Blend all together in a food processor and put spoonsful in mini cake cups on on parchment on a tray and refrigerated for at least an hour. Keep in the fridge! Each one has 1g carb and 12g fat.

    They are delicious. Martina from Ketodietapp has other recipes.

    Reply: #51
  38. Tina MCGee
    Thanks Linda for the recipe! I'm on the 2 week challenge and feel so much better. My Husband who also has diabetes and my 16 year old daughter are also on the journey with me which makes it so much more easier... My blood sugar levels has went from the 230-260 range. To 140-189 range in just the short 2 weeks we have been doing LCHF. MY DAIGHT HAS LOST 10 pounds ,I've lost 7 pounds and my my husband has lost 3 pounds
  39. Happy Hamman
    Amazing dish - I tweaked it and stuffed each meatball with sharp cheddar and colby cheese. I didn't have parsley so I used basil.

    I then realized I had no can openers - I recently moved into my lord knows what happened to it. I mixed in mushrooms + butter into my heavy whipping cream and it was absolutely fantastic!

    Served with salad and broccoli - I had a very happy husband and tummy.

  40. Marie
    Sorry Folks, but I just have to tell someone, I have lost 14 pounds in 8 weeks on this WOE and I am Stoked- best weight loss I have ever had on any diet ever!!!
  41. Summermatter
    Note to Jenny ...I love you, and I know you are an amazing woman!! I would love to have you as my neighbor, we could sit on the front porch and tell stories and laugh and goof. It is a difficult journey, but know you are loved and supported. Sounds like your family is amazing...focus on that, focus on love and good. You are succeeding...we all are.
  42. Mikey
    Jenny you are amazing - Keep the faith
  43. Liz
    Love the advice about changing your husband's diet. I will try it as I am usually far too evangelical, which doesn't really work!
  44. Jeanetta
    This was delicious and so easy! I subbed 6 ounces of homemade pizza sauce for the tomato paste and all I can say is "wow"! Delicious!
  45. Jessica
    I am making this tonight. Intrigued by the addition of mushrooms to the tomato-cream sauce...may have to try it!
  46. Lynn
    Hi Jenny,Thank you for sharing this with us.To me it takes an amazing person to open up like you did.Stay amazing sweetie and know that you have touched many peoples heart through your story..Keep strong..
  47. Jessica
    I wish I could post a picture of how incredible looking this recipe turned out! Not only did it look amazing, it was delicious and so filling! Highly recommend ☺
  48. Agnes
    I thought this recipe was going to be an actual bomb, but it's delicious! I also covered with lid for a bit to be sure the ground beef was cooked through. Don't know that I'll make this again, but pleasantly surprised by how tasty it is.
  49. Sim
    Jenny, that was beautiful. I am so very proud of you! keep up the good work.

    Its not our fault we are overweight. its the corporations, the governments, the doctors, everyone!

    Misinformation has ruined us all our lives and i am so glad i found LCHF. finally getting my body back to what its intended to be at.

    I have a trip coming up as well and am aiming to get in somewhat decent shape for it so i dont embarrass my girlfriend.

  50. carol
    Just made these, very good, had them with creamy carrots, broccoli and creamed cabbage.
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