Keto bread twists

Keto bread twists

These decadent, cheesy twists are full of yummy pesto flavor. Mozzarella meets bright herbs with the satisfying, golden bread-like crust. Bite into these for a quick keto snack or a perfect side dish with dinner. Or serve up as a platter of keto appetizers at your next cocktail party.

Keto bread twists

These decadent, cheesy twists are full of yummy pesto flavor. Mozzarella meets bright herbs with the satisfying, golden bread-like crust. Bite into these for a quick keto snack or a perfect side dish with dinner. Or serve up as a platter of keto appetizers at your next cocktail party.
10 servingservings


  • ½ cup 125 ml (60 g) almond flour
  • ¼ cup 60 ml (30 g) coconut flour
  • ½ tsp ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp (5 g) baking powder
  • 1 1 egg, beateneggs, beaten
  • 2 oz. 50 g butter
  • 6½ oz. 175 g (375 ml) shredded cheese, preferably mozzarella
  • ¼ cup 60 ml green pesto
  • 1 1 egg, beaten, for brushing the topeggs, beaten, for brushing the top


Instructions are for 10 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
  2. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the egg and combine.
  3. Melt the butter and the cheese together in a pot on low heat. Stir until the batter is smooth.
  4. Slowly add the butter-cheese batter to the dry mixture bowl and mix together into a firm dough.
  5. Place the dough on parchment paper at is the size of a rectangular cookie sheet. Use a rolling pin and make a rectangle, about 1/5-inch (5 mm) thick.
  6. Spread pesto on top and cut into 1-inch (2.5 cm) strips. Twist them and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush twists with the whisked egg.
  7. Bake in the oven for 15–20 minutes until they’re golden brown.


If your dough seems to be sticky, place between two sheets of parchment paper before using the rolling pin. Once you've rolled it out, remove the upper piece of parchment paper.

If you are having trouble twisting, or want a different look from the twist, use a cookie cutter to cut out two similar shapes and spread the pesto in between, like a sandwich or cookie filling. Place on the parchment and bake.

Out of pesto? No problem. Sub in any of your favorite spices. Paprika powder, chili, curry, cumin or herbs like thyme, oregano and basil all work well. Or have a melted cheese filling by layering a bit of shredded cheese instead of pesto.

For a little extra variety, try substituting a little parmesan for some of the mozzarella.

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  1. Janice
    Are these 2 grams of carb per bread stick?
    Reply: #2
  2. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Janice, Yes :)
  3. deb
    What kind of cheese please? Can I use cream cheese
  4. Amanda
    Tried these but they would not twist and just crumbled. Went soggy when I left them on the bench to cool down. Disappointing, much prefer the crispy seed crackers. Tasted OK but visually less appealing without the twist appearance and none of my family would try them.
  5. Tasmit
    Очень вкусно!!!???
    Very tasty and easy !
  6. Marije
    Awsome recipe, thank you! Amazing taste, I used red pesto...
  7. Allen
    This was easy and quick to make !!! Love it with butter......
  8. carol
    Just made these, couldnt twist them,so just made square biscuits, lovely.
  9. gillian
    So these are super delicious!!! For anyone making them - do not stress if the cheese and butter are not combining, as soon as you add the egg it will bind and the recipe will work.
  10. Susan
    My butter and cheese was too hot when I added the egg - had strips of cooked egg white in the dough. Next time I'll let it cool for just a minute before stirring in the egg. Like a couple others, I didn't have soft twisty dough so just made them into strips. Yummy.
    Reply: #47
  11. Jess.oh
    These sound great! Anyone know how well they store? They look like they'd freeze and reheat quite well?

    Thanks :)

  12. Silvia Pryor
    What kind of cheese do these take?
    Reply: #13
  13. LINDA
    I used grated mozzarella and as I didn't have any pesto, I used italian seasoning & garlic granules. I didn't stir the egg in straight away after melting the butter & cheese, otherwise I think the egg would have cooked.
    Next time I may try adding some marmite to the mix to get a more savoury taste.
    I recommend this recipe.

    What kind of cheese do these take?

  14. Carol
    I made the low carb "Garlic Parmesan Knots" last weekend I found on ", which inspired me to use left over dough to make bread sticks since I could not twist the dough in the same similar recipe "bread twists above but they were delicious! Carol
  15. Tom
    These are so tasty, didn't have an issue twisting them. It's amazing how much they are like "real" bread.
  16. Olga
    I used half half mozzarella for cooking and grated parmesan, the dough became very flexible, and twisted easily!! It an amazing recipe! Very tasty!
  17. Carolyn
    I'm wondering if all almond flour could be used instead of the coconut flour? So many low carb recipes are now using coconut and I abhor it's flavor and texture. Thanks.
    Reply: #18
  18. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Carolyn!

    This might help you:

    I'm wondering if all almond flour could be used instead of the coconut flour? So many low carb recipes are now using coconut and I abhor it's flavor and texture. Thanks.

  19. Jenn
    What is the macro count for these?
  20. Kaci
    How many T or t is 2 2⁄3 oz butter?
  21. Andrea
  22. Tammy
    Mine came out a crumbled mess, but absolutely tasty. Will try again. Used cheddar & read pesto.
  23. Marni
    Mine would not twist. They looked really bad but tastes great.
  24. Lorida
    Same here.... only crumbled and twisting impossible!
  25. Nicole
    I have tried this recipe three times now and each time the mixture is crumbly and won't twist....not dough-like at all. What am I doing wrong????
    Replies: #35, #54
  26. Julie
    Tried this recipe for the first time. After reading all the comments about it being dry and crumbly, I decided to press it out on a cutting board covered in olive oil and put oil on my hands and just press it out instead of rolling it. I needed it with the oil on my hands and it worked pretty well. I mixed 1/2 a cup of parmesan with the mozzarella. Decided to leave them plain for the first time to see what I would like before adding any of the filling or spices. Well, the are a little dry but great flavor. I look forward to trying different ads ons.
  27. Michelle
    I used Colby-jack and mixed in some herbs instead of pesto and these came out great. When I make this again I might make sandwich rounds.
  28. Laura
    sooooooooooooooooo confused. I just put this recipe in My Fitness Pal to come up with the actual input on grams per servings.

    This thing tells me 14 grams of carbs per 1 serving ( and that is after subtracting the fiber). let alone protein intake ( to include, I removed the extra egg for coating). 66 grams of protein , or 166% protein.

    wth ???????????????????? HELP

  29. Allison
    Laura, I'm not so sure that the carb counts on all of these recipes are accurate, so you have to be careful. If I add up all of the carbs of the ingredients myself and divide by 10 servings, I come up with 4 carbs per serving -- still 4 times more than their claim of 1 carb! They are good though:) I couldn't twist mine either like some people mentioned. I think when I tried to flatten and shape them in one inch rectangles, it loosens the flour so that you can't twist it. Next time I'll try to just make twists right away and see if it holds together.
  30. Delilah
    I made these tonight and they taste great! A few pointers:
    1. Do not crack the egg into the cheese/butter mixture. Temper the egg first.
    2. I used a whisk to combine the egg with the cheese/butter mixture. It mixed well and became fluffy before I added the dry ingredients.
    Also, I used 1 cup mozzarella and 1/2 shredded parmesan. The dough was very pliable and I was able to twist just fine. I wish the recipe was more specific on the serving size. I was able to make 8 bread sticks. I will probably recalculate the carbs.
  31. Delilah
    UPDATE -
    Myfitnesspal calculated my breadsticks to have 4.6 carbs each (I had 8 servings).
    4 tbsp of coconut flour has 16 carbs! Next time I will make the portions smaller, maybe 16 pieces instead of 8.
  32. Delilah
    Final comment... I forgot to account for the fiber! So, actually they have about 2 net carbs each!
  33. Azam
    how many calories per serving it does have?
  34. John
    Using ounces as a unit of measurement for the butter was absolutely NOT helpful. especially since you're supposed to be mixing the butter and cheese in a pot together.

    Batter ended up being so dry it wasn't useable. Tried to save it with an egg and a touch of milk. Baking now. Not optimistic.

  35. Cassandra
    I found that once the dough cooled a bit it was easier to twist
  36. Berna
    Can they be frozen?
  37. Gail
    Disappointed. Granted, it could have been my fault. I used 2 2/3 TABLESPOONS accidently, rather than ounces, so that should have been doubled. I still don't think they would have turned out though. Obviously, way too dry and I ended up just rolling the dough out to a rectangle , painting with egg wash, and then sprinkling herbs on top. Baked for 15 mimutes and cut in squares with a pizza cutter. other than dryness, the flavor was good but I will move on to another recipe.
  38. Sara
    This dough turned out great, and it was very east to work with. I've tried other variations of Fathead dough, but this one came together better than expected, and I didn't have to rush to work with the dough. Of note: when melting the butter and cheese together, obviously, the butter will remain separated from the cheese, but use this to your advantage to temper the egg. I lightly beat the egg in a small bowl while the butter and cheese were heating in the microwave. After the butter and cheese were melted and hot, to the beaten egg, I added three or four teaspoonful additions of the separated melted butter while whisking the egg. The egg tempered quickly this way and I was able to add it to the melted butter and cheese without it scrambling. Mix in the the dry ingredients quickly after the egg addition and your result will be a pliable and forgiving dough. When making the bread twists, I didn't twist the pieces of dough as I found it a bit too soft to do that, but instead, per another reviewer, I spread the pesto on the dough rectangle, cut 1" strips with a pizza cutter, and baked at 350 for 13 minutes. I left out the egg wash, and the dough still browned beautifully. I also used the dough to make healthier pizza rolls for my son. I rolled out the dough into a large rectangle, about 1/8" thick. I spread a thin layer of homemade pizza sauce on the raw dough (leaving a 1" border all around), generously sprinkled shredded mozzarella and parmesan over the sauce, topped with a single layer of pepperoni and a teaspoon of Italian herbs, rolled it up from one of the long edges, cut the roll into 2" wide pieces, put the pieces into a well-greased muffin tin (seam-side down), loosely covered the top of the muffin tin with foil (to prevent early browning/burning), and baked at 375 for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I removed the foil and continued baking for another 10 minutes. The pizza rolls were golden on top, the edges were crisp, and the filling was nicely encased. My yield was 12 pizza rolls, my son ate four and he was stuffed. Please note, I'm not Keto but only moderately LCHF, and while my son is neither, I still opt to make healthier versions of his favorite snack foods, and this dough made it very easy to do that :-)
  39. Jeni
    Question...Is the dough to be rolled 1 inch thick? Or is there something missing between? "Use a rolling pin and make a rectangle, about ⅕ inch thick". Just checking because that seemed rather thick, thanks!
    Reply: #42
  40. Sarah
    is it really 25 tsp almond flour?
  41. Anne
    I am confused what is 360ml of cheese in grams or is this a typo?
    Reply: #43
  42. Anne
    It says 1/5th of an inch with is about 0.5cm if that helps
  43. Anne
    omg I just googled this, it equals 126g. I think I may have to make some adjustments to my recipes as I am so used to using just metric terms
  44. Monika
    I have made them once, but with another grated cheese instead of mozarella. I should have left out the salt completely because there is already some in the pesto, and in the grated cheese, too. Half a teaspoon of salt was way too much.
  45. D
    4tbsp surely is about 100g, not 30?!and whyyyyyy would you say 4tbsp of one thing yet 25tsp of another. Think a bot writes these recipes!
    Reply: #48
  46. Ariel
    Seriously could not twist it, all crumbly. It just fell apart 😭
  47. Julie
    duh, egg will cook when you’re adding it to something hot.
  48. Julie
    Duh, let someone else do the cooking
  49. Penny
    Made dough as written then instead of pesto I made a melted butter,garlic,onion and Italian herbs smear. Brushed the dough, cut and twisted. Brushed the tops with same mixture and baked . Omg! Delicious, could not eat just one, they also freeze and reheat well.
    I am going to try this tomorrow.
    Wondering if anyone can help I want to know which is the best yoghurt
    to use, should it be Greek. I am using one with no milk and coconut, find it too coconuty
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it,.
    Reply: #51
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